Posted by: lovediaries | April 18, 2009

090418 K.Will – Teardrops ft. Ryeowook

{credit: pr13ansj @ youtube}

Ryeowook plays the piano for this performance :DD!

K.Will looks like a mix between the leader from 8eight and Daesung lol, but that’s probably just here. The stage is really cute. They’re dressed in black & white and positioned on top of a chessboard. Wook looks so petite sitting at the piano ^^.

It was a beautiful performance ♥ (but then I got distracted by the lights shining onto the lamp – is that what it is? – somewhere behind them because it looked like the head of Mickey Mouse rofl.)


  1. Ryeowook =D
    I love it when he plays the piano! He’s so talented and squishy <3
    The stage is really, really cool. It reminds me of Alice in Wonderland.
    K.Will’s voice is soo good. And I think he does look like the 8eight guy and Daesung, on a regular basis XP

    • Oooh yeah sorta! Alice in Wonderland is a creepy movie haha but the stage was really cool.

      Lool cause before when I saw a pic of K.Will I didn’t really think so. So maybe it was just that photo then XD.

  2. The song sounds really nice- really like it. At first I thought this was on a variety show, i have no idea why. Wook looks really into the song, isn’t he always in it? I’ve always wanted to play the piano, psh doesn’t everybody already know how to play it. makes me feel such a loner :]

    • K.Will’s latest mini-album is really good :). You should try it out :D!

  3. uwah *__* K.Will’s voice is just SUPERB OoO <333
    and why’s the piano so..little? XDD” Looks like a piano for children XD”
    (+ lol at the lighting! ^^” )

    • I know right! I was really scared he’d crack but he was amazing *_________*

  4. hey(;
    i especially love that week’s inkigayo (esp suju *.*!)
    plus ryeo’s composition :D:D:D

    sigh… but anyway, do you think anyone could provide me dl link to k will’s song?:)


    • I can’t wait to hear out Ryeowook & Sungmin’s song ^^

  5. omg my wookie is so amazing♥

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