Posted by: beckery | April 13, 2009

Sparkling Concert in Seoul 2009

The concert was split into 2 days, the 11th and 12th April. 1st day performers that I know includes Hyesung (Shinhwa), Big Bang, FT Island and SG Wannabe. 2nd day included Minwoo (Shinhwa), SHINee, DBSK and Lee Ji Hoon (I miss that guy and those sexy lips of his <33). You know, I just realised, if they put Hyesung on the second day, not only would he be with his fellow Shinhwa member but also with his Group S member (Ji Hoon). Stupid producers T_T

Anyways, loads of pictures under the cut, so enjoy. XDD

Shin Hyesung
I am so out of date when it comes to Shinhwa news lately :/ So just popped by Shinhwabiz to see the happenings and omg Sungie is about to go on tour haha. Fail. No wonder he hasn’t been on music shows lately XDD Anyways, looking gorgeous as always!! ♥♥

Big Bang
YAHHHHHHHH GDRAGON HAS HIS OLD HAIR BACK!!! Omg I was so worried we’d be stuck with his weird ajummah perm, but its a-ok…for now hahaha. That boy, seriously T_T Everyone else is looking well rested and oh so fine, especially TOP *___*

We fail at keeping up with DBSK’s activity in Japan, I know. It’s just….hard! Lol. But we miss the boys heaps and it’s good to see them back in Korea. Though, that really just means more hectic schedule for them :(( Get some rest boys!!!

Looool I feel…awkward. Mainly cuz I have no idea whats going on with SHINee these days and well, maybe Candychu should edit this haha. Though, I have to say, time to get a haircut guys XDD

Lee Minwoo
Minbong~~ I MISS YOU SO DAMN MUCH <3333 He’s looking so flippin’ sexy!! And he needs a haircut too but I’m sure Amy will remind him XDD Loool. AND OMG ROFL WHAT IS HE DOING?!


  1. i need to say sorry to shinee and dbsk for not keeping up with them.

    shinee went to new zealand, dubu has grown his hair soooooo long. XDDD i fail.

    • Loooooooool. Me too XDDD I totally fail at keeping up with DBSK when they’re in Japan. As for SHINee, I leave that to Candychu lol.

  2. ahh, I hope you’re not missing out on dbsk on all those shows where major adult content is going on, did you watch the show where they asked micky about mini skirts and what underwear colour turns him on?!? but I so fail at SHINee lol I thought they were on “break”

  3. Haha. I fail at keeping up with DBSK when they’re in Japan as well, but when I saw fancams for this in my YT subscriptions, I was like OMG. I loved their white suits. They sang Purple Line live, which made me very happy :D.

    • Lol. Yea. Its hard to keep up with Japan activities cuz none of the shows are familiar. :/ I dont watch fancams either hahaha. I’m really fussy, I know. But unless I’m really desperate to see stuff, I avoid fancams like plague XD

  4. lol good concert haha. im glad theyre all back in like korea together. dude the first thing i noticed about shinee was jonghyun’s hair. okay so theyre on break but their hair doesnt have to be honey (: dbsk looks hot as ever and i love their white suits haha. they deserve a break mann. theyve been flying everywhere EXCEPT TO AMERICA MANN. okay so im mad but then again, i can see them on screen :DDD

  5. ^^ Shinee is gonna be in hollywood on may 9th and im planning on going :D tickets are sold out so fastt. i finally get a chance to see them singgg. i was just talking to my friend about how i’d beg to go see them and then i saw that they were gonna be at the hollywood bowl soon. i totally spazzed out (:

    • Lol. I think SM is forgetting to “groom” them since they’re not appearing in public as much. But how they do not find it annoying is beyond me. Boys will always be boys hahaha XD

      Awww that sounds awesome. I hope you have a good time. Us unfortunate ones that are stuck in the hole called Australia (I’m joking, I love this place minus the fact that no celebrities ever go here) don’t even bother wishing people hold concerts here anymore. Totally useless *sighs*

      • lol Australia isn’t THAT far, and sorry to say no one really cares about it, just kidding. They better have cut their hair and such when time comes or they’ll look like gorillas.

  6. koreans are so lucky, they got to see idols perform in every concert, every time *jealous.
    there are no likable artists here :|

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