Posted by: beckery | April 12, 2009

Listen to…Ock Ju Hyun-사랑한다 말못해

Video: betymona @ youtube

“Cinderella Man” MV:

Live Performance

The tentative translation of the title is “Can’t bear to say I love you”. The song is part of the new kdrama, “Cinderella Man” OST. I’m sure most of you have heard about this series featuring Kwon Sang Woo and Yoona. Despite the awkward huge age difference between KSW and Yoona and KSW’s hair, I’m actually looking forward to the drama heaps XDD I’ve loved KSW ever since “Stairway to Heaven”, but his dramas and movies after that just hasn’t lived up to my expectations of him. :((( This will be different, I just know it!!

Anyways, being the OST lover I am, I couldn’t resist giving this song a little listen, which turned out to having it on repeat the whole day LOOOL XDDD IT’S SOOOOOO GOOD OK!! The very typical OST melodramatic song with the buildup to an intense chorus. You know the drill. I still love it anyways. Ock Ju Hyun did a wonderful job at this. Her voice is very pretty for a ballad *___*


  1. Omo Yoona looks different, and the Ock lady is a good singer, this is a good song I like the part where it kind of sounds like a whistle

    • I think they tried really really hard to make Yoona look more mature and older than her age to sorta go with Kwon Sang Woo…except it doesn’t really work XDDD HAHA. I’m still anticipating the drama though. And I know, the song is beautiful <3

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