Posted by: lovediaries | April 19, 2009

090419 Super Junior – Save Energy Song

YAY! I saw BTS pictures for this :D.

{credit: pr13ansj @ youtube}

THEIR SONG IS SO CUTE. It sounds just like a lullaby. And wow, Hyuk is so strong O_O. Him and Shindong were able to lift up Teuk. Donghae’s lines were so cute with all those eeeee’s coming out from the computer rofl. ALSO, SUNGMIN & SIWON PLAY THE PEPPERO GAME *O*. LMAO @ the fans screaming. Then Teuk & Hae play it. NOOOO GIMME MY EUNHAE OR KYUMIN ;~;. Rofl @ Hyuk & Yesung. YESUNG IS SO CREEPY. And Kyuhyun & Wook look like they almost kissed. Kyu also does push ups *________*

Okay, this was so my favourite Save Energy song & video XD.

Also, throwing in this Star King Cut where Kyu sings “You are so beautiful” and TeukMin play the Xylophone. This video broke my heart so much rofl (but of course, I’m just being dramatic, as usual). Kyuhyun ;~;. (The sad thing is that him and Gaeun actually do look good together. And she is totally his type…*prays for longer legs* XDDD.)


  1. Cute song, but I don’t get what the pepero game has to do with saving energy xD

    • loolool well I think the point of all that fanservice playing those games is to show that there are a lot of outdoor activities you could be doing, in order to save energy! At first I didn’t get it either but then they were doing all this random stuff and I just figured that’s what they’re trying to suggest XD.

  2. They just killed all my OTPs. –;

    Teuk isn’t very heavy anyways. Not really surprising.

    • Lmao I think of you whenever I see Teukhae :P.

      • TOT!

        • One day they’ll get the fanservice fully right!

          • SiHan is doing it right already. The others should follow their lead!

  3. GUH. I hope someday someone will sing to me like Kyuhyun did to that girl ;o;

    And lol at Siwon’s expression when TeukMin played the xylophone XD

    • I know. I’m so jealous of both those girls *stabs chest*.

      When does Siwon not make that face? I watched the cut of Siwon eating the banana on CTP (only watching cuts and not full shows lately T_T) and lmao he…is one weird boy.

      • I’m jealous not just because it’s Kyu but because I’ve never had a guy serenade me before lol.

        Siwon is always surprised, apparently haha

        can’t watch stuff on YT properly because it keeps returning me errors so… i’m hoping they won’t go on a deleting spree any time soon ):

        • A guy once called me up and played the guitar for me on the phone. Does that count? And I’m still jealous as hell. But mainly cause it’s Kyu.

          Oh yes I hope they don’t *pulls a Siwon face*.

          • No one ever did anything sweet for me ;-;

            lol Siwonface.

  4. LOL. teukie was doing a research on dalkangjeong! HAHAHA. it’s copyrighted by kyu already! LOL.

    • O___O hmm? What do you mean?

      • ermm. kyu had this compulsion to change the lyrics, sungmin’s part particularly, to dalkangjeong [fried chicken] when they perform their encore. he also had it written in his cy. then teuk changed his sidebar message to “kyu, hyung owns the copyright to dalkangjeong.” then kyu answered teuk, “but i did it first.[or something like that. my memory fails me. XDDD]” then teuk gave up the copyright.

        LOL. is this an essay? XDDD

        • LOOOOOOOOOOL. Is that KyuMin I spot!?

          And no, this is not an essay at all XD!

          • and apparently, what teukie was typing on his laptop was… “my fried chicken.” LOL. so he hasn’t still given up completely.

            and ROFL. when teuk was lifted by hyuk and dong dong, you can see kyu kicking leadershii~~ what a bully magnae is! XDDDD

            • LMAO SERIOUS? I gotta re-watch it. Kyu gets away with bullying his hyungs all the time lmao XD.

  5. The Xylophone thing was cool. xD

    • Hehe TeukMin are so talented ^^

  6. lol whyy would the pepero game save some energy? I fail to comprehend thatXD

    • Dead fangirls don’t use computers of course.

    • LMAO what laflor501 said XD.

  7. Be still my beating heart! Kyu’s smooth voice, beautiful face, and understandable English are too much for me.
    That girl is so tall though with her long legs. *jealous* I could use another inch or two, but I’d probably be a giant in Korea. Soo Young(<3) from SNSD looks huge but she’s only like 5’7″ right?

    • LMAO “BE STILL MY BEATING HEART!” AHAHAHAHA. Looool you are so funny.

      I’m not really sure how tall (lmao, I typed long) Soo young is but I know I’m taller than at least half the SNSD girls :D.

  8. Lol with like Super Junior, you need well over a minute to get the whole point across :) i love it so much, maybe even more than the other ones but I like all of em. They were so cute :D lol random bit at the end where u say Kyu always does pushups. biased, biased, biased. Just kidding. :)

    Gosh so jealous of Kyu flirting with that other girl. He should’ve sung it to the camera geesh. Lol at the girl who just comes over randomly. Teuk and Sungmin are so talented. i think they learned it but they seem so pro at it :D haha Boom just wheeling it away and when he stops, he’s just like “Oh, okay my job’s done. “

    • I’m biased towards all my favourites. I admit :D. But I do try talk about everyone else too~

      Lmao Boom like led them off the set XDD!

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