Posted by: beckery | April 21, 2009

2PM Again & Again Parody

Credits to poopiness @ youtube

Yes, I’m currently procastinating T_________T and depressed cuz I dont get to see Rain! He’s literally 20 minutes drive from me AND I CANT GO STALK HIM CUZ I HAVE TO STUDY >:@

But this totally made me laugh!! It’s really, really well done cuz the lyrics actually sound like it suits with what they’re singing and the scenes fit in as well. It’s truly a great laugh XDDDDDDDDDDD

I especially loved Khun’s part with the rubbing thing. I literally LMAO when I saw him do the rub part in his dance hahahaha. Also, Junho’s part with the Rain thing was freakin hilarious too. Totally mastercard lololol!!!


  1. Hahahaha… I cut my hair for you!
    And Nichkhun’s dance is FINALLY EXPLAINED! xD
    Chansung dear you only charge two dollars?
    And Junsu only fourteen?
    Cheap boys. Does JYP not feed you? lol.
    Only Nichkhun has enough money to live!
    Give them they’re moolah~~ =))

    • DANG. It’s their.
      ARGH. *dies*
      Anyways to make myself useful..
      Here’s a signed CD. xD

      and Jaebeom’s hair

      aaaannnnddd a plastic bag with WooYoung’s strange look on his face.

      • Lol yea I’ve seen most the photos on soompi already but thanks anyways XD

        • Comeback stage on Music Bank~

  2. is rain here in sydney? or brisbane?

    • I live in Brisbane, so yea Rain is here in Brisbane. For a week, filming a CF. My friend’s have seen him everywhere apparently and I havent yet :(((

  3. too sad that you haven’t seen him.

    • I know :(((

  4. lol Junho’s part as dressing up as rain is epic! too genius, lol aww Khun feels ashamed being rubbed on his chest like that *my hopes have all died*

    • ROFL Junho’s part cracked me up especially since I’m all “omg rain is in brisbane ojqifdlkaufsj” atm XDD KHUNS RUB MAKES ME LAUGH!

  5. lol i feel like giving all the money I have to them now :DDDD Lol Khun’s part made me LOL alot. haha junho :) i love parodies, but then they get stuck in my head so i end up not knowing the original lyrics :D

    • I feel like kidnapping them full stop hahaha. They’re so adorable. The parody was very well done XD

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