Posted by: lovediaries | April 18, 2009

ELLE Girl May Issue feat. Super Junior


Hankyung, Yesung, Shindong, Donghae, Eunhyuk, Siwon, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun are in this issue :D.

{credit: credit; 블리스 @ sj-market}

They all swap their clothes around; it’s cute :D. PAS and I can’t figure out if Siwon’s (and Hankyung’s) shirt has his face on it or not. It looks like him, right? XD. And then when Hankyung’s wearing it, the other guy on the shirt looks like Changmin rofl. They’re wearing t-shirts with their album cover printed on it. How adorable is that!? Thanks iheartmeowing for letting us know :).

Hae, Siwon and Kyu all take turns wearing the frames. Mmmm *___*.

More after the cut! PLS DO NOT HOTLINK!

I think my favourite pic is Donghae’s side-on one. He is so damn gorgeous *O*. That jawline and the adam’s apple…:Q___.


  1. they are wearing the shirts with the album cover printed. did i made sense? okaaay. -_-;;

    • OHHH! Ic, thanks for clearing that up :).

  2. Normally, I don’t mind b/w and sometimes I actually prefer it but… ): This shoot kinda made me sad.

    I think I like the one with Kyu and Wook best because there are more tones in it. I think I find the white background too blinding.

    • I think some of the changes in tone is also due to people’s scanners? Cause they were scanned by different people. Yeah, I think b&w photos would’ve looked better if shot outside instead of in a studio with a blank wall :/

      • By tones I meant shades of the same color (because… well, I’m not really sure if it’s supposed to be black or gray or something lol) ^^; The one with Kyu and Wook gives an impression of more colors because it’s not just a blank wall.

        okay, i don’t think i’m still making sense x____x

        • …Yes. I get you, I think. Oh, idk. My head is full of Korean particles which still don’t make sense to me after 6 wks. *bangs ahead against wall behind Kyu*.

  3. dang, have i just died?

    is kyu wearing his own face?
    anyways, i want to have those shirts!!

    • LMAO that sounded so funny “Is Kyu wearing his own face” XDD!

  4. lol when i first saw the first picture, i kept staring at hankyung’s shirt. it looked very familiar. haha i think out of everyone, i liked his outfits and pictures the most. he just looks so hot :D everyone else sorta ehh…fell below? i don’t dig the shoes and pants. it looked like they ran out of the right pants length and decided to roll it up ( or maybe thats just the way it’s supposed to be) i just dont like it. and the shoes. WHY THOSE SHOES? they’re like running shoes paired with casual clothing. BIG NO NO. (: haha i sound just like a fashion expert. but i like the black and white, if it was just normal, i wonder what colors the clothing would’ve been O.o

    • I thought they all looked pretty good :D. I mean, they’re pretty much wearing the same thing haha. And they all have similar build. Sort of XD. YEAH LMAO the shoes seem out of place. If they wore chucks, it’d look okay. But those NIKE shoes are sorta bulky :/.

  5. I really like these pictures, especially the individual shot of Hangeng. I also loved the one where Kyu has his hand on his shoulder :D.

    • Lol I was looking and I’m like “How come I can’t find Kyuhyun with his hand on Hankyung’s shoulder…” but then I realised. Yeah all those solo shots are nice :). Everyone looks good here~

  6. they’re black and white. aww colour would’ve been good but i guess its their concept or something (?)
    i like eunhyuk and yesung’s shots though xD

    • Cause b&w = manly? They could’ve at least given us real black and not this sepia type tone XD.

  7. Donghae has one of the sexiest profiles ever! Guh, his adam’s apple always kills me. And Siwon + glasses = hotnesss.

    • I KNOW. I love seeing his jawline and adam’s apple omg :Q__.

  8. is there a website where I can buy the shirts they’re wearing?

    • Sorry, I’d have no idea since I don’t buy clothes online ^^

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