Posted by: beckery | April 25, 2009

Laugh of the day – Suju Crossdressing Cuts


This is part of Eunhyuk and Heechul’s Inimate Note episode with Eunhyuk, Heechul, Kangin and Sungmin in the beauty contest. It looks CRAZY so far, can’t wait for the whole ep to be subbed :DDD

Introduction KJFLKSJFKLSJLFDJFKJSLKFJS OMFG HYUK IS SO PRETTY, IT SCARES ME! Minus the hairy, manly legs haha. I was literally lol-ing at his crazy gibberish Chinese talk at Sungmin, when Sungmin was trying to bully him XDDD Sungmin is some wanna be school girl. But OMG HEECHUL (who looks freakin pretty btw O_O) in a red qipao, calling himself Heesica, dancing Gee and yelling random “BABO” IS ENOUGH TO MAKE ME BUST A LUNG FROM LAUGHING HAHAHAHAAHHA LMAO. Oh and as Pinkandsparkly says, Kangin looks like “King kong barbie”. XP Oh boys ♥♥♥♥

Dancing Gee and Sorry Sorry Hankyung looks and sounds like he’s dying and I’m definitely with him. HAHAHAH THIS IS THE CRACK!!!Heechul is having a total blast at the Gee dance. The others sorta flail about XDD Did I mention Hyuk’s dress is short and has a very high split? And he just about flashes a million times during the Sorry Sorry dance. O___O Heechul and Hyuk then looks like they’re having a seizure with their dance moves, whilst Kangin is trying to dance whilst holding his skirt together. ROFL. Eunhyuk’s expression when he realised he still had fake boobs on was hilarious. Could not stop laughing. WATCH OK!?!


  1. Too…funny…can’t…type….Hyuk…..pretty? Oh gracious. XDDDD

    • HAHA HE IS!! He’s goooorgeeouusss <333 *biased*

  2. I died from laughing, lol!!! Min is so pretty dressing as a school girl! (Min biased again XD)

    • Hahaha its ok, I’m totally hyuk biased Hi5

  3. Holy crap. That was the funniest thing ever! It’s things like this that remind why I’m a Super Junior fan. All four of them were perfect in their own ways and totally fit their characters. I knew Heechul was gorgeous but put a dress and wig on him and DAMN! And his cracktastic dancing! And the babo! OMG. Heechul why are you so awesome?

    • I totally agree. They never fail to crack me up and make my day so much brighter. Seriously a bunch of idiotic clowns <3333

  4. Heechul is surprisingly PWETTY!! And he’s awesome as well. I LOLed so much when Eunhyuk looks down at his boob XD…oh..and my grandmother was watching it as well. HAHAHAHA!! I didn’t realise she was behind me the whole time!

    • I knew Heechul would be pretty but damn, that boy seriously is pure awesomeness. He makes me ashamed of being a girl haha. Hyuk touching his boobs were priceless. Such innocence XDD ROFL DID YOUR GRANDMA LIKE IT?!?! XDDDDDDDD

  5. SUJU brings on tons of laughter! XDDD

    • Agreed. They’re such an awesome bunch!

  6. omggg my cheeks hurt now :) haha gosh everyone passed the test of being a girl except Kangin :) hahah sorry but he’s better in man clothes :DDDD omggggg Eunhyuk looked cute, i didn’t know he was trying to speak “chinese” till i replayed it. haha sungmin has a pretty face :) omggg heechul, i could not recognize you at all. you make me jealous :O he looks like my friend, okay so now im disturbed :D and Kangin…you’re still loved by me :ppp

    haha omgggg the dresses were a little too short. hahah heechul stole the limelight like a million times. haha hyuk is just too cute trying to dance :D lol at him realizing he had boobs on. he was like oh right…better not touch it. lol and heechul flashing :]

    • Hahaha. I nearly died laughing at Hyuk speaking gibberish chinese. That idiot! Kangin disturbed me. ALOT. haha. I think he should stick to man clothes too. Sungmin was cute, and Heechul was pure awesome.

  7. PFFFFT. Eunhyukkie, stick with Korean. Your Chinese is questionable XDD.

    Aside from that, DAMN is he pretty as a girl. As with Heechul, but Chul is a give in when it comes to being feminine looking. Sungmin as the skanky version of Jandi was great and Kangin…I’m not gonna say anything.

    Heechul…start performing the choreo for Sorry Sorry now. Please. To see you spazz out like that in a live performance would be great. You don’t mind being different, right? XD

    Eunhyuk’s reactions to boobs=priceless.

    • Hahahaha. His chinese is not understandable XP

      Rofl, imagine Heechul on a music performance, standing in a corner to flailing about hahahahahaahhaha. I BET HE WOULD THOUGH! That boy is such a weirdo, for reals. An awesome weirdo though XDDD

  8. I loved this part of the episode and I happened to be at a friend’s house and I was playing the vid and first thing he says is “she’s cute” (referring to Hee). Though he knows my obsession with SJ and then he realizes that its a guy and just goes “oh that’s so wrong that I think he makes a pretty cute girl”.

    He also thought Hyuk was too pretty as well…haha!! I’m just awaiting the day where he’ll stop talking to me completely.

    • HAHAHAHAHAHAH YOUR FRIEND IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROFL FOREVERS. Omg poor boy, he must be totally scarred for life now. hahahhaa. Thats so cute. Aww he sounds awesome, I’m sure he wont stop talking to you, he’ll just not be your friend anymore haha XPPP

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