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090423 2PM Comeback on M!Countdown

M!Countdown Ranking 20-11 – They’re working out in a gym *__*. No idea how that relates to the song titles but rofl, I thought Taec was gonna break that treadmill XDD. But um, Jay does sit ups HALF NAKED. Yum. Then Junsu does push ups and he’s like talking into his phone or something? Lol, idk, but they show his phone and the wallpaper is Yoobin, haha! They then do some stretches, acting all manly and stuff, but in the next frame they’re dancing to After School’s “Diva” and sparkles are coming out from them ROFLLL!

AND OMG THE SONG FOR NUMBER 15!!!!!!!! Is it like the soundtrack for “Look for A Star” ? That HK movie starring Andy Lau and Shu Qi. Have any of you guys seen it? I loved that movie omg ;~~~;.

But lmao, this clip was just for them to show off their muscles and what not. Emo!Khun working out his biceps was the best XD. Actually, no. Junho after a shower in front of a fogged up mirror is the best *__________*.

Again & Again Performance – The boys come up from the stage and Jay comes out from behind doors. He is so little :3 haha. Then they do the dance which appears at the end of the MV at the start of this performance. The part where they’re all spread out in front of Chansung, is it?, and turn their heads always reminds me of SJ’s “Twins (Knock Out)”. And ooh the part where Junho flips forward, he pretty much gets a lift from the one lying down on the ground. Is that Chansung? Gosh, why are they wearing identical outfits T__T.

They still look like they’re having siezures at the start :/. Wooyoung’s orange patch is in a very awkward sport teehee. Khun’s “animal rubbing” part is SO funny. I…can never stop laughing at it XD. And the fact that he does it 5 times LMAO AHAHAHHAHA. Omg. The migraine part is also really funny. The way they pop out behind the one in front and are like holding their heads. LMAO, WHY CAN I NEVER TAKE ANYTHING SERIOUSLY??? XDD. And LOLOL still loving Taec’s “someone tie me down quick” part XDD; can’t say the same for his outfit – he looks like a schoolboy grown out of his sports uniform.

And I finally get why the pause at the end of the song is soooo friggen long. It’s for the fans to call out each member’s name :PPP


  1. this one has the audio in sync but its low quality!

    • Oh, there’s a HQ button…but yeah, sorta a bit fuzzy. Anyway, thank you!

  2. i’m sorry but i think i’ll never really see Jay as “hot”. he’ll always be “short” to me. XD

    I think Junsu is talking to Yoobin on the phone?

    Hello, Nick, my love~~~♥ lol bouncing on those ball things.

    • He’s hot when he’s half naked and sitting down and by himself? Possibly?

      Lool okay, I had no idea what Junsu was doing XDD.

      • Doesn’t change his height for me. XD

        I just realized. It’s perfectly simple and I don’t know why we didn’t think of it sooner! Junsu….. was trying to look manly and cool. /o/

        • ….:o そですね?

          • そうでもないよ.

  3. I’ve been waiting for this :). I loveeeeeeee 2PM’s dancing/acrobatic stunts!! And they all look SO hot hehe.

    • Haha yeah but it was sort of an anti-climax for me because I watched about 4/5 videos before I finally found one with the audio in sync lmao XDD.

      But it was a good perf :D!

  4. after watching the live performance i seriously want to go give a hug to every single one of the korean fans. their cheers were awesome! i loved the end when they said every members name♥
    thanks for posting this (:

    • Haha cheering at the end of a performance is better than during it, I think ^^;;.

      And no problem :)!

  5. I’m always reminded of SuJu’s Miracle video/dance. they had a similar part when all of them line up and sync the hand movements. sure SuJu had like, three moves on that style, but then again, they had 12 people (i think kyuhyun didn’t join yet at that point?

    • Ooh yes, I think I know which part you mean. And yeah, Kyu wasn’t there then ^^~

  6. Junho has guts, I don’t think I’d ever be able to do the assisted front flip like that! and Wooyoung peepeed his pants orange, I know I’m immature.


  7. lol omgg i’ve waited so long for them to come back already. actually; today i never thought about it :DDDDDD okay well they’re all awesome. khun and changsung looked constipated doing their first exercise. Khun looked hot in the second one where he was lifting the dumb bells (?) omgg doesn’t jay have like the hottest body :) gosh now IM jealous. LOLLLL jay makes the perfect 7th girl in Afterschool :OOOO i loved it when the sparkles came and he was like the most coordinated one :D

    i didnt like this performance THAT MUCH. it made me disappointed. i liked the into though. i thought it was gonna flow really smooth. I think the mics sucked. gosh their music video must’ve been edited alot. plus they cut out like half the song. jay was like supposed to sing after junsu’s first lines (?) but instead khun sang. and yeahh and the fan chants at the beginning sorta annoyed me. i liked how everyone knew like all the lyrics :D it was cool how they called everyone’s name :) really sweet of them. i wonder how they chanted everyone’s name in sync :DDDD
    i hope they perform another performance soon.

    • Yeah I think they’re called dumb bells. I actually wasn’t so sure myself which is why I just worded it as him working out HAHAHA.

      Aw, really? I thought the performance was pretty good. The lights were distracting and I did wish I could’ve seen each member more clearly :/.

  8. what does UH GEHN DAE BAK mean? ^^

    • haha they’re saying “Again” as the song name and “Dae Bak” kind of translates to “big hit”, or something along those lines ^^ I guess it’s kind of hoping that Again&Again will be a success on the charts?


  9. I can’t get over Junho’s flip! Flips are cool already, but no hands and propelled by Chansung’s feet?!!!? I had to watch it like five times. Easily entertained much? lol

    • I know eh! It was mad in the teaser but even cooler done live :D!

  10. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
    THEY LOOK SO HOT. and um I just looked without actually watching the ranking video because I have homework to do after procrastinating… by watching 最美麗的第七天 TT-TT but ANYWAYS. I’ll get around to it.

    the performance… LOVED the intro, but the vocals were a tad… eh-ish (????) to me >< It wasn’t that great, plus they cut out a huge chunk of the song. And the mics sucked. Hopefully their next comeback stage is better (:

    I need to put more effort into learning their faces, now that Chansung’s hair’s been chopped off ): that was the only way I told him apart from everyone else.

    • IT’S YOU. HERE. OMG! Lool.

      I actually thought their vocals have improved? Maybe cause it’s been a while since I’ve watched their live performances and I’m always just remembering Taec singing on Idol Army and lool he is so full of fail.

      Yes, learn their faces ;D.

      • Got bored with FB for a little so decided to stop by ;) Get used to it.

        idk, maybe I’ve been listening to the recording too much? I listen to it at LEAST three times every day, so I guess even a little bit of imperfection sounds weird to me XD I don’t honestly want to listen to anything other than it.

        Well I already know NichKhun and Jay D: and Taec. But Junsu is a mystery.. Chansung is going to take some time, since I mainly found him by his hair… and Junho and Wooyoung… don’t even ask ><

        • Maybe I didn’t have the volume up high enough cause I didn’t really notice the mic problems? *fail* XD.

  11. 2PM comeback on music bank~

    Taec got a bad mic!!! oTL

    • Lol thank you for that! Bec did the post for it :).

  12. Sexy performance =P
    Ahahah the work out part was sooo random… It was obviously Fan Service XD especially Jay’s half naked situps.

    The part where Junho? gets flipped was cool.
    The fans went crazy at the rubbing part XD

    “And I finally get why the pause at the end of the song is soooo friggen long. It’s for the fans to call out each member’s name :PPP”

    Is that what the fans where yelling? I was sooo confused and didn’t understand anything they were saying except: all day long…

    • Koreans know how to do their fanservice :P.

      Haha yes that’s what they were yelling out XDD

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