Posted by: lovediaries | April 23, 2009

090423 Super Junior on Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate

All the members (except for Kibum) are on :DDDDDDDD! How exciting!!

K.R.Y : “축배” – Edited with HD version :D! OH, THEY ARE SO AWKWARDLY CUTE *O*! Ryeowook puts his arm on Kyu’s shoulder when he’s singing and so Yesung does the same and Kyu starts doing a little dance. Gosh, they’re so adorable, even dressed in their suits~ Also, I think I died from 1.56 onwards x__x. (And LOOOL I saw the computer screens with the lyrics on them hahahaha!) They’re so random with the “Sorry Sorry” dancing too lmao. Omg, I love these boys ♥♥.

The other members come out after their performance and LMAO, they walk as if they’re Kim Jung Eun’s bodyguards haha. And ROFL Kangin pushes Teuk away and then grabs Hyuk by the neck AHAHAHHAHA. Poor thing XD.

K.R.Y : “인터뷰” – Son Dambi comes out here and lool at the boys trying to do her dance. Hyuk was the best at it, as expected ;). But even Kyu tried to do it rofl so he gets bonus points haha~ And Shindong being seductive ROFLMAO! I bet Heechul’s looking the way he is cause he’s thinking “I could’ve done her dance too” lol.

(I’m not sure why the title of the video is titled as that, but they basically just talk here.)

Kangin, Shindong & Kyuhyun : “그녀에게전해주오” – Seriously, what’s up with the dances? XDDD. Oooooooooh Shindong actually sings in this! :D! And he is not half bad. But of course, when Kyuhyun starts singing, I forget about everything else haha. He is so handsome in this too; especially the part where he turns to the side and throws his arm out *___*. LMAO AT THE ENDING XDDD.


Sungmin & Hyuk were so in sync too. All, the Lee boys, how I heart them ♥♥. Hyuk sings in this and AHAHAHHAA omg he’s SO CUTE LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!

The song was odd haha but I loved this performance~

Hankyung, Yesung, Siwon & Jessica : “There is no Secret” – O__________O. Yesung is absolutely adorable in this. But um, the choreography was generally very messy haha

Teuk, Heechul, Hae, Wook & Hyuk : “찬란한사랑” – ROFLMAO, WTH IS HEECHUL DOING? XDDDDD. Ah, but the crowd loves him ^^.


  1. Yay for strange pairings and rappers singing! KangShinHyun’s perf was my favorite. Sometimes I forget how much I love Shindong.^^
    I also get unneccesarily excited when Hyuk sings. idk

    • ^So I went searching. Oh Hyukkie. Why so perfect(ly dork)? <33333

      • LOOL that was so cute, thank you! Hyuk should sing more for reals. Lmao at them dorking around~

  2. hehee, spose the viewer ratings jumped like craazy for this (:

    oh, 인터뷰 is interview (in lolful hangul form) so yeeh.

    kyaa, hyuk singing!~

    • Omg you’re right! It’s a loanword (In-teo-byu) haha. I’m taking Korean and I didn’t even bother reading. I suck so bad T_____T.

  3. lol i wish they did like their album songs. i was waiting for KRY to sing Let’s Not but oh well ^^ ~
    hmm my faveee would be idkk. im donghae biased so lets just say i liked his the best. really nice dancing but didn’t really like the song. :DDD
    haha heechul is so weirdd idk what he was saying it was like he was giving a lecture to ppl :ppp
    eunhyuk sings really well, they should let him sing more often and shindong too (:

    • LMAO like heechul was lecturing people XDD. That’s hilarious. You should watch the clip laflor linked. Hyuk sings and raps a G.O.D song :D!

      • lol yuup i watched that one. lol couldn’t get over the fact that they always play around :)

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