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090424 Super Junior on Intimate Note

I’ve already seen some cuts from this and lmao, SJ playing charades is so freaking hilarious. I loved Wook’s expressions & guesses so much. Teuk was jumping around like a kangaroo and Wook goes “PREGNANT WOMAN?”. Kyuhyun’s expression after hearing that guess was priceless XDDD.

Anyway, mellogreenleaf is subbing this ep again. jaynerox1991 is also subbing this if you want to watch her videos. I just follow mellogreenleaf’s vids cause she uploads them slower and it makes it easier for me to control myself rofl.

K, life story out of the way; moving on to the show :D!

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

The best part about Heechul & Eunhyuk being the other pair on this is that Heechul had absolutely no idea and thought he was so clever, having been in on getting Kangin & Sungmin on the show XDD. Teuk was hilarious with his “You too, you too” when Heechul was delivering a video message for Kangin LMAO. Best leader ever, yes? XD.

But I wouldn’t expect Chul & Hyuk to be “even more” awkward than Kangin and Sungmin. I always thought they were pretty close considering the amount of pranks Heechul plays on Hyuk. Or maybe that’s what causes the awkwardness. The fact that Heechul is so cruel to Hyuk and Hyuk falls for it every time? It’s pretty funny how the two members of SJ (Heechul & Kangin) who have the most to say are actually awkward with another member.

They go back to April 5th when they were filming the secret camera for Kangin & Sungmin and Heechul asks Eunhyuk (when the two of them + Teuk were “recording their interview”) who he’s closest to … and Hyuk says Donghae !!!!!!!!!! LJDKSAKLFJASLJFLSKA@$*#!%$@%r(edjehjh#*$)!#(!. Highlight of this ep for sure XD.

Anyway, Teuk tricks the two into filming their own secret camera (seriously, he’s the best leader any band member can ever ask for). So it’s Heechul & Hyuk sitting outside in the waiting room (as in, outside of the interview room) and Hyuk gets up on the chair and starts dancing. But afterwards, it goes awkward again. Heechul even leaves the room and Hyuk asks “Is Donghae here?” OMG BRAIN EXPLOSION *O* AKJFLSKF!#o*$$r*#*. “Eunhyuk also left to find Donghae” :DDDDDDD.

Back to the members sitting with Gura and Heejun, they explain why it’s awkward between Heechul & Hyuk. Meanwhile, Hyuk and Heechul are setting up a tent. They’re failing, obviously XD. They each do their own little gag (I actually thought Heechul’s was funny XDDD) and lol it is pretty awkward. Two seconds later, the tent is up and they’re sitting in it ROFLLL. They’re asked to write another Intimate Note for Kangin & Sungmin and at first, they’re both :DD and excited; but as soon as the task is done, it is ~*awkward silence*~ again. The two finally discover the truth when the other members & the MCs call out to them from the rooftop lmao. Oh, they look pitiful indeed XD.

I loved when they started attacking Heechul with the reasons as to why him and Hyuk are awkward. It’s so funny cause Hyuk really hasn’t done anything wrong (from the stories they’ve told) so no wonder Heechul is all “YOU TOLD THEM EVERYTHING!?”. I love the way Hankyung is laughing at him AHAHAHA. But omg that wasn’t even the best part. Ryeowook calls out to Eunhyuk but Kangin makes him change it to “Eunhyuk you jerk.” XD Ryeowook contines with “You don’t spend money on your dongsaengs like a cheapskate” LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. Omg, why is he still cute when he’s being “rude”? XD. Eunhyuk explains he hasn’t had the chance to spend money on Ryeowook cause he’s been in China (oh really? Like for the past 5 yrs? What a lame excuse T_T) and Wook responds with “You’re too noisy” LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! And of course Wook ends it with “Hyung, I love you”. I WANNA SQUISH HIS CHEEKS SO BAD :3.

Sungmin calls out to Heechul next with no formalities whatsoever. But he then adds a “hyung” (cause he’s scared of Heechul? XD). Sungmin brings up the kiss from their performance (omg, where is Siwon when you need him? He could’ve made things a hell lot more awkward :DDD!) and asks why does Heechul hate him even after he agreed to do it. Hyuk calls out “He must not have enjoyed that kiss” ROFLMAOOOO. Kiss me, Sungmin, and I’ll tell you whether you’re good or not ;). But then Sungmin shouts back “He told me I was the best” LMAOOO. And Heechul goes “Yah, it sounds weird that way!” AHAHAH I can’t stop laughing omg *cries*.

When it’s Kangin’s turn, both Heechul & Hyuk asks to PASS LMAO. “You’re hanging onto Hongki, aren’t you?” “Hongki treats me well though” !!! Teuk then throws in “Hongki says you’re weird” (KANGTEUK <33333333 cause he was on Kangin’s side ^^).


But due to my excessive blabbing, I won’t be recapping anymore than just Part 1 ^^;;.


  1. LOL.

    i’ve watched this for more than 4times already and it never gets old to me! it’s just full of crack! XDDDD

    i loved the part when hyuk goes to find hae. ♥♥♥


  2. You absolutely NEED to see Hankyung’s comments. His Korean–and I kid you not–becomes completely fluent and perfect JUST for this section. XDDD

    • HANKYUNG WAS SO FREAKING FUNNY OMG XDD. Heechul probably regrets teaching him all those offensive things :P

  3. ahahaha. I love how Eunhyuk was like “What? <.<” and backed away after Sungmin says Heechul told him he was the best xD

    • Hyuk is so cute :3

  4. I can hardly imagine any of the members being so awkward with each other! They seem all so close to each other. AWW i love this show alots :) gets everyone so close again. I watched Big Bang’s one too and it was awesome :DDD Suju makes it just even better. I love Wook’s EUNHYUK YOU BASTARD! it was all so cute♥ I watched the whole thing (not sure if i wanna spoil it) but it was a very great show <33 lol I wish Yesung was here and Donghae too♥♥♥♥ they would’ve probably made me pee in my pants and cry till i run out of tears :D

    • the only members i think were really close to everyone would be leeteuk or siwon. I don’t know but I think Leeteuk does a really good job being everyone’s hyung ♥ Siwon..well he’s just himself and I don’t think anyone would be awkward with him. And MAYBE even Wook, he’s just too cute ♥

      • Lol Donghae & Siwon are the touchy-feeliest so it’s easy for them to get close with other members. Hyuk has always been an awkward type of person but I just thought with Heechul playing pranks on him all the time, they wouldn’t really be that awkward XD.

        As for Sungmin & Kangin, it’s not that they’re awkward – they’re just completely different haha.

  5. does any1 know where can i watch full ep of intimate note suju???? i really really badly badly want to watch it.. help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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