Posted by: beckery | April 20, 2009

2PM Arrow Teaching Clip

Credits: 2PM @ youtube

Am I the only one that finds it sorta hilarious that they spelt “arrow” (aarrow haha) wrong in the title? XDDDDDDDDDD

Anyways, remember that sorta cool, sorta weird promo clip where they have some people standing around doing groovy moves with big 2PM arrows? Well now we have the 2PM boys learning a few of those tricks themselves :D

ROFLMAO THE ARROWS LOOK BIGGER THAN JAY!!! Hahaha I tease cuz I love <3 Some totally phailed on their first go. Yes, I’m looking at you, Chansung and Taec XPP I think Junho pretty much owned it. Wooyoung looked so funny when he failed and did this weird duck butt walk haha. Jay’s “lemme show you how its done” at the end made me think “PFT YOU BIG FAT SHOW OFF” ROFL. I KEEP PICKING ON JAY, I KNOW. He’s such an easy target with his korean fail and awesome American gangster ways though XDDDDDDDDD



  1. lol.
    I <3 Taec’s fail. ^^
    Wooyoung’s soooo cute!! xD
    And we need to see more Junsu. lol
    I think Aarrow is the name of the company? lol.

    • ROFL IS IT? I was wondering how they could spell Arrow wrong. XDDD

  2. I was thinking aarow’d be the name of the company because that is a pretty obvious mistake lol

    Jay is a big showoff and almost all of them failed. I miss them goofing around like this T_T wahhh comeback now pls!

    • HI JUNHO, WHY SO AWESOME *O*. When Wooyoung has his hair like that and wears his polo shirt like that, I am reminded of a particular 15yo.

      And hi Mooray, I’m replying to you because…I like you *creepy smile*.

      • What about me? D:
        Here are some cool pics of 2AM and 2PM collab on a calendar~

        credits: bestiz,

        • AH, BB, I’M SORRY, I LIKE YOU TOO! I promise :)♥.

          And yes I’ve seen those pics before. The one where they’re all over each other took me so long to figure out whose legs were whose. And I realised that Khun likes to leg spread XD.

      • Agreed Junho is too awesome for his own good.

        CANDYCHUUU, IS IT THAT 15YO? It’s okay I like you too.

        • WELL LITTLE GRIFFENDITTY (seriously, I fail, I typed friggen this time) IT’S NOT TAEMIN, THAT’S FOR SURE ;).

            It’s him yay, kekeke I giggled a little irl :o

  3. Not only are the boys man cheerleaders, even their ad people do strange bboy!billboard stunts lol. I bet the people are, like, “… wth?” (JYP likes Caucasian people)

    Taec, your arrow is pointing the wrong way lol Hi, Nick-baby~~♥

    JAY, WHY SO SHORT. I think you’re going to end up poking someone’s eye with that XD

    • Rofl. Yea, I thought the arrow promo clip was sorta…unique? I had no idea what was going on lol. JYP is probably experimenting with new things xDD

      JAY IS MY SHAWTY! <33333333333333333 Lol. He’s so cute and small and full of ripped abs, but still small hahahahaha.

  4. Jay and Taec work so well together, they should just get married…with me…and I’m going to steal Chansung’s sweater and hat with little ball on top…Wooyoung needs to make his crying faces more often cause they’re just lols and Nickhun looks like a white boy in this vid, and I’m not sure if I’m the only one who gets this urge to squish Junho by sitting on him while he’s laying down, I need more Junsu in this vid!

    • THEY SHOULD TOTALLY GET MARRIED WITH KHUN AND ME IN THE MIDDLE XDDDD Lol. I love my english speaking trio <33333333 Well I love the other boys too *tries not to be biased* XD Yea, Chansung looked infinitely adorable with his cute hat and Wooyoung failure makes me laugh XD I want more Junsu too :((

  5. lol who spins a sign all day to make money? lol its cool and i think really really hard. lol everyone seems like they’re trying really hard. haha junho totally owned it totally. i was wondering the whole time when they’re gonna come back and hopefully its the 23rd :D lol jay’s like awesomee. When you mean korean fail, you do mean like fail fail not like talking korean fail right (: gosh of course right, duhhh he speaks perfect korean :ppp

    • The boys looked like they were having fun goofing around haha. They’re so adorable *group huggles them all*. Their comeback is 23rd WEEEE XDD CAN NOT WAIT!

      I actually meant talking Korean fail hahaha. Well of course he is epic fail at everything else too, but I sometimes wonder if Khun’s Korean is actually better than Jay’s XDDDDDDDDDDD

      • Jay’s Korean fail is almost as funny as Junho’s English fail. :))

        “Hi! My name is 2PM–Aii C”


      • lol i forgot he was born in the US haha :) but i still think they’re so fluent in korean :DDDD Khun used to live in Cali somewhere here, but it’s only like an hour away from where i livee :DDDD I wish I saw him before debut or something and then see him now and be like OMGG I SAW HIM <33

  6. ^^ clicked on the wrong person to reply to :)

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