Posted by: lovediaries | April 15, 2009

SJ Cuts on Variety Shows

090411 Star King:

Harmonized “Sorry Sorry” Cut – I’m not sure who those girls are, but wow, they are amazing *__*.


BMX Crash Cut – Rofl, Hyuk was so quick that I didn’t even realise what he did until after the 5th play. He spun the handles on the bike and managed to continue riding :D. Teuk sort of failed which resulted in Boom crashing into him XD.

090411 Change The World Quiz:

Sorry Sorry Cut – Shindong & Teuk were on this show. They dance to the chorus and afterwards, the MC asks why they didn’t sing XD. Then Shinyoung gets up and does the dance with Shindong. Lmao they look like twins! They’re wearing the same outfits haha.

090413 Come to Play:

Yesung’s Awesome Dancing Skills – LOL does he have any idea what he’s doing!? XDD

You can find Part 1 of “Come to Play” HERE, but the show hasn’t been subbed yet.


  1. the girls made me lol the most. they did the song and they look like a big gangsta rapping mob. haha good twist on their song though.

    lol awwww leeteuk, i didnt realize it was him screaming hahah. i was like who’s that? and then he got up and he’s like i just needed a lil help. :DD lol

    haha hyuk is so awesomeee. i love how he did the bike thing. haha teuk trying to do it too. SO MUCH FAIL.

    lol haha shindong seems to always get picked on, in a good way at least.

    this morning, i watched come to play without subs, no idea why but i did. i cant wait for subbs. haha yesung is ‘VERY UNIQUE’ :DDD

    super junior♥

    • YEAH LOL then they just turned all the attention onto Boom who fell off his bike lmao XD.

      Haha from the clip alone, I can tell Yesung will bring many LULZ.

  2. ctp is being subbed. two parts are up as of the moment. :)


    yay @ starking! they’re such cute failures! LOLOL

    • Thanks for the heads up! I’m still waiting for the rest of the Magic Ep of Star King to be subbed haha

  3. lol so cute, I love bmx like crazy, sad Hyuk didn’t do that truck driver trick on air but it’s more then I can do and Teuk looks stiff lol

    • Lol I think Hyuk was already impressive *O*

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