Posted by: lovediaries | April 27, 2009

090425 Super Junior on Guerilla Date

{credit: sjsubs09 @ youtube}

This was a really nice (though short) interview; I really enjoyed it!

They start off filming in the rain and Hyuk makes some lame joke about filming for the first time with Korean Star Rain XD. They talk a bit about their popularity overseas and lmao when they call Siwon the Thai Prince. At first, I thought “What’s Nichkhun doing in this interview O.o?” rofl; even Siwon was surprised at that new title! Then Shindong names which member is most popular in which country and LMAO at Yesung being the most popular in China (along with Hankyung) XDDDD. But his “Ni hao” was very cute ^^. Kangin also leaves a message for Yoonji who’s in the recording studio. She’s so beautiful *O*.

When they’re indoors, they talk a bit about what they’d like to be doing in 20 yrs time. I thought Siwon would say something like take over his parents supermarket business rofl. Then a few of them leave video messages and awwwwwwwwww @ Hyuk talking about his noona. They ask him to say “I love you” but he’s all shy and Yesung goes “Want me to say it?” LMAOOOOOO. Dorkface.


  1. My to-watch list is piling up like crazy ;-;

    • Sorry bb, thats why I’m trying to be considerate and talk about almost absolutely everything :D?

  2. lol haha Eunhyuk with play on words “Rain”. I love how this interview was a little playful, but they got to talk deep into their feelings. A lot of variety shows are more fun, and a lot of interviews are more into their album. I liked how this interview lets us know that they really do worry about stuff that everyone worries about, even though they get to perform and be on Tv. Yoonji is so pretty though :) when Kangin said to meet up for a meal, I was thinking in my head, “Is he going to ask her to pay too?” but luckily he didn’t say that :) lol at how everyone can say hello in like five languages :DDDDD

    • Yeah it was short, but it cut to the point of what fans really want to know instead of them asking the same Qs over and over again ^^

  3. lmao and and i just forgot. i’m so jealous of the fans. I wanna be under an umbrella with super junior on a rainy day~

    • I KNOW! I’m uber jealous too ;~;

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