Posted by: lovediaries | April 14, 2009

F.T Island – I Believe Myself Single

regular version

limited version

I like the cover for the regular version more not because I’m biased for Seunghyun. Jonghun’s head looks sort of out of proportion in the limited version XD.

01. I Believe Myself

02. TV Radio

03. Moonlight Angel

This single is only okay. I’m not really feeling the songs after one listen ^^;;. BUT! It is a multi-lingual single so it gets bonus points haha.

“I Believe Myself” is in Japanese, “TV Radio” is in English and “Moonlight Angel” in Korean and English. I can make out the English lyrics but it doesn’t stop their accents from being funny XD. I’m so horrible T__T. I really like the intro and chorus for “I Believe Myself”. “TV Radio” is too happy NO TO HAPPY MUSIC >:( but I can hear more voices in this track so it means probably everyone (except for maybe Minhwan? xD) gets to sing, just like in “Jump Up” :D. “Moonlight Angel” is quite a pretty track and I like Hongki’s voice in this best but … I don wan cry anymore … xDDD.


  1. lol ft island is awesome. everyone korean can always sing in jap :] makes me love them so much more. i love it so much.
    “I believe Myself” is really good. (: i just think it was a little bit too long for me :D

    lol i dont dig tv radio at all. after hearing bad woman, i kinda think they should’ve like stuck to it. it was awesome for themm.

    lol i like moonlight angel but not really their english lol. haha jong hun and jae jin worked on the songg so it just makes it even better (: i like it somewhat. its really beautiful.

    is this like their new album for korea or japanese? is bad woman still their single? :D

    • :O! Really? Jaejin & Jonghun composed (??) Moonlight Angel? Haha, I knew it was a beautiful track ;).

      Um this is their new Japanese single. So, yes Bad Woman is still their single but they’ve ended promotions for that already, right? Cause the last few times, they were performing “Missing You”. I wonder if we’ll get a new MV soon or not…

      • aw thats sadd. i wanted more of bad woman, but i guess i can just watch their MV then.

        • Haha aw it’s okay, unlike DBSK, FTI don’t stay in Japan for like two yrs whenever they release things XD.

      • There is a MV out for I Believe Myself… I don’t get it.. I mean, there’s no story.. but it’s still a good clip *not enough of SeungHyun though..*

        • haha yeah but I read the MV was boring and since you said not enough Seunghyun, I don’t think I’ll watch it XD!

  2. I CANT GET ON MSN, IS YOURS SCREWED AS WELL ://// (rofl you can delete this if you want)


      Nope. And I see some of my friends online so…YOU’RE the problem 8D.

      (I gotta go driving anyway so don’t bother signing online buahahaha~)

      • I wasnt going to sign on cuz of you… T_____________T

        I was in a convo and msn just signed me out and wouldnt let me get back in. WE WERE DECIDING WHERE TO EAT FOR MY FRIEND’S BDAY!! It was the good part and stupid msn signed me out >:@

        • bitch.

          Here’s an idea: I’LL EAT YOU UP…SO YUM YUM

          Damnit, you’re online XD.

  3. honestly, i dun like their new singles. well, i dun actually hate it. its nice to listen to but its just okay,no x-factor in it. plus, the music is too j-pop-like(is there any word like that?). why fti’s songs nowadays become less rock in it? huhu. after i listened to it i was like “ok.juz keep these singles in my archive & better listen to their old songs”. hehe
    ^_^ fti hwaiting!

    • hmm haha I sorta feel the same. About having no x-factor. This is exactly why I don’t listen to Jpop. I…don’t prefer it. So even if it’s an artist I like, it doesn’t really change anything. Haha yep yep *goes back to Jump Up*.

  4. “I like the cover for the regular version more *not because I’m biased for Seunghyun.*” LOL ILU. Oh, and regarding not enough Seunghyun in the MV, it’s because he’s holding the camera for most of it. Despite the lack of his screentime, I really like the MV; it feels really natural, sort of.

    “TV Radio” is…I dunno. Seriously, I don’t know. It’s just so…weird xD I do like the other two songs, though, but the “I don’t want cry anymore” is sort of annoying me, lol. Does Seunghyun get to sing in “TV Radio”? I know that other than Honggi, it’s Jaejin in “I believe myself” and I’m pretty sure that’s also him doing the verses in “Moonlight Angel”. I’ve been waiting to hear Seunghyun sing in songs D:

    • I think that the one who sings the verses in moonlight angel is Seunghyun ! I’m not sure tough ^^

    • Oh how do you know Seunghyun was holding the camera? Maybe I really should check this MV out hehe.

      Oh but Seunghyun sings in “Jump Up” too! :D! I just have to figure out if the voice I like is Jonghun’s or his XD. He sounded really good in his raps though :).

      • You see him holding the camera at the beginning and end. He turns it on himself later on and at a few points someone else shoots him, but he’s the one shooting all the shaky frames. This will make more sense if you watch the MV, lol

        Yeah, I downloaded the album the other day 8D His rap in “What Can I Do?” is laskdjfdlkfdhl sexy.

        • I finally watched it lol. I liked all the stuff Seunghyun shot. It was really artistic :).

          But still their last best MV would have to be “Bad Woman”.

  5. TV Radio.

    They all sing on that song..

    including Choi Minhwan,,

    My mom loves the I Believe myself song so much.

  6. TV Radio.

    They all sing on that song..

    including Choi Minhwan,,

    My mom loves the I Believe myself song so much.

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