Posted by: beckery | April 13, 2009

090413 2pm Teaser Video

Video: 2Pm @ youtube

jakjdlsjflaj I’ve been refreshing their youtube page for the past half an hour AND ITS FINALLY OUT!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOT

“Listen carefully…What time is it now? I said, what time is it now? Its 2 P.M” XDDDDDDDDD I HEARD YOU LOUD AND CLEAR LOOL. I’m assuming “Again & again” is the title of the song?

Anyways, like all teasers, you don’t really get to hear anything ;____; lol. But they do shitloads of spiffy bboy moves ♥♥♥♥♥. And you can actually see close ups of their faces properly. THEY HAVE GUY LINER ON *_____*! And all have roar faces hahahaha. Couldn’t help but laugh at Chansung cuz he’s forever magnae! Junsu looks REALLY GOOD! I APPROVE! I actually APPROVE OF ALL OF THEM! Totally digging whatever style this is hahahaha XDDDDDDD


  1. Y SO FIERCE!? How on earth they will do this on stage… I don’t know.

    Anyway, I spent like 3 hours refreshing pages and then I went to eat dinner for 10 minutes and it got released in that time DDDDD:

    • The choreo for 10/10 looked pretty hard core but they managed. I’m sure they’ll do fine with this. Well with the choreo, not too sure about the live singing though :/

      ROFLLLL. poor you!! Yea, I heard it was being released 4pm Korean time, which is 5pm here so I didnt leave my computer. Kept refreshing. It was HALF AN HOUR LATE >:@ At least it’s finally out. Can’t wait for the full MV <333

      • Hopefully this is the dance break because singing while doing that would be crazy.

        HAHA yeh, because everyone thought it was being released at 2pm at first so I started going on the forum and soompi at 1.30 korean time… and it comes at 4.30 T_T


    • That is all you could manage to say? T___T No OMG THEY ARE SO HOT!?!?! JUST A “MAN CHEERLEADERS”!!!


  4. fasdfakdljafwoirxwje;lkajsdslfadf,j!!!!!!

    • jiofuoiuqrioeuowiurewi*smasheskeyboard*wheioruwouwro XP

  5. OMG <333
    JAY~! SARANGHE! I wish they’d be a little more careful tho. xD
    and YES OMG JUNSU <333
    I like WooYoung at the beginning too <3 but why isn’t it jay? lol

    • I KNOW!! The moves are sooo awesome. I especially loved Junho’s ending flip!! THAT LOOKS SO COOL!! I cant wait for the MV either. It’s going to be made of all types of awesomeness. I love this new concept. They look so flippin’ HOTTT!!

      • .<

        • <33 BBOYS
          Actually I found it kinda hard to tell who was who.. IT WAS SO DARK. oTL
          and now everyone has almost the same hair so it’s even HARDER~!
          oh well.
          I’M SO GLAD NIKHUN DIDN’T GO INTO MILITARY SERVICE. that was so scary. honestly. xD
          And if this is how the choreo will be for the next live performances.. I think I’m going to worry myself sick about their safety. D:

          P.S. apparently the internet thought that my message was in html code. EFF YOU INTERNET. xD

          • LOl. I sorta managed to recognise some of them. Mainly the ultra tall ones like Taec or Chansung or the not so tall ones like Jay XDD ROFL. I love teasing leader <33

            I KNOW!! I read about the Khun thing and was like “omg whew”. It was so sudden, totally unexpected hey. XDDDD

            P.S THAT JUST HAPPENED TO ME TOO OMG. I had to type this up again hahahah.

  6. (hi (: i dont usually comment)
    i was waiting for this!! alskfhskg
    but..junho’s tattoo… it says.. “neber again”.. right?
    other than that they look very cool (:


      I thought it said “rebec again” and was like “hmm wth?” Cuz you know Rebec could be short for Rebecca and that would be me XDDD HHAHAHAH

      But no i paused at the HD version of the teaser and pretty sure that says “neber again” *heads desk*. Lol

  7. omo omo omo! damn they’ve got all the attitude going on, I love my Acro Boys but I wish Khun would get more choreo, As a delusional fan I believe Junho’s tattoo to say “never” thank gawd it’s just hanna tattoo and not permanent, but omg after all the idol army crack it’s nice to see smex serious fierce!

    • LOl. Im sure Khun will get his share of choreo during the actual full song. He is the famous and loved Thai Prince after all XDD I just dont want it to be TOO intense cuz then they wont be able to perform live or end up hurting themselves :/ And as the other delusional fan, I’ll pretend with you that it says “never” aswell. Hi5 lol.

      Speaking of idol army. Just watched the After School ep subbed last night and IT WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HILARIOUS!!! I think I hacked up a few lungs laughing so much. XDDDDDDDDDD And leader was awesome like always. I love that guy to pieces <3333333

  8. duuude they look so hot. when u have black and white for a mv…its always good for some guy liner…dude they look so hot. i bet theyre gonna be more mature for this album and a whole lot hotter (: not like they need it :D

    • I am totally digging the new concept too. They look really hot. Junsu finally has good hair. Can’t really tell the rests but pft whatever, they’re always fineee~

  9. it needs to come out like riiiight now. D: i hate all the teasers. they tease.

    • Agreed. 2 more days XD

  10. Am I going crazy or is there only 6 of them at the end?

    Pretty hot anyways.

    • There’s only 6. Junsu is missing I think?



    !!!!! WATCH IT. <33
    We can see them MUCH better.
    JAY’S ABS!!! NIKHUN’S HAIR!!! *faints*

      alshfsdlkn slaf jnslfjsl slfjlsdjhfojk hslkfj fajlf fdlsflasfh!!
      2PM~! <33

        AND ILL COME SPAM WITH YOU *__________________*

        • Ok coherent again lol Thanks for the heads up <3333333 I didn’t know they were releasing a 2nd teaser so totally didnt expect it, but definitely NOT COMPLAINING!!!!!!!!!!

          KHUN’S HAIR IS SO SHORT OMO OMO OMO!! AND OMG JAY JUST LICKED HIS FINGERS *giggles* AND SHOWED HIS ABS!!! *____________* He should have just taken that damn vest off, seriously loooooooool. THEY LOOK SO DAMN SEXY. And that beat is sounding really good. CANT WAIT ANYMORE..

          What time is it? I said, what time is it? 2PM FOR SURE haha

          • No prob~! That’s what happens when you refresh 2PM’s official soompi thread every 10 minutes or so. :))

            There’s also another promotional vid, but it’s mostly guys spinning around 2PM posters. xD Pretty cool, but not all that interesting. xD

            2 DAYS!!! TWO DAYS. IT’S TOO LONG!!!!! (it’s still april 14 over here)

  12. just wondering… the junho here isn’t xiah junsu’s twin is he??

    • no the Junho here is not Junsu’s twin, this Junho is very charming yet fail at the same time in a good way and he deserves more tv time

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