Posted by: lovediaries | April 22, 2009

F.T Island Summer Litmus Preview


{credit: soompi}

They all look really good even if I hate Jonghun’s hair. Lucky he has such a nice face *O*. Haha~

No seriously, why does Minhwan have more hair on his legs (lmao, I typed legs on his hair XD…mooray, where are you to laugh at my typos? ;~;) than all of SHINee combined!? Rofl. Seunghyun is sooooo adorable omg. I want to take him home and play doll houses with him :3. The pic of him and Jaejin holding hands was so cute :3. And Minhwan looks so much like Rain lmao. So he’s sort of in between looking like Junho and Rain buaha. There are quite a few pics of him and Jonghun so I think there should be more of the others too?


  1. Whoaaa Minhwan’s legs are seriously hairy bahaha!!
    I agree with Jonghun’s hair. No one should been seen with it X_X

    • I think we’re just used to seeing men with hair-less legs ^^;;

  2. gosh, minhwan does have hairy legs. HAHA. jonghun needs to cut his hair for us to have a better view of his pretty face.

    • INORITE! Why hide such a gorgeous face with such ug hair? XD

  3. i agree, dont like jonghun’s hair(in this pic) too. but at least jonghun so cuteeEeee…^^

    • Haha yeah, trying to ignore the hair and just look at his face XD

  4. totally not digging jonghun’s hair but oh dear hongki is smoking! ♥_______♥

    minhwan has hairy legs for an idol haha

    • Yeah, I love him in that embedded pic!

  5. Seunghyun <33
    No one will ever replace WonBin…
    But you just CAN’T RESIST THAT AEGYO.
    Most of the pics are of Minhwannie! xD
    I love his hat. lol

    • I know! I think Seunghyun might actually be my fav member now…sorry Jaejin!

  6. kyaaa~~
    welcome back my aegyo boys!

    seunghyun seriously looks like a younger version of lee seung gi. <3

    minhwannie with hairy legs.
    puberty, no?

    btw, talking about hairs..
    here’s one LOL shot of eunhyuk on intimate note.
    pretty face, hairy legs!


      Hyuk looked so pretty though (I saw the preview).

  7. omg Hongki looks like a conceited hottie! and Minhwan looks like a cute stalker, omo these cuties! Jaejin…!!!

    • Conceited hottie? LOL well he has every right to be!

      • Oh no, I didn’t mean it as a bad thing, it’s a good thing and yes he has a right to be

        • Haha, it’s okay ^^ I understood what you meant ;)!

  8. lol wow i think i have to seriously get back to ft island because when i looked at the pics, i was like HUHH, WHO’S WHO? thats just messed up and now im really disappointed. haha minhwan seriously has ALOT of hair. i dont think any other artist guys really have hair on their legs :)

    • Hahah yeah, most idols shave. Oh but Hyuk has hairy legs :D!

  9. OMG. His legs ARE hairy hahahaha. I’m so immature xD. These pictures are so cute! Hate Jonghoon’s hair though. Hongki looks realllly good in these photos. So does Minhwan :D.

    • Yeah, I hope there’s more to come ^^!

  10. GAHHH I AM HERE NOW, lol @ you and your typo, you are worse than me now.

    I want Jonghun to have his That 70’s Show hair back D: and Minhwan (just typed Junho) looks like Rain, yes he does!


  11. Lol. That’s awesome! The magnae is the manliest one of all :D

    No comment on Jonghun because … fail. Just fail. Did he get tired of looking handsome or something?

    • I know eh! Which is sorta strange cause he’s still a BOY!

  12. OMG, cuuuuuute! I know next to nothing about FTI but that doesn’t stop me from thinking that Minwhan is the cutest thing on the planet – after Taemin – and Henry – and yeah, that’s it. He’s the third cutest boy on the planet then. And he looks so adorable up there. Oh, and hello! I know I haven’t been here in awhile, hope everything’s all right with you.

    • Aww hey, I’m glad you’ve had time to drop by :).

      I’ve got a mid-term exam this Friday again so I should be studying, but then I didn’t want to leave your comment til a wk later, so I thought I’d just reply to you know :PP. Oh, uni is busy and sorta driving me crazy (moreso than Minhwan’s hairy legs rofl). I don’t really get enough sleep during the week either lol but I’m managing. Sort of. In a few wks time, I’ll have assignments and papers and exams in the one go so I’m really nervous about that :S.

      I hope you’ve been doing well too ♥♥!

      • Oh, thanks so much for taking the time to reply to my comment – that’s so nice of you. I certainly hope you did well on your exam. :) Oh, well just don’t let yourself get too stressed and try your best to plan your time wisely so that things don’t end up piling up on you. That happened to me all the time in school and it drove me insane. I’m sure you’ll do great though – think positive. Fighting!

        I’m doing okay too. Thanks. ^^

        • Haha only for you, bb! Yeah, it’s just sort of sad that uni has taken over my life and I’m losing contact with a lot of my old friends. But ah well. I’ve made some new friends so … you win some, you lose some XD.

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