Posted by: lovediaries | April 20, 2009

090417 Super Junior on Intimate Note

Aha, I still need to watch CTP

mellogreenleaf is in the process of subbing this!

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

SJ members talk about how Sungmin & Kangin are like water and oil and pretty much avoid each other. They say that they rather they have a fight so that they can release the tension. It’s really funny, the producers do this fake interview for the SJ members to try get Kangin and Sungmin on their own with Ryeowook trying to push them together but Kangin goes to the toilet and Ryeowook is just like what to do, what to do? Haha when Kangin finally comes back it is so so awkward. Sungmin sits beside Wook and tries to peek at his phone while Kangin goes on the internet.

In Part 2, Kangin and Sungmin get a message from Intimate Note and ROFL Kangin’s first reaction is “But I’m close to this kid” LOOOL LIES!! They get in the car and Kangin just looks out the window. Sungmin plays on his yellow DS (no way, it’s not pink!?) and Kangin goes “I should sleep”. Check out how Kangin sleeps LMAO.

Yeah, Sungmin looks like a total girl in comparison xP.

I’ll edit the rest of the links when they’re subbed, but do keep watching! Eunhyuk imitates Teuk’s laugh LMAOOO and Gura keeps mixing up Ryeowook’s name, calling him Eunhyuk, Siwon and Sungmin. IT’S SO FUNNY especially cause he scolds Teuk when he tries explaining why Siwon doesn’t live with them because he thinks Wook = Siwon and wants him to speak for himself XDD. Kyuhyun’s laugh (@ 6.26) is my favouritest part ♥. He laughed just like he did on Star King lmao. It’s like, idk, sorta gutteral? XD. Very sexy. LOL.

(And Heechul fails as a hyung rofl. First he thinks that Kyuhyun lives away from their dorm even though they already talked about Kyuhyun living on the 11th floor, and then he gets Sungmin’s last name wrong lmao. I bet the only thing going through his mind is Hankyung haha. It’s cute, he keeps talking about Hankyung and letting Hankyung talk. HanChul♥.)


  1. someone has already subbed :O

    • Ah yeah, I actually went on her channel before but .. haha I’m just sorta watching as it gets uploaded so I don’t procrastinate too much ^^;;

  2. LOL they sure don’t look close to me. They seem like strangers, even XD It’s strange because I’ve always thought they’re one of the closer members.

    I need to find another way to watch this. YT hates me.

    • Haha o rly?

      I just rmbr the time on Unbelievable Outing where Sungin was putting on make up and Kangin called him a girl and Sungmin gave the fiercest glare XD.

  3. (I’m) Kyuhyun
    I’m Kyuhyun.
    I’m Kyuhyun.

    I haz summaraized ol of kyuhyun’s lainz! xD
    -haz had too much of lolcats-

    SUNGMIN <33

    • LULZ you iz hilarious ;)

      • Becouz uv Kyuhyunnie~
        He needz moar exposhur! lol
        And Sungmin is srsly laik a gurl!
        He needz moar manleh!
        No moar skareh fayzesh!
        An heez laff is kyoot.
        Ai laik eet.

  4. This was HILARIOUS. I missed SuJu on variety shows so much that I feel like a kid in a candy store these days.

    I actually use to love the KangMin pairing back in the Adonis Camp & Don’t Don days so I couldn’t believe they were awkward with each other. I still don’t think they really are. They just live in different worlds and don’t have anything to talk about. They say that one sign of a strong relationship is not having the need to fill silence with mindless chatter. If it was anyone else in the car with him, Kangin wouldn’t have shut up. But with Sungmin he’s cool with them doing their own things.

    It might just be my biased opinion since I’m like that with people too. But I really think they’re comfortable with one another instead of awkward.

    Of course the “couple” stuff they had to do made them uncomfortable but that’s totally natural.

    • Lmao the only thing I ever think of when people say Adonis Camp is Sungmin and the rice cooker. Oh and all the EunHae abuse. And their awesome pajamas. And them sleeping in beds together. Okay, yeah, I think of a lot of things XDD.

      • LOL. Your comment reminded me of the time I was watching Adonis Camp and my brother happened to walk in right when it cut to a scene of them sleeping in the beds together. He’d already watched Shinhwa stuff with me so he knew Korean guys tend to be more touchy-feely but I’ll never forget that look on his face.

    • I agree with you! KangMin is my favorite couple, and I think they’re really close to each other, it’s just that they have nothing to talk about, lol!

      My roommate and I have been friend for about 8 years or so, but we don’t really talk much. It’s just that we have nothing to talk about. But when we find something that both of us are interested in, we will talk really comfortable to each other. I think this is the same to KangMin :D

  5. lol heechulie always cracks me up :]
    oh an sungmin looks like u-know when he’s sleeping…if you kinda tilt ur head to the left…lol and yes he does sleep like a girl :P

    • Lol AH! You’re right, he does :D

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