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090417 KangMin Cut on Intimate Note

::EDIT:: Subbed cut has been added!

There are 8 members in this ep : Sungmin, Kangin, Heechul, Hankyung, Kyuhyun (♥), Ryeowook, Leeteuk and Eunhyuk. The whole show can be found at randomRinnie’s channel.

{credit: oojinya @ youtube}


This isn’t subbed (I don’t think any part of this show has been :/) BUT WATCH IT ANYWAY. Kangin (he called Teuk teukteukie hyung – how adorable is that!?) and Sungmin are forced to drink out of two straws from the same bottle of coke (lol I heard Utada’s “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence” song XD). Sungmin can’t help but laugh because he’s reminded of when Heechul kissed him ROFLLLLLLLL. So he’s flailing about and huhuhuuuuu~ing lmao. His giggle is so feminine and high pitched omg. He even bites his lips, fans himself and blows out to hold in his laughter. (I do that too. We must be twins XD.)

When he finally gets his act together…the unexpected happens.Well, *I* didn’t expect that to happen, anyway XD.

Omg lmao *goes to replay*.

HanChul Cut – HANKYUNG CLOSED THE CAR DOOR ON HEECHUL LMAOOOOOOOO. Omg I’m like wheezing, I’m laughing so hard. They go in to hand KangMin their mission, I think.

HanChul are so married. They demonstrate (?) what KangMin has to do and Hankyung kisses Heechul on his hand. Then it cuts to another part where Heechul is like pulling on Hankyung’s arm and then Hankyung brushes him off and Heechul walks off with Hyuk.


  1. I’m actually not surprised… considering how Kangin was so mean during the swimming pool activity in EHB. haha XD

    • It was funny how Sungmin accidentally spat onto Kangin when he burst into laughing and Kangin was all >:( aish *wipes face*. And later, Sungmin’s just like jinjja =.=”.

      But the best part is, you realise how slow SJ’s reactions are. It’s like *PPPPPSSSSSSSSSSSSSH* ……. *seconds later* … BUAHAHAHAHAHHAA XDD.

      • burst out laughing*

  2. when hankyung closed the door i thought the door was rebelling from him or something, but then again, heechul!!!! LOL. then there was this part on the show when they had to split into groups and heechul was hanging on to hankyung but kyung was like.. get your hands off me! XDDDD” i must agree, they’re married!

    • LOLOL serious?? I hope it gets subbed soon! But I haven’t even had time to watch the whole of Come to Play T___T.

  3. OMG! I hope someone will sub this soon, lol!! KangMin is my favorite couple ever! ^^

    • Me too! I saw a gif of them driving in a car and I wanna know what they were talking about XD.

  4. LOLLL I CANT STOP LAUGHINGG. Well the name of the show hints you that it’s gonna be super uncomfortable. I doubt Super Junior will come back. just kidding. Lol Sungmin is so funny with his laughter. He was totally different in that other show where he was doing that magic trick. He’s so girly in this (: Haha totally didn’t expect Kangin to do that. haha at the end where he puts back make up on Sungmin :)

    lol i didn’t spot the whole shutting the door on Heechul til I replayed like 500 times. Haha how come Kangmin are the only people doing it? It’s so funny to see guys actually do it :ppp but they do it in that hot way :DDDDD
    I’m waiting to watch like five variety shows that will be subbed, but I’ll definitely remember to watch this one too

    • OMG YEAH! He’s a totally different person here from that ep of Star King. This is why we love him though, isn’t it?

      And yeah I saw the performance. The stage was cool but the cameraman were only okay :/. They kept missing stuff I wanted to see XD.

  5. Have you watched their Sorry Sorry performance?

  6. hahahahaha!!!! XDDDD OMG!
    My cousin hates me for now XD (I also didn’t expect that to come~ so I ‘puahahahahd’ though my cousin’s still sleeping X’D ) *replayed it 23948 times* X”D
    aaah i hope it’ll be subbed ><”

    • I just edited the post with the subbed cut !!

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