Posted by: lovediaries | April 12, 2009

090412 Super Junior wins Triple Crown!

Okay, I don’t think we posted their last win on Inkigayo *gasp shock horror* but here’s their third win in a row:

Performance – It amuses me how each member gets the same outfit but in different colours & patterns. Like what Big Bang did with their “Sunset Glow” performances. Donghae goes for a thrust instead of a crotch grab this time ;). AND OMG, EUNHAE *__*. They leaned their heads together and clapped ^^. And instead of Hae’s usual skipping move, Hyuk was like, sweeping his shoe? LOL idk. Shall dl a better HQ version later~ I love fanservice.

Win & Encore Performance – GROUP HUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND MORE EUNHAE. Can they just get married already? HONGKI STAYED AND DANCED WITH THEM. AWWWWWWWWW. I suddenly want to see FTI & SUJU do something together :DDD.


I’m so proud of them~ What a fine day today has been LOL.

(Sad that the same isn’t happening on Music Bank – I bet it’s cause no one likes the lighting during their perf XD.)

My net has been acting up for the past two days and everything’s really slow :(. I’ll edit when my videos finally load.

And for those who don’t know yet, the Special Star King Magic Ep is being subbed atm by sok663. I FINALLY KNOW WHAT KANG HO DONG WAS SAYING TO KYUHYUN. From what Kyu said, I guess they filmed the Song Battle before Star King which explains why (damnit, I’ve already forgotten her name) Song Hye Kyo lookalike was in love with Kyu XD. Only 3 of 5 has been subbed, so I’m yet to find out what KHD was saying after, which made Kyu collapse on stage XD.


  1. yeay.congratz!!but i want to hear them shouting kibum’s name

    • Maybe this time, Kibum wasn’t in front of the telly? XD

  2. i’ve spazzed enough about this. i know you’re already sick of me lol

    • How could you accuse me of such a thing!? As if I could ever get sick of you <3

      • There’s so much HyukHae in that Inkigayo that my heart swells with joy.

        • I know. For a second, I thought this is like the next EunHae song (after Mirror).

  3. omo alot of EunHae but there was a little bit DongTeuk, Siwon’s stance is amazing, how do you naturally stand so beautiful like that! and Donghae and Heechul teaching Hongki wah!! And omo the idea of FTI and SUJU together can be like those SUJU rock bands at dream concert and SMtown except throw in FTI while you’re at it!

    • Yeah I saw when Hae had his arm around Teuk’s waist. It was so cute!

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