Posted by: lovediaries | April 19, 2009

CECI Mag May Issue feat. Siwon & Hankyung

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH SIHAN!!!!!!!! What are the chances they’ll now do photoshoots in pairings? :DDD/ *fingers are crossed for EunHae to be nxt*. They could do like a dancers issue or something :/.


{credit: gackthyde315’s @ naver; as tagged}

Hankyung’s eyes are actually sorta scaring me teehee ^^;;. I don’t know if it’s the guyliner (*O*…prob not) or maybe he’s wearing contacts? :/. But LOOOL his fringe is even shorter than mine when the hairdresser ruined it. I really like the photo where it looks like he’s been crying? Idk, there’s a teardrop just under his eye :3.

…Shown from the back.

STOP WITH THE TEASING AND TURN. AROUND. SIWON. And lol, he has curly eyelashes ^^. Like a girl~


  1. SIHAN♥

    but they look greasy D: EW GUYLINER doesn’t look good on Geng D:

    • Do you think that’s why he looks sorta creepy?

      • Yuf. That’s exactly it. And the hair. And the b/w thing. ): He looks like some emo punk rock band dude person :\ (That first pic is so gay I don’t think I can ever show that to my friends lol)

        What’s with b/w and the boys lately? -o-;

        • B&W = manly & sophistication? Idk. They’re in so much b&w lately that I can no longer picture them in colour O_O.

          • Well, if it’s meant to be like that, they’re doing it wrong. SiHan doesn’t look very manly to me there D:

            • Maybe it’s to look mature and grown up then. Does that work better for you? :).

              • No, it doesn’t. D: Unless they admit it’s to look gay, nothing will work better for me.

                I like their Marie Claire shoot better… the one with Kibum and Donghae.

                • Oh that one. We never posted that D:

                  But yeah that had pretty poses. Colours were nonexistent there too, right?

                  • Nope. It actually had color and they all looked pretty manly.

                    • Rly? I just remember it being brown XD.

  2. o.o I agree. Geng doesn’t look good with guyliner. And what did they do with his hair?!

    I know b&w= manliness and maturity, but I want to see them in bright spring colors xD.

    • Do you reckon they cut it even more? O.o

  3. Ahah, I didn’t know you liked Sihan too. 8D

    Lol I thought that same thing as 劉憲華 about Geng’s eyeliner and how he looks like he’s from some punk band. :| Or sth.

    And aslkjdf I was hoping to see the ~ABS~ but no such luck, apparently. :[

    • I like all SJ couples :D. But I actually prefer HanChul over SiHan or SiChul ^____^.

  4. Whoa. Hannie looks really good in his first solo pic, but I have to admit the embedded scared the crap out of me. 0_0

    • AHAHAHAHA I was going to embed Siwon’s pic instead. But then I thought, nah, I’ll tease you guys for a bit~

  5. lol hankyung doesn’t look good in this :D i think siwon won this shoot :DDDD i liked their over shoot more though. haha he’s probably crying over the fact that he has soo much guyliner on (:

    • Yeah I think too much guyliner on Geng :/

  6. I can’t even complain about the guyliner or questionable hair because OMG it’s SIHAN! I love these two together and how Siwon is all touchy-feely with him.

    I actually like HanChul more because of their abusive love but ShiHan is just too freaking pretty to resist!

    • I love HanChul more too :D!

  7. Eyeliner is not working out for Hangeng.
    LOL, i hope i see more Kangteuk photos.
    They’re never really in a photoshoot together.

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