Posted by: pinkandsparkly | April 15, 2009

090415 2PM Teaser #2

Video: 2PM @ Youtube

Thanks for the heads up, Kara :]



Yea..I don’t have anything coherent to say :D JUST WATCH IT.

Unlike their first teaser with all the crazy b-boy moves, this one just shows a nice, clear zoomed in shot of each member. It is nice. I approve.

I’m not really feeling the red and black atm (reminds me of soldiers) but omg, DOES JUNHO’S TATTOO SAY NEBER?!?!?!?! LOLS FOREVER XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. I HOPE THAT’S NOT PERMANENT.



  1. neBer!
    good thing, it’s just a henna tattoo. i suppose..
    (nothing is more epic than kangin’s prection though. hahaha)

    OMG! OMG! OMG!
    i knew they had to show jay’s abs somewhere somehow. jyp sure know how make fangirls happy!

    • and btw, have you guys watched SJ’s Come to Play guesting? nobody seems to write about it yet. :D

      • Rofl, Im just butting in but is it subbed? We wouldn’t understand a thing if it wasnt lol. My Korean level is currently at -2 or something XD

        • it’s still unsubbed but there were a lot of crazy moments.
          (which is kinda normal cause it’s SJ :p)

          my korean skill is still a fail but yesung and siwon… LAUGHTRIP.
          try watching the highlights cut. :D

      • And yah, with talk shows like that, we prefer if they’re subbed before posting ^^;;.

  2. I think they tried to do a calligraphy kind of V and messed up… so it looks like B… or at least I hope that’s what happened. :))

    I WANT THE SONG. I WANT IT NAO. WHAT TIME IS IT COMING OUT? (I wouldn’t be surprised if someone told me “2PM!”. xD)

    If it’s not henna, then.. well. it’s kangin and shindong ALL OVER AGAIN. OTL

  3. The font used in the henna was Cloister Black. I knew the moment I saw the teaser pictures that people would mistake it for Engrish. :)

    Anyway, the teaser is awesome but I think I like the first version better. XD

    • LMAOOO so this is what you were talking about on twitter xDDDD.

      • I swear sometimes I just stop when I see a poster/print ad/whatever, point at it and go, “Hey! They used Bleeding Cowboys!” or “Ew, Comic Sans.” or “There are better fonts than Curlz MT, dudes.” or “Lol Disney font.” More often than not, I notice the fonts used more than the text itself.

        I’m a loser.

        • No way! That would be an awesome skill to have, seriously. Cause I really like my msn font atm but one time I changed it and I couldn’t go back to it and it depressed me for a long time until I found another font I liked. So no, you’re not a loser :D.

          • Butting in but oh my god I do that too, whenever I see comic sans oh, or jokerman it’s like completely DDDDDD: and then I’ll be like “Hey is that *so and so font*?”. And my sister changed my msn font from arial to helvetica and I saw the difference straight away and told her that she was stupid.

            I am glad I am not the only one.

            This is a terribly long and irrelevant comment.

            • Wow. This is odd. You coming to a 2pm post and saying nothing about 2pm. I was gonna give you the link last night but you’d already gone to bed.

              Anyway, this is nice. You people who know your font bonding :).

          • But it’s kind of sad that I think it’s weird for people not to notice that the font used on the boys’ henna is Cloister Black, since it’s a rather common font. It’s the same font used in Siwon’s Carpe Diem. :D Maybe it’s the uniform font for boys who want to be “tough” and “sexy” men.

  4. lol wow i love this teaser alots. haha i think i like junsu the most, just cuz his hair looks hot instead of that awkward bowl cut (: haha omggg i cant wait, i actually think this song is gonna be really good. it sucks how there’s not really a teaser where u can hear part of the music :D it just suckkks. cant wait till tomorrow :ppp

    • Junsu’s hair looks SO much better now *__________________*

      I hated the bowl cut :/ Bowl cuts make EVERYONE look awkward

  5. Junho’s tat does not say neber it says never and I say this not as a not delusional fan lol and it’s not permanent thank gawd, but Jae’s hot chocolatey abs, Jaebeom is a secret Ninja Turtle, he’s got more definition in his muscles than the dictionary has on words and Khun looks like an animie character, which is a good thing, he looks like Goku!

    • he’s got more definition in his muscles than the dictionary has on words


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