Posted by: lovediaries | April 23, 2009

090422 SJ-M @ Korea Sohu Special Interview

{credit: fampar @ youtube}

CRYING. I MISS HENRY SO MUCH. *WAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILS*. :((((((((((((((. (Of course, I miss Zhou Mi too! But, you in a different way, you know? XD).

It’s been months since we did an SJM post so it’s been months since I’ve heard Henry’s sweet sweet voice *O*. Anyway, he’s such a cutie here. He says “It’s almost been a year since SJM debuted” and Hankyung corrects him with “Actually, it’s been more than a year” XDDD. Aw, SJM ;~;. But omg, Henry is so cute. His mandarin is so sexy too AHAHAHAHA. It’s very taiwanese-sounding so it’s easier to understand than Hankyung’s ^^;; (just cause I learned mando from watching tw dramas hehe~). He says he wishes for them to continue working hard to improve.

AND THEN, Zhou Mi starts talking about Kyu is playing with his inner forearm LMAO. Am I the only one who finds that slightly disturbing because it’s um, sort of suggestive? XD. I mean, since when did Kyuhyun touch people? XDD. But nah, he was only making Zhou Mi lower his arm cause he was talking too loudly into the mic? Him and Hankyung (and Kyuhyun) basically talked about (possible, is sort of what Kyuhyun was saying) preparation of a second album and that they wish for support and more people to get to know them etc etc. Kyu turns to him and says “hao!” (good/yes), which is really funny because Zhou Mi was saying “In Super Junior, we have Chinese and Korean members”. He says he wishes for more Chinese people to like Koreans and more Koreans to like Chinese people ^____^.

And I have to translate Siwon’s fail Chinese word for word.

Siwon: If … if, without your care, we wouldn’t have, so thank you very much for your care. Hope you guys like our 3rd album, “Sorry Sorry”.

I think Donghae was thanking fans for their support except his pronunciation was really off haha.

Fandom makes me so happy.


  1. I MISSED YOU HENRY <3333. And KyuMi too :D. I think I understand Henry more cause his mando sounds like mine xD. I like it when Ryeowook gets so much camera time.

    • I love KyuMin so I’m always a bit :/ with KyuMi haha. I FEEL AS IF KYU IS CHEATING ON SUNGMIN! Rofl, but they were so cute here :3.

      I know, Wook is so cute ^___^ *pinches his cheeks*.

  2. Lol what are Henry and Kyuhyun doing when Geng is talking? XD

    I always laugh whenever Kyu and Zhou Mi stand together. Kyuhyun’s one of the tallest guys I know, but then he stands next to Zhou Mi and he’s SHORT. D: LOL. I love his hair though. And Zhou Mi’s. *____*

    Ryeowook always talks so cutely. :| ♥

    kyumin > kyumi teehee kidding 8D but i liked kyumin first.

    • LMAO I have no idea. Was Henry trying to be taller than Kyu? XD!

  3. lol its sorta weird to think that they’d have like another band for chinese ppl :) i didn’t really get it when i first got into super junior :D i was like huhhh. i thought they were in Suju :ppp it’s sorta weirdd but i think its cool. i havent been watching taiwan dramas lately (have to catch up on them) but i can’t believe you learned mando from it. JEALOUSS!! lol Siwon looked like he lost words.

    • Lol rly? Well, it’s always been Hankyung’s dream :). But like they always say, SJ is different to other idol groups in that they have more sub/solo activities than as a whole group because then they can branch out and satisfy different markets hehe.

      Haha it was a long process but it helped with my Chinese reading & listening ^^.

  4. Um, I’m late but I LOVE SJM. And Henry. And ZhouMi. And the fact that I can actually understand random snippets when they speak. And the fact that my Chinese is still bad enough for me to be able to understand DongHae, lol. And Henry speaking English. And yeah, this was a cute interview and I liked seeing the 7 of them together again. (Also I think I was predisposed to liking Henry because I remembered you talking about him so fondly. So thanks. ^^)

    • You’re never too late for any fandom :DD. I’m glad I was able to influence you in some way for taking interest in Henry haha. He is one awesome boy :)♥♥.

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