Posted by: lovediaries | April 21, 2009

Kibum Interview at “Insadong Scandal” VIP.Preview

{credit: eternalove4suju @ youtube}

I shall treasure these 18 seconds until we next get to see Kibum (which may be in another few weeks or months time T__T).

Kibum, I miss you so much ;~; (look at his hair!). Please be preparing with SJ for their next song or something. You are, afterall, still an SJ member :(

*crawls back to hole to study*


  1. Why, hello, YT. Thanks for the great timing and returning me an error when I most need to watch a video. -o-;

    • Why is YT always so evil to you >:(.


        Oh, Kibum… Do you know how much we’ve missed you? ;-;

        • OH YAY! :D. So now you can go catch up on everything else you’ve missed?

  2. O____O kibum looooks…gooood. like really. i missssss him so much toooo. :( i really hope he gets to do activities with suju with the promotion of suju’s next song. and maybe do intimate note with the members? cause i think he’s the most awkward with the members. LOL.

    and oh, yeah~ i was stalking your blog a while ago and read entries dating waaaaaaay back because i have nothing better to do and because, yeah, i’m bored. XDDDD

    • I hope so too ;~;

      Oh dear. What embarrassing post of mine did you manage to read? XD

  3. My brother was looking over my shoulder and commented that he looked plastic and he probably missed the performance coz he was recuperating from surgery :( :( :( I hope not. oh kibummie i have missed you

    • Um….really? I don’t think Kibum looks plastic O.o

  4. I’m not a big fan of his long hair~ :| But man, I just miss seeing and hearing him. D:

    • Me too ;~;. Any news of Kibum is good enough.

  5. I kind of like his long hair. I MISSED HIM!!!!

    • I don’t mind it that much either :/. Just…don’t let it get out of control!!

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