Posted by: lovediaries | April 19, 2009

090419 Super Junior @ SBS Inkigayo

{credit: pr13ansj @ youtube}

Let’s Not – K.R.Y ♥♥ (and omg Siwon, Hankyung, Hae, Sungmin, Teuk on the pianos. WHAT COULD BE MORE AWESOME?).

…THIS…THIS IS SO PRETTY *O*. The lining up of pianos is sort of lol-tastic but, omg, how sweet do they look, dressed in white suits playing white pianos while K.R.Y are in black suits. Okay, that itself sounds pretty funny but … *wibble* this was such a beautiful performance. And the white roses as the backdrop omg *__*.

Then, the atmosphere completely changes haha.

Sorry Sorry – I’ve watched so many performances now that not only do I know the chorus off by heart but I can dance to about half of the song. Whether I’m good at dancing to it is another story .. but I even got my almost 2-yo sis to know the choreography so…that’s pretty impressive, right? :D. BUUUUUUT they’ve changed the choreography :OOO! After finally mastering how to step-slide-foot-step with both feet, they go and change it T____T. Ah well, this one looks easier. It’s like “pull down rope ladder and climb up rope ladder” :DD.



    (although I think they’re not actually playing… XD)

  2. (ROFL probably just there to look pretty. Or handsome. ^^)

    • dlkjfasdlkfjads THE NEW SORRY SORRY CHOREOGRAPHY *O*

      I’m sad to think that they probably did that because the Sorry Sorry promotions are about to end ):

      • …akjfkljd don’t say that ;~;. I hope not. But if they have kickass choreography for their nxt song, then I think that’d be okay.

        • They said the promotions are about to end and they’re practicing the choreo for their next song already ):

          • I read about them preparing for their nxt song but I didn’t think it meant sorry sorry would be ending ;~;.

            • I was hoping they’d promote sorry sorry a bit longer… Is it too much to ask for Kibum to be in their next song? ):

              • Not at all. I seriously forget what that boy’s voice sounds like :(.

                • Sometimes I forget he even exists –;

                  I know I have no right to be angry but he’s starting to get really upset. He must have reasons and I respect that but I wish he wouldn’t just leave us all in the dark, letting us hope in vain. If he wants to leave SJ, I’m fine with that (it hurts but I’ll support him in whatever he wants to do). If wants to quit showbiz, I’ll respect that too (it’s a great loss but it’s his choice). I just don’t like worrying and hoping and being let down. ):

                  • He says he’s been doing auditions and practising acting and stuff? But idk, as an SJ member, being an SJ member and doing SJ activities should always be first priority. That’s how I see it :(.

                    • Great timing, Kibum. -o-; Couldn’t he do that after the comeback? It’s not like their promotions take very long anyway. At least Chul shows up at the end of the perf. Can’t he do that at least?

                    • Yeah and I think it was their Manager who explained that?

                      I just don’t get why Kibum would rather sit in front of the telly and watch them when he could be on stage performing with them.

  3. i love inkigayo so much. :D is just the delusional me that i hear kibum’s voice in club no.1? HAHA. the one after hyuk? O_____o

    • …I wouldn’t know because I still haven’t heard the full tracks to their album :D (apart from the ones they perform).

      • lol.. why not? they’re all on imeem. xD
        I listen to them all the time. :))

        <33 Five cute pianists

        • Cause I want to save it for when I buy their album LOOL.

          • woot! lol.
            Same here~! Cept for 2PM. <3
            I was too impatient with SuJu. XD

            • I was patient with SHINee & DBSK and I can be with SJ too :D *proud*. haha

              • i’m proud of you too.
                *imma have to talk to myself for being too impatient with suju. HAHA*

  4. lol they couldn’t all be playing, but the way the pianos were set up reminds me of school, every piano is a desk

    • hahaha I think they were each playing different notes? Idk XD.

  5. OMG. KRY <3333 It was cool seeing 5 of them play the piano, but it looked kind of funny the way they’re positioned xD.

    Yay! New dances moves for Sorry, Sorry!

    • I hope they perform this song more :D! The stage was so pretty, methinks :D.

  6. Gosh i love Let’s not VERY MUCHH. I got addicted to it when Yesung sang it on that variety show ( again, too many for me to remember) I didn’t knkow he sang that well and now I’m addicted to that song. I wish they did two performances instead of one. I really liked it,very beautiful, but the pianos were sorta weirdd and random. Like the background very muchh. Gosh I was watching this girl dance Sorry Sorry yesterday and I was going to like memorize it but now they go and change it ): I don’t like it, since the whole gliding feet was like my favorite move in it. I really hope it’s not how it’s gonna be forever. I really missed Donghae’s part too. (:

    • :O You only recently discovered Yesung’s an AWESOME singer!?!?!? Have you heard his solo “Love Hurts a lot” ? You should go listen to it if you haven’t :D.

  7. this is what you showed me, I was impressed with the piano but yes, the whole rows and straight lined thing made me laugh.

    I STILL WANT TO SEE YOU DANCE SORRY SORRY (and throw your sister in too)

    • This is indeed what I showed you :D.

      LMAO I asked my mum to gimme her phone last night but she turned it off and yeah … I wanna try record one where I’m not a complete and total retard. But that might be too hard :/.

      • It could not be as retarded as the gee video. OR JUST YOUR SISTER, I don’t mind :DD

        • She’s gone to sleep. Another time :). Oh but your GEE vid was so cute :3.

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