Posted by: lovediaries | April 16, 2009

BoA – I Did it for Love MV

I was thinking about this the other day and how it’s been ages since the teaser was released :S. But I’m glad it’s finally out now :D.

{credit: AhMiG0 @ youtube}

I’ve listened to BoA’s american album a few times didn’t really like it and this was probably my favourite song. The others just sorta all sounded the same :/.

The ~*sparkly*~ and glittery trail at the start when she spun her stick and did the feet tapping moves was really tacky lol. And the lack of colour was sort of annoying after a while because you just get bored of looking at black and nothing but black. But, the choreography is wicked and I love it. I just wonder how she goes from having no cane to having a cane. Would it get chucked to her from the side when she’s performing? XD. And later when they kick the chairs up and it comes back down as hats? What’s gonna happen when this is LIVE? Also 1.19-1.20 was the same as in “Sorry Sorry” after the moon-walking/sliding feet part :D! I really like the part where she’s fanning herself, too; and at the end where she sits on…nothing. Haha. Pity she only wore one outfit throughout the whole thing…


  1. yeap yeap!
    i was reaaaallly looking forward to the MV but i was kinda disappointed about it
    i agree on the lack of colors used and the outfit reminded me of someone from X-Men Evolution
    and the ending part with the rain is something like Rihanna’s Umbrella ella ella eh eh? XD

    • Lol YES! I don’t even watch X-Men but she looks like she’s some fighter or a warrior or something rofl.

  2. Boa’s dancing is amazing as usual, and while I try not to be so pessimistic, the song isn’t nearly as cool as the dance. Someone who randomly hears this on the radio won’t go searching for the vid is what I mean. I really wish her the best though. We could use a few Asian artists over here.
    (Oh, I saw Utada on CBS!<3)

    • I agree. If I was to hear this on the radio, I’d be like “nice song” but def. wouldn’t bother looking up the title or whatever.

  3. lol i love her dancing but the Mv not so much. I agree with everything you say. It’s just a pity how not alot of artists like her are promoting in America so I think it’s at least better than nothing. On the bright side, she is really really good at dancing. I wasn’t into her music until I watched “Eat you Up” (:

    • I don’t actually mind artists not branching out to America. Because once they move out to the US market, their style and music will change (which is what I don’t really like about “Tohoshinki” though some of their Jap songs are beautiful).

      WG will be debuting in the US. I…can’t believe that’s actually happening but I wish them luck ^^;;.

  4. Yeah, disappointing MV.
    I liked her Eat You Up Mv alot better, at least that had more colours than black.

    But she can dance really really well, so cheers to that!!


    • I didn’t like the Eat You Up MV that much cause of the crappy CG effects. But def kudos for her dancing :D.

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