Posted by: beckery | April 13, 2009

Fly to the Sky Goodbye Performances

090410 – Music Bank – Restriction

090411 – Music Core – Restriction

090412 – Inkigayo – Day by Day & Restriction

(Screencap: chickenwing @ soompi)

JKSFJKLJSF WTF!?!? I ONLY FOUND OUT ABOUT THIS RECENTLY!!! WHYYY?!?! :'(((((( *smashes keyboard* They were suppose to promote “Close to You” or “Hiding Game” next! I was soooo waiting for it!!! =((( What a shame, cuz I was hoping those songs would get them a few Mutizen or Number 1’s on these music shows for the last time.

The Inki stage was really bittersweet! They sang their debut song, Day by Day..Aww Hwanhee is in pink *giggles*. XDDD. Absolutely beautiful. I still love Restriction so damn much.Their thank you at the end and the bow *tear*  Why guys, why?!?! You’re suppose to stay together till forever like Shinhwa ._____.

Its ok right? I mean they’re branching off to their own solo activities, but like we’ll still see them once and awhile on stage together right?!?! And like, they’re still the best of buddies right right?!?! JUST SAY YES OK!!

However, whatever the future brings, whether it be reforming FTTS again going to Hollywood or releasing their solo albums, I wish them the very best of luck!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


  1. I have a feeling they’ll do well in their solo activities but for sure they won’t be able to stay apart, or that’s just me trying to convince myself that they will be together! but on all the YSMM eps Brian made it seem like they’re a neverending group! No, I’m sure when one of them does something the other will come out to support

    • They’ll do awesome in their solo stuff for sure cuz these guys are awesome themselves XDDD I’m actually really confused with the whole thing cuz at first I thought they weren’t really disbanding disbanding cuz Brian kept saying stuff like “this isn’t the end of FTTS”. But then I kept hearing about how this was their last album and all, so then I thought they were officially disbanding. But HOW CAN THEY DISBAND JUST LIKE THAT? *sighs* Im sure they’ll still be the bestest of friends forever though <33333

  2. This performance made me cry so much, I hope they’ll get back together some day.

    • :'(((((((((( *hands you a tissue* I didn’t cry but it was really bittersweet. I’ve known them ever since I started listening to Kpop, which has been 6/7 years? So yes, its really upsetting. They’ll get together some day, just like my Shinhwa boys. I know it <333

  3. did u notice how u couldnt spot fany in there? HE GOT PLASTIC SURGERY and looks totally different now. im really disappointed that he did that. totally ruined my day. BEST OF LUCK TO THEM ALL. i will support :D

  4. ^ it also makes me really sad that one day super junior, dsbk and shinee will disband too and when that day comes which i hope wont be like in 100 years, then ill be crying till i have no more tears. i only saw like five ftts performances so im not that attached to them (:

    • Awww honey, plastic surgery is quite common in the entertainment industry. And although, I agree that he really didn’t need it cuz he looked perfectly fine before that, I’ve learnt to respect his wishes. If he feels that doing it will give him more confidence then that’s fine with me XDD He’s still Hwanhee with that awesome voice, right? <333

      Lol, why think so far ahead and depress yourself over it? Shinhwa’s managed 11 years and I know they won’t disband despite the whole army thing. That should show you that not all bands will disband. Let’s just enjoy it while it lasts kk XDD

      • lol awesome replyyy, well okay i overreacted about it cuz well i was on popseoul and u know how they just over exaggerate, well they showed this ridiculous photo of him and he looked totally latino :D made me so madd and then i watched his performance and yeahh its alright. his voice is still there so it doesnt matter (:

        • Lol I figured it had to something to do with rumours you’ve read somewhere. The surgery thing is really quite old, so I was surprised you bought it up. All good XDD And really, I saw that photo at popseoul and its utterly ridiculous cuz he does not look anything like that. Just a bad photo at a bad angle haha.

  5. Goodbyes are always sad. ):

    • They are, especially when it’s been 10 years. :'(

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