Posted by: pinkandsparkly | April 15, 2009

Preview 2PM’s New Songs

Again and Again

Hate You

돌아올지도 몰라

No full tracks, just one minute previews >___<

I’ll bbl to edit with my comments; I need a few more listens :D

::EDIT:: Unfortunately they’ve just been turned private DDDDD: BUT, I had all the tracks opened in separate tabs before, so I can still listen to them (THANK YOU, FIREFOX).  You can listen to the full version of Again and Again here

I’m really liking the beat of Again and Again though, to me, the song seems a bit too mellow for all those b-boy moves we say in the teaser. Though that might be because the preview was cut off after one minute, so I havn’t heard the chorus yet XD. I didn’t like Hate You the first time I listened to it. Idk, techno music isn’t really my thing. BUT, the song’s growing on me :D. 돌아올지도 몰라 YUS, FINALLY A BALLAD FROM 2PM. THANK YOU JYP *__________* I think it’s my favourite track so far, but I might change my mind when the full songs get released :]


  1. YAY. :D
    -will be back also, after I’m done listening-

    • Oooohh they’re all very nice~~ ^^
      Can’t wait!!

      • WOAH. It was just turned private! D:

        • Thanks for letting me know :D I just updated the post ^^

          I wonder why she changed it to private :(

          • I asked her and she said cause there were a bunch of people flagging the video for the release of the previews, since the MV is coming out soon anyways. I kinda agree. xD But I still listened. :))

            There are a few DL links out there too, but I wanna be patient (for once. :)) ) I dl’d the leaked PATD album once. before it was released. xD But it was all over youtube anyways. I’m glad most 2PM fans had the patience. lol. Since it’s not like… totally everywhere. xD Although it will be, in a day or two. xD

  2. dude i loveeee again and again. i love the beats more :D though not saying they’re not good but like its too mellow like you said.

    havent heard any of the tracks so so far, Again and Again is my fave :D

  3. ^^ isnt the Mv supposed to be out already?

  4. I think it’s coming out at 2PM KRT.
    Oh well.

    • I can’t wait til I get my album <33

      • *feels bad for spamming on all the 2PM posts but yeah. xD*

        A lot of people are complaining about Again&Again. ._.
        I haven’t listened to the full (waiting for the MV… it’s only like 6 more hours anyways) but I heard the 1min previews…
        Then again, I really didn’t like Sorry Sorry at first. . . Like without the MV I really really didn’t like it. But now I do. xD So I guess songs take a while to grow on people. Instant hits sometimes get stuck in your head all the time but after a while you stop listening cause it gets annoying. =))

  5. can’t wait to listen to the whole songs all three 1minute previews in one ^^”

    • ups it didn’t post the link XD

  6. ohh I like the beat and the violinish parts in the 1min previews for what time is it now and I like the boppy sound in again & again also love the remix and yay ballad, finally Junsu has more lines then “Yeahhh”, I guess all men born with the name Junsu are meant to sing…k so I’m only basing that off of two people but whatevs

  7. IT’S OUUUUT!!
    IT’S OUT!
    IT’S OUUUT!!!
    *jumps up and down*

    IT’S. 2.P.M.!!!

    • GET ON. IT’S OUT. 2PM!

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