Posted by: beckery | April 24, 2009

090424 Music Bank

2PM – Waiting Room + Again and Again Comeback HD quality makes me happy! Not as much as 2PM does, of course hahaha. No idea what they’re doing in the waiting room, but they look like those crazy, evil, pop up clowns that jump out at you and proceed to roll their heads around HAHAHA. Especially Junsu, he even spins his whole body around XDDDDDDDD

The boys are in their purple gym and raincoat outfits this time and they have that light thing at the back so it replicates their MV. I still think the break dance intermission or whatever you call it is sorta weird, whether it be at the start or end of the performance, but since the moves are hardcore awesome, I will forgive them lol. Actually, even if they did the break dance in the middle of nowhere during the song, I will still forgive them <3333 Junho’s flip makes me hold my breath every time, cuz man, if he lands wrong then :/

They sweat so much O____O All of them look pretty much drenched haha. But oooohhh they sound heaps better than yesterday, which I blame on their mics! Wooyoung sounds less out of breath too. I am proud :D Taec’s mic is still pretty screwed though haha. Junsu is so attractive here *_* I love Jay’s spastic head moves rofl (like the one at 2.29), they’re just cool full stop. Junho does really well in lives. Khun’s body rubbing STILL makes me laugh HAHAHAA XD And magnae!!!!!

Super Junior – Sorry Sorry Why hello boys, how I have missed you……not! Lol. I’ve been watching heaps of Suju shows lately such as Intimate Note and Come to Play and IT’S SO FLIPPIN’ ENTERTAINING! THESE GUYS NEED TO GO ON MORE SHOWS TOGETHER <3333 Great performance as always. I’m pretty sure they can sing and perform this song half asleep with their eyes closed by now XD Which when you think about it, will be very entertaining to watch. Lol I read on the soompi thread about how Eunhyuk, Shindong and Donghae actually play rock paper scissors when they’re in a straigh line during Yesung’s part. ROFLMAO. That’s so funny and cute and dorky :D

Super Junior – Waiting Room, Winning + Encore Lol they’re with Davichi in the waiting room, doing..I have no idea either XDD And yup, as I thought, they won!! <333 D’awww group huggie. Can I join? haha. ROFLMAO AT CHANSUNG!!! He totally out of nowhere busted out a Sorry Sorry move. Magnae is still magnae after all *squishes his non existent chubby cheeks*

A’ST1 – Dynamite These boys don’t know me and I don’t know them. Well I do, just not enough to know any of their names haha. But I do like Dynamite and some of the other songs on their mini album. Um, their lives can improve….but they’re still very young so I’m sure theres heaps of room of improvement. I’ve never liked DSP’s choreos even with SS501 :/ But like I said, I like the song. It’s sorta old school, sorta groovy, sorta catchy XD


  1. Junho be careful!! wow they sounded loads better, I’m so happy, but someone seriously need to get Taec a new mic! Junsu looked hot in this, he had so much attitude! and everytime I see Chansung I look out for his calves, after Idol Show that’s were my eyed lead me now. I want to see Chansung drop kick something and see how far it flies. lol Chansung combined the sorry sorry dance with a bow for his hyungs yay SuperPm!

    • Chansung fancam dancing to sorry sorry. Donghae pulled him to the
      stage aww :) he looks like a big cute baby so happy dancing!

      • Yea I saw the fancam. Thanks anyways. Chansung is so cute *squishes him* So are the rest of the boys of course haha.

  2. 2PM- omgg i think they were really nervous. Chansung fell a little bit on his flip but at least he didn’t fall all the way to the floor. I liked this performanced a lot better :) I think it’s good that they hold their mics, it makes it a lot easier. They were sweating like crazy! The nerves just get to them :DDD Junsu messed up at the end where they danced that little bit and he forgot but his smile was very cute :]
    Sorry Sorry- I liked this performance lol. I knew something was gonna be silly when they perform :)
    Aww I would wanna be RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of the hugg :DDDD lol Chansung is so cute (: everyone was like HUHHH?
    I don’t really dig the last group. It has a really confusing name, after that group 2ne1 (?) came along. I don’t like the song that much either. I haven’t really heard of them either. lol so really I don’t know anything :DDD

    • Oh I didnt even notice the the fall. Which means it musn’t have been a big thing haha. The 2pm boys always sweat bucketloads haha, must be all that intense bboy moves and acrobats they perform.

      Oh AST1? AST1 actually came out before 2ne1 lol. They debuted last year i think? I really didn’t notice them cuz their songs weren’t that great. This single is a bit better. XDD

  3. 2PM performance was amazing!!
    Btw, one of the members looks like Wheesung… I just realized this now… I don’t know the name *ashamed* but he has orange hair and a ring that covers like 3 fingers… He was singing: “again and again” around 1:40.. Yeah =)

    • HAHA. Just from my memory, I think you’re saying Junsu? Sorry, I’m too lazy to go back and watch it again hahahahha *hands you a cookie instead*

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