Posted by: beckery | April 16, 2009

2PM – Time for Change Review

Us authors have recently been transformed into the biggest 2PM and 2AM (ONE DAY FTW♥♥♥♥♥♥♥) fangirls cuz of Hot Blood (WATCH IT NOW IF YOU HAVEN’T!!!) and Idol Army XDDDDDDD These guys are awesome, no joke. They train their butts off, they dance, they sing, they rap, they’re batshit crazy idiots AND THEY NEED MORE ACKNOWLEDGMENT AND FANS lol ^___^

Anyways, their 2nd single, “Time for Change” and MV was released today and man I’m in looooooooovvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeee ♥__♥ Lol their new concept (ROAR, look at me MAD) needs a bit of getting use to since I’m so use to seeing them as A class clowns in Idol Army hahaha, so them looking all roar and mighty is…strange. TAEC BARING HIS TEETH SAYS IT ALL ROFLL XDDDD They look good though. All that guy liner (*_*), Junsu’s haircut, a more mature style etc…

Been listening to the album all day and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s totally my type of songs. They’ve sorta moved to a more RnB/Jam sorta genre rather than dance/club beat, which I definitely approve of haha XD It shows off their vocals more.


Sorry, I cant find to seem full tracks uploaded on youtube cuz JYP is on a copyright infringement spree =_=

1. Intro – What Time Is It Now?

Beckery: TIME TO KIDNAP YOU JAEBEOM!!!! Can I pleaseeeeeeee have him?!?! PLEASE WITH A CHERRY ON TOP?!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ROFL. I hope he never stumbles across our blog cuz he’ll be scared. TERRIFIED. XDDD This is probably my favourite track off the single…hahah ok maybe not. But I did have it on repeat a few times cuz Leader and his english is all sorts of lurve <33333

PAS: LMAO, THIS TRACK IS SO RANDOM XDDD. I was talking to candychu about this, and we agreed that they should’ve done this for their FIRST single, when no one knew who they were XD. But YAY, ENGLISH *________________________________* I wish the other boys got to say something too, though. Have you guys seen the mtv iggy video? 2PM + ENGLISH = FAILLLLLLL XDDDDDDD

2. Again and Again

PAS: Favourite track on the album *____________* It’s really mellow compared to 10/10 but it’s sooo catchy. “again and again and again and again”. And I really like the “doo doo doo”. When I first heard it I thought “how are they gonna do a dance to this?? It’s so slow!”. But they’ve obviously proved me wrong XD. I WANT TO SEE THIS SONG PERFORMED LIVE.

Beckery: I assume everyone has watched the MV already? IF NOT THEN WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?! Loving the beat in the background, its crazy catchy and gets me bopping along. I thought it would be heaps fast, but like PAS said before, it’s actually quite mellow and slow. I’m not complaining though cuz then it would be easier for them to do lives *__* Gonna listen to the songs “again and again and again and again~” haha. I’m so cool XDDDDDD

3. I Hate You

Beckery: Probably my favourite track off the single? I dont know, its sorta hard to decide hahahaha. But when I listened to this song, I had to put it on repeat again straight away. SERIOUSLY, LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! Sorta mix of RnB and techno, so the chorus is heaps catchy <3333

PAS: I didn’t like this song after I heard the 1 minute preview. Didn’t really like all the synth. BUT, now that I have the full version (don’t ask how) I really like it. Especially the chorus; it’s so catchy!

4. She Might Come Back

PAS: When I heard the preview I thought it would be a ballad, so I was like “YAY, 2PM GOT TO DO A BALLAD”. But then I listened to it and…it’s not really a ballad? Lol, I guess you could call it an upbeat ballad :) I hope 2PM will get a REAL ballad someday. Junsu’s voice would be sooooooo nice in a ballad *_________*

Beckery: I luv love lurrveeee the intro to the song. It’s so beautiful and has that sorta ancient oriental feel to it? Lol wth. Its just very pretty ok. I’m glad they didn’t decide to only let 2AM do ballads, cuz 2PM can pull it off too. Especially with Junsu around *____* Such a lovely song ♥♥♥♥

5. Again and Again (RnB Remix)

Beckery: I thought I would like the RnB Remix more, but it’s slow jam, which is a tad too slow for my taste haha. They took out that awesome “do do do” beat and added the “dum dum dum” beats in Rnb. HAHA Omg, I sound like an idiot :D The rap sounds sorta weird when it’s slow aswell. I prefer the original version and nothing you say will change it unless you throw in a topless Jay haha. “Cuz you’re my old school love~”

PAS: LMAO, so it IS “you’re my old school love” XDDDDDDDD. I thought I heard wrong. HAHA. Hmmm, I think I like the normal version better. Like Beckery said, the new version is a tad slow for my liking…. But rofl, nothing will beat “you’re my old school love” XDDDDDDD But this remix isn’t bad; I know Candychu prefers this one cos you don’t hear the “doo doo doo” sound~



    • And yes, r&b version all the way~

      cause you’re my old school love .. cause you’re my new school love

      • COMPUTER!

    • YOU WERE IN THE CONSPIRACY!! We asked you omg T_T But you rejected the offer!!!!

  2. Taecyeon looks constipated. o.o

    • Hahahaha. I thought he was trying to show us his lovely teeth XP

  3. “2PM + ENGLISH = FAILLLLLLL XDDDDDDD” << “Hi My name is 2PM” Aii Shiii~
    ” << 230409 is their comeback stage. <3

    P.S. I refuse to listen to any of their songs until I get my album <33 xD

    • ROFL YEA!! That was so funny. They’re so much engrish fail, at least we have Taec, Khun and Jay though XDDD

      Can’t wait for their comeback <333

  4. intro- i liked it alot, i didnt know jay was THAT fluent haha. but it sounds really cool and it scared me when he’s like WHAT TIME IS IT? over and over. and im like IT’S 2PM over and over too.

    Again and Again- I like it…ALOT. its awesomee. the MV is also really cool and awesome dance moves :D. of course, everyone is just dying to see them perform live. and again, the beat is just downright awesome. (:
    okay totally lost track since i was trying to find this SHINee song that I’ve never heard of and now i cant find it. GRRRRR >.<

    I hate You- idk from your reviews i thought i’d love it, but i just like it. It’s catchy of course but not worth me trying to listen to it over and over. =/

    She might come back- the titles on here and youtube are like totally different but yeah i still managed to find it :D. i love this songg, its just amazing for them to sing a ballad like song and still be all bboy and hot. i like this song a lot. i didnt think they would pull it off. I love it alot haha im saying that alot now :ppp. I actually like it more than I Hate You. but idk thats just me.

    remix- lol when u said “old school love” i was like O.o HUHH. okay i dont like this at all. its too slow and the beat isnt as good. haha. but yeah i dig the whole “cuz ur my old school love” its just too sloww, probably good for a radio show or maybe they can perform this to me before i sleep every night (: haha i wished -.- its just really mellow haha.

    • Intro – LOL. JAY HAS AWESOME ENGLISH!!! You gotta watch their english interviews. He’s fluent, but its sorta ghetto haha. Well at least its more fluent than his fail korean XD

      Again and again – cant wait for their comeback. THEY WILL PAWN <333

      I hate you – :O I LOVED THE HELL OUT OF THIS SONG THOUGH!! Maybe you’re not a rnb sorta person?! Its heaps good, esp the chorus.

      She Might Come back – like PAS said, its not exactly ballad ballad, more slow jam ballad. But its heaps good too. Lol I like this and I hate you sorta the same. They’re both on repeat XD

      Remix – its not BAD, i just like the original more haha. But candychu likes this more so shrugs. Depends on you I guess :D

  5. yay, more 2PM love from LAEC. I thought I wouldn’t like another boyband after DBSK (because they are all sorts of awesome) but 2PM proved me wrong.

    I love this single, Again&Again wasn’t as catchy as 10 out of 10 at first listen but after a few listens it really sticks into your head … like in school today, I was singing ‘again & again & again & again’ over and over again, and got all my friends to sing it.

    I agree with you guys … Jay’s english = keyboardsmashingdrooldrippingSEXY.

    PS. Beckery, you CANNOT have Jay because I have him tied up in my room *winkwink* LOL

    yeah … I really hope Jay doesn’t see this.


      WE LOVE ONE DAY. BOTH 2PM and 2AM!!! THEY’RE MADE OF ALL SORTS OF WIN <333333333333333333333333

      I actually like this more than 10/10 hahaa. I like the songs on this single more mainly cuz they’re steering more towards rnb XDDD




  7. I loooove HOTBLOOD – “BED, I SAID BED”, but haven’t been able to find anything after ep 4 subbed. Did you girls see it subbed?

  8. She’s a bad girl I know, but here I go again oh no, all of his raps sound so greasy! I wonder if Again & Again will beat Only You in the amount of plays it has on my itunes (1000+ x____x)

    “that’s a bed not a bus”

    • ROFL Are you talking about Taec’s rap. I actually liked it. He sorta sounds different in I hate you, but Taec is so hot rapping *____*

      I LOVE HOT BLOOD <33333333333

  9. have you heard allkpop’s aliks mash on nobody and again and again? it was… @________@


    • I have lol. It’s pretty groovy XDD

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