Posted by: lovediaries | April 24, 2009

Listen to … Evan – Struggle of the Mind & Heart

Evan’s Mini-album “Sense & Sensibility” was released on April 15th, and I’ve been listening to this song ever since. The song is a lovely ballad but my love for this song is greatly due to the beautiful piano melody at the start. I might even love the Instrumental version more haha. But yeah, just wanted to share.

{credit: jaeuraznMV @ youtube}

The MV was really lovely too. I hate when it rains and I have no umbrella, but in general, I like rain :). Water falling from the sky is so beautiful, yes? haha Unless it’s acidic. I especially love the scenes of him playing piano in the rain ^__^.

And Evan is very good looking :D.



  1. oh wow the beginning has a nice haunting feel to it! Is this guy full Korean? he’s very attractive but I don’t like the facial hair.

    • Oh really? I thought the facial hair was hot.

      But yeah ooh it was sort of haunting!

  2. Current song I’m listening to- PS Jun ft Brian of Fly to the Sky “Evil Time”~ just felt like saying it to the world :)

    lol. the reason i hate kpop is that there are so many artists to discover everyday, and you always feel like you’ve known all of them already! I think the piano at the beginning was BEAUTIFUL. He looks really familiar (I always say that) but to me the first thing I thought about was how he looked so japanese to me. He doesn’t sound fluent in korean to me. But he is very very very good looking (: The mv was pretty, but it seems so sad too.

    • Yeah the intro is absolutely beautiful :D. Japanese? Mmmm, sort of? Haha but yeah the MV was gorgeous ♥.

  3. BOF special episode :DDD

    if you know the song, can you PLEASE tell me? it’s so addicting. Can’t wait :)

    • Omg I CAN’T WAIT IT LOOKS SO GOOD!!!!!!! But sorry, no idea what the song is :(.

  4. oooohh!! loving this song!! its been such a long time since i heard an Evan song >.<
    i don’t like that he grew a mustache though~
    guuuh but his voice is so beautiful!

    • I actually don’t mind the facial hair. It’s sexy ^^

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