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LAEC ♥s Music 001

So recently I’ve been bugging everyone for new music, because even though the asian music industry releases 23204872938 songs per month, it’s just so hard to pick a good song out from the 234723998687 releases because you don’t know what you’re looking for DD:

But you know how sometimes when you randomly see a performance, or you hear someone talk about a song that you’ve never paid that much attention to, you go back to your music collection, find that song, and it becomes that much more attractive because of the performance/conversation? So that’s why I created this section. Each week we’ll name the top three songs that have had the most repeated plays on our iPods during the week, not necessarily from the artists we post about, and we’ll list them here (most likely without explanation, cos we’re lazy like that XD) and we invite YOU to tell us your three in the comments below :D Doesn’t matter if they’re not recent releases, just tell us the three songs you’ve been listening to the most during that week. This way, maybe we’ll all be able to discover some new great songs that we’ve never paid that much attention to before.

But remember, this will only work if people want to do this with us. Otherwise we’ll just be all alone… the corner…..with no Edward Cullen DDDDD: Haha. And don’t think your music isn’t cool enough to share with everyone. I’m pretty sure no one can be lamer than Candychu and her “Alan play da sexy flute” song T________________T

Y’all ready for this?

You all should know our colours by now. But just in case you’ve decided to be cool like Goo Junpyo and get temporary amnesia: Candychu | Beckery | Pinkandsparkly

LAEC ♥s Music 001

Charlene Choi – Crossover
2PM – I Hate You
Super Junior – Let’s Not

Charlene Choi – Two Missing One 二缺一
Sam Hook – 1st Grammy
All Time Low – Remembering Sunday

Sailormoon – Alan Play Da Sexy Flute
Jessica Mauboy – Been Waiting
DBSK – Bolero

For those curious about “da sexy flute”, I couldn’t find a link with the exact name (no idea where Candychu gets these things) but here’s a preview of Alan playing his flute.



    Okay, mine
    Taylor Swift – Love Story
    Kings of Leon – Revelry
    Rain – I Do :)


      Lol, I was scared no one would reply and I’d be all alone in the cold ;___;

      Haven’t heard Rain’s song or the Kings of Leon one, so I’ll go youtube those now. I like Taylor Swift too~!

      • Sorry PAS, it’s “ALAN PLAYS DA SEXY FLUTE” she loves and not you :PPP

        • Shush, you. Go listen to Alan and his Sexy Flute

        • “no idea where Candychu gets these things”

          • IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT D:<

      • When you say cold I think of Edward Cullen D:

        The I Do MV is pret-ty lame, candychu would know why I am listening to Love Story a lot.

        • HAHAHAHHAHHA. I do indeed ;). I bet what PAS said up there about “an incident making you appreciate a song a lot more” is what happened in your case :PP.

        • Ok, I’ll have the song playing the the background while I look at 2PM shirtless pictures. How’s that? :P

          Edward Cullen is <333 But Twilight is </3 DDD:

          • :DDD yes, that un-lames everything.

            I prefer CARLIZZLE >:D

            • LMAO, he looked like a mime in the movie. THE FOUNDATION. SO THICK.

              • MIME! LOL FOREVER!

                I laughed so hard in the movie at everyone “EDWARD REMEMBER WHO U R” I don’t know what’s worse, the movie or the book it drew the plot from.

                • Me too. I think I laughed at all the bits that weren’t supposed to be funny. Oops =.=. Omg, the other day I was talking to my friend on the phone, and she went “hey, have you seen Twilight” and I was ABOUT to say “yes omg it sucks so bad” but before I could say that she went “OMG, HOW CUTE IS IT!!!!! I WAS LIKE, HYPERVENTILATING EVERYTIME HE LOOKED AT HER. IT’S THE SWEETEST FILM EVER”.

                  Me: “…..yes……sweet……. T____T”

                  Personally, I think everytime he looked at her he looked angry. Or hungry. Or just cranky in general.

                  • I LOVE IT WHEN SHE WALKS IN WITH TEH FAN ON, and he is like covering his nose, BEST SCENE.

                    But every time Bella looks at Edward she has the most stoned face ever I swear.

                    I could go on and on dissing the movie!

                    • She looked stoned throughout the entire film :/

                      Hahahahah I love how he looked like he was ready to puke, cos that’s how I felt at that point XDDD.

  2. Oh and Jessica Mauboy, I actually like her songs

    • You know Jessica Mauboy :O!!!

      • AUSTRALIA FTW, even though it is a hole that receives no love from Asia

        • Lmao, I had no idea you were a fellow Aussie XDDDD FAIL.

          But yes, a hole indeed DDD: Though we did get Rain and Minho in the last month…and Jay Chou’s coming in July….heyyyyy things are looking up :D

          • Too bad I don’t live in Brisbane and was too busy doing homework to stalk Minho.

            • LIIIES. Selina rejected me too. She said she’d pray for me but it didn’t work :(.

              • I wasn’t even online, I only came on after you died

                • AHAHAHAH OH YEAH! I remember. But that’s cause, like I said, I didn’t believe you’d be away for reals.

  3. I… dislike Edward Cullen. And Twilight in general. .___.

    ANYWAY. According to my last.FM, this week’s top 3 are:
    Vivian and Kazuma – Moment
    Tablo, MYK, Kero One – Map The Soul [Worldwide Version]

    • I haven’t heard of any of those songs apart from Map The Soul O_____O
      Will go Youtube.

      I hate Twilight. Seriously, I don’t get what all the fuss is about. SHE CAN’T WRITE, AND BELLA IS SO FREAKING ANNOYING. But Edward Cullen….mmmm….. <333 With that said, I couldn’t even finish the first book XD. I think I still have two chapters left, actually. But Candychu read a quarter and gave up XD.

      • Worldwide version is Eeeeengleeeesh~ :D

        I can say many things about Edward Cullen but none are positive lol. I finished Twilight, Skimmed through New Moon, and gave up. I can’t believe I got that far. XD

        • I can’t believe you got that far either O________O I skipped the last few chapters of Twilight, and went on to New Moon to see if it got better. It didn’t. I read two chapters and felt nauseous.

          • I AM LEGEND. No, actually, I read New Moon because there was barely any Edward and I used to kinda like Alice until she became just as annoying as Edward. Twilight’s first paragraphs alone made me want to tear my eyes out but I guess there was a part of me that was curious of how things will end (like, maybe, rocks fall and everybody dies) but I was too hopeful so I was crushed in the end….

            Breaking Dawn? I only read the c-section by teeth part to see if it’s true. It was. My brain broke.

            • C-section by teeth?!?!?!?!?!?! OMG, WHAT DDD: I AM SO DISTURBED DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD:

              Bec and I only read the “dodgy” bit in Breaking Dawn to see how bad it would be. It bored us.

              Argh, don’t remind me. “I am legend” is another movie I never want to see again ><

              • Yes. C-section by teeth. Like, Edward ripping through Bella’s skin like a lion preying on a zebra. And thus was the birth of monster child Renesmee.

                Never saw that movie. XD

                • You didn’t miss anything. The ending was absolutely terrible. One of those really sudden ones that just *ended* without explaining much =.=

                  Ahahahahahaha, Renesmee. Everytime I see that name I think of the Lochness monster O_O

  4. ^Umm…so I guess I won’t be starting Twilight this summer. C-section by teeth…what?

    1. Super Junior- Monster
    2. Alan- Red Cliff
    3. Rufus Wainright- Release the Stars

    • It’s one of those books that you either love or you hate. So maybe try it and see if it’s your type of book? My friend absolutely loved it, and she’s an English major, too O____O

      I’ve never heard of the Rufus Wainright song, so will go check that out now :D.

      Do you listen to the Chinese or Japanese version of Red Clif?? I’ve heard both of them, and they’re both pretty good, but I don’t have the Chinese one ;~;

      • I have the Chinese one. Didn’t know there was a Jap version. o.0 It’s a great studying song.

        • The Japanese one is pretty good; you should check it out :D But, personally, I think she sounds more passionate in the Chinese one. Maybe it’s cos of the language barrier? Whatever, she’s awesome XD.

  5. :D MY TURN OMG!

    1. Relient K – The Lining Is Silver
    2. 휘성 – 불면증 (Insomnia)
    3. M4sa Mixes – Flavor Of Life Has Departed (Utada Hikaru vs. Brandy)

    LOL at Robert Pattinson. I still giggle at the biology scene.

    • OMG YOU KNOW RELIENT K :OOOOOO!!! Hardly anyone I know knows them.

      Insomnia is ridiculously catchy. I had it on repeat last week XD.

      “Flavor of Life Has Departed” O________O? Ok I NEED to see what that’s about. I loved the original *___*

      I still giggle at all the scenes in Twilight :P

      • :D

        • It’s really well mixed!!! I was a bit sceptical at first (cos Flavor of Life is pure OSM) but the person did a good job :D

    • I must try out Flavor of Life Has Departed. I LOVE FLAVOR OF LIFE. AND I LOVE BRANDY’S RIGHT HERE (DEPARTED). THEM MIXED TOGETHER *____*

  6. Avoids the Twilight “Discuss/Argument”

    1. B.E.G – My Style
    2. 2PM – Again and Again
    3. Lady Gaga – Poker Face <= “Yes, I know =_=”

    The sexy flute performance wasn’t much sexy =_=.

    And Sam Hook’s song I thought it said 1st Granny not Grammy… =P

    • :O!!! Are YOU a Twilighter?!


      Poker Face!! My friend loves that song. Lol, we were driving down this small street with that song on loud blasting through her speakers XD Good times~

      Yes, well we all know Candychu’s mind works in more interesting ways :P She’s already played that song, like, a bazillion times, too =___=

  7. hm hm hmmmm. Let’s see. It’s an awesome post. I’ll make sure I’ll do it every week :)

    SHINee- “One for Me”
    2PM- “Again and Again”
    PS Jun ft. Brian FTTS- “Evil Time” (Always forget the name and artist of this song)


      She’s actually 25 and he’s 20…cute couple though :) Totally gonna go stalk him now :DDDD

      • Thanks ^_____^v

        I can’t listen to it now cos I’m at work ;~; But I’ll be sure to listen to it tonight and tell you what I think of it next week =D

    • HI5 BETTY HI5!! I LOVE EVIL TIME. Did you know PS Jun was suppose to be the 7th member of Shinhwa?!!

  8. LOL ALAN!? I actually remember learning how to play that on piano when I was younger, just because I liked it. Probably the only song I ever learned by ear. :x

    I guess I should post up my songs?

    1. MIROTIC (Aliks’ Club Remix)- DBSK
    2. Returns- M.C. the Max (It’s a song that I’ve been playing nonstop for a year now XP)
    3. For A Pessimist, I’m Pretty Optimistic- Paramore

    Come to think of it…all of those are kinda old. Oh well.

    • Omg, you like sailormoon too DDD: Lol, am I the only one who hasn’t seen it o___O

      Paramore! The only good thing about the Twilight movie, haha.

      • I LOVED Sailormoon as a kid. X3

        You should watch it. Its ridiculousness makes for good laughs. Of course…we didn’t see how stupid it could be when we were kids, but I digress.

        Paramore is LOVE. And Twilight…can just go burn in a corner. Or sparkle like diamonds in the son. Whatever floats its boat.

        • I watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles :P

          Lmao, *sparkle* XDDD. THAT PART WAS THE MOST RIDICULOUS THING OUT OF THE WHOLE BOOK. Seriously, what kind of vampire *sparkles* like bodyglitter DDD:

          • I never really got into the whole fighting ninja turtles…I thought they were weird as a kid. Talking fighting turtles. Although, I’m positive that Yesung would love them…

            Well. Stephanie Meyer is a…special…case. If she never writes another book again, I’ll be happy. XD

            Oh, and for another song I listen to a lot: 武裝的薔薇 by Y2J. I think they debuted in August of 2008, so they’re still fairly new. GREAT band though.

            • You know, apparently the pizza they ate on TMNT was from Dominos Hahahahahah XDDD.

              Yes, I’m sure Yesung is a TMNT fanboy. Maybe he and I should get together one day and watch TMNT together :P

              Have you read “The Host” I read the blurb and thought it was super weird XD

              Y2J??? Never heard of them…I really like the title of the song, though. Will go stalk them on Baidu, haha.

  9. 1. Alen Ke You Lun – Ling (Zero)
    Because it’s the theme song for “Mars” which I’m watching (and loving) right now.

    2. Lee Minho – Extreme
    I really shouldn’t like this song but it’s freaking Goo Junpyo SINGING! Well, as much as I can tell between the 50 layers of synthesizers. He’s probably a terrible singer but this song is my guilty pleasure.

    3. HappyFace – 보여
    AMAZING song! They’re a new group but since there are so few rock groups in Korea, I latched onto it immediately. Definitely work checking out!

    • “Mars”!!! I have the DVDs! But um…I’ve never seen it XDDD. Barbie Hsu puts me off :/ But omg, Vic Zhou, my first celebrity crush <3333333

      I need a new drama to watch. I’ve only got one ep left of BOF and then I’ll have nothing to do ;~;

      Hahahahahaha, “Extreme”, haahahahaha. Lol, sorry, it just reminded me of the CF and the ~awkwardness~ of his dancing XDDD. It was so cuuuuuuuuuuuuute. That man can do no wrong in my eyes :P Have you seen him karaokeing with that girl from Davichi? He’s actually not that bad…or maybe it’s just my bias talking…

      Oooo, I’ve never heard of the Happy Face song. Do you know where I can download it from?? I love English rock (not metal) but I’ve hardly tried any asian rock bands…

      • DUDE! Where did you get the DVDs? I want to get a copy for myself so badly because this drama has moved into my 5 favorites of all time! Seriously, do not put off watching it anymore. I didn’t like Barbie all that much in MG but she was very endearing in this. Plus Vic as the lead won my heart over a hundred times! I really like the drama because it’s very different from other shows I’ve watched. It deals with pretty serious stuff like mental diseases, suicide, rape, etc. but it’s done in such a realistic and approachable way that you don’t feel bogged down with it. And the romantic scenes are awesome! Barbie and Vic started dating after this was filmed so you can literally see their affection grow for each other over the course of the show. But the thing I loved the most was that the drama of the show came from the people and circumstances around them instead of their own idiocy. I hate it when couples break up every other episode *cough*BOF*cough*. They do have their ups and downs but for the most part, their love is the stabilizing point of the whole show. I still have three episodes to go but it’s already surpassed my love for BOF! If you ever need any drama recs, just ask! Because I’m ALWAYS watching something :D

        Yeah, that CF was crazy on so many levels. The only part I liked was when she lifted up his shirt. He doesn’t even have that built of a body but I still drooled. Just because it’s Lee Minho!

        Asian rock band get no love because pop music is so popular in Korea and China :( But here’s where I got it from: Yes, the genre is listed as pop but their music is very rock influenced.


          I think mum brought back the DVDs from China? But if you can read Chinese, I have this program that’s really good for downloading dramas. So then you can just download them and burn them onto a DVD or something. Orrrr, you could try Yesasia. But the DVDs there are ridiculously overpriced :(

          I like dramas like BOF, Goong, Prince turns into Frog, etc. Romantic comedies that don’t require much thinking, you know? Haha XD. I was watching Galileo, and DDDD: I couldn’t understand any of the science behind it. SO CONFUSING. So yea, I think I’ll just stick to my romantic comedies…except there’s like, none atm DD:

          My favourite part from the CF was when she took him home and dressed him up in different outfits XD. Though that was pretty ridiculous. I mean, who would take Lee Minho home for a night to play dress ups with him o___O

          Thanks for the link! I’ll go check them out now

          • I tried YesAsia (and a bunch of other sites) but they’re all out of stock. Then again, I would need it with English subtitles and I don’t think they ever released it with subs :(

            Yeah, Mars is so not a romantic comedy. Way romantic, yes. But definitely not a comedy.

            My big problem with Korean romantic comedies is that I often fall for the “other” guy (Yul, Jihoon, etc) more than the lead so the ending always makes me sad. But of course, that doesn’t stop me from watching more of them :P

            Some recs:

            18 vs. 29
            I watched it for Siwon but ended up loving the whole drama. I enjoyed how they split back and forth between the couple falling in love again after almost divorcing and showing scenes of how they fell in love in the first place in high school.

            Bad Family
            There is a romantic aspect to this story but I enjoyed the family as a whole more. It was very light and so funny but kept you engaged with the love and affection that grew between the members. Plus Heechul makes it so much better :D

            Snow White/Taste Sweet Love
            This was a really cute show. I watched it a while ago but I remember not being able to stop. It’s funny how the female lead transforms from an “ugly” duckling to a swan but never loses her unique personality.

            Himitsu no Hanazono
            I just finished watching this and it was hilarious! I love the brothers’ interactions with each other. And though I’m still sad about which one she ended up with, I enjoyed the show.

            Last Scandal
            I LOVED this. From beginning to end. I don’t know if you’ve seen “Full House” but this is like a WAY better version of that. There were a couple of plot twists that totally threw me and the ending was perfect! It wrapped up all the loose ends (which is rare for kdramas) and left you with a huge grin on your face.

            So I’ll end it there because the list of stuff I’ve watch is way too long. I recommend watching at least the first two episodes of these because it’s hard to judge some of them from just the first one. Last Scandal, for example, starts off a bit slow but really picks up later on.

            • YOU ARE AWESOME.

              I’m so behind, I haven’t seen any of those dramas :/ From your description of them, I think I’ll give “Last Scandal” a go, cos I watched half of Full House and thought it could be improved, so I’ll see if I like this one more ^^

              I have a problem when it comes to drama watching, though…I never finish them XDDDDD. Seriously, I have about 30 dramas on my list that I need to finish XD I haven’t even finished Goong and BOF (shock horror :O!) so I’ll see how I go with the ones you recommended :P

              Omg, you like the ‘other’ guy?! ME TOO!!!!! Instead of the Prince, I always go for the Knight :P And it’s the same with all the dramas I’ve watched. Idk, the “other” guy always makes me sympathise with him XDD.

              Thanks for taking the time to write all those drama recommendations for me :D~~~

  10. long time no.. chat? =DD
    I’ll play!! :

    Nicky Lee (TW): Cang Tian (from his Imperfect album; you may have to hunt for it. I can’t find it on youtube… I have the album =D)
    Chad Kroeger: Hero (from Spiderman). OLDIES BUT GOODIES. I don’t really listen to music in English, but… I like to reminisce of the classics sometimes.
    Santana ftd. Chad Kroeger: Why Don’t You and I. Since the moment I spotted you, I’ve been walking ’round with little wings on my shoes; my stomach’s filled with butterflies… oooh and it’s all right ;D

    I’m reminiscing of the good ol’ days when life really didn’t matter even though I thought it did. Ahh… high school. Anyways, they’re not that old, but they’re definitely a throw back to when “Western” popular music was actually … GOOD. At least in my perspective? Just to tangent for a moment, that’s why I enjoy Asian popular music so much. Because it’s just “one generation” of music behind Western popular music… which is basically my (awesome) generation of music.

    • Hellooooooo

      Nicky Lee! I have some of his songs (can’t remember the names atm) I like his voice. It’s got that ~raspy~ sound to it, y’know? I’ll have a search on Baidu for that album.

      YOU READ MY MIND. That’s EXACTLY what I like about Asian music! Like you said, asian countries are a generation behind, which is why when you play an old BSB cd (ahh, good times) it actually sounds quite similar to the stuff coming out of Kpop now. Though asian music is slowly adapting to the new “techno” trend I can’t stand T_T

      I listen to some English indie stuff, but generally stay away from the Top 40. IT’S SO REPETITIVE. Seriously, most songs sound the same. Like BoA’s American album. Argh.

  11. Hmm, I’m not going to join in on the Twilight/Eddie Cullen convo or comment because quite honestly, i have yet to read the book or watch the movie so I have nothing to say.

    But I did want to join in and play too with everyone (even though I hardly comment in ANYTHING but thats my bad because i like to hide under my rock most of the time)….3 songs huh? Can I put 4 because I can’t just choose 3…

    David Tao – Just A Friend (普通朋友)
    – Its an old song but darn it, i can’t help it. I love the guy’s songs and I was out getting boba one night and heard it playing at the place.

    Joanna Wang – Lets Start From Here
    – Kept hearing her song when I was in HK last year and I fell in love with her voice. I like most of the stuff on her first album, really, both the chinese and the english.

    AAA – 旅ダチノウタ (OMG I totally wished I knew what the english title is…)
    – My cousin sends me random stuff and this was one of them. I don’t listen to a lot of Jpop but I really really like this song.

    • Lol, like I mentioned before, it’s really a book that you either hate or love. You should try it just for Edward Cullen, haha.

      David Tao! I’ve heard SO much about this guy, but I don’t have any of his songs except for the duet with Jolin. And I don’t like Jolin, so I don’t even listen to it that much XD. Any song recommendations?

      Ooo, gotta go check Joanna Wang out. I hardly find any female Cpop artists that I like. Atm I like Fish Leung, and….that’s it XD. It’s really difficult cos most of them overdo the whole *cutesy* thing D:

      I have never heard anything about AAA O_O My knowledge of Jpop is pretty limited, though. I’ve just got random songs from drama OSTs and some KAT-TUN and Koda Kumi ^^;;;

      • Haha, David Tao is awesome (even though not the best looking guy)…um…recommendations:

        Er Shi Er (22), Quicksand, I Love You, Just a Friend, …maybe I should send you all my stuff…^_^.

        Joanna Wang, I think you’ll like…haha maybe i’ll send you that too. She’s more mandarin than cpop..I don’t know many Cpop artists that are female that I enjoy. The closest are Joey Yeung and Denise Ho.

        and AAA I’ve never heard of until a month ago but apparently they’ve been around for a while..go figure. I don’t know any jpop except Kat-tun (UEDA my love!) and Arashi (JUN!!!) and NEWS (YAMAPI!!).

        Let me know if you want me to send anything…I am always happy to share (my friends say a little TOO happy since i go overboard). I don’t have many friends i can spaz with, unfortunately =(.

        • oh, i forgot, here’s a clip of David Tao and Leehom’s (<3) song:

          It’s got many of taiwan artists i like (jolin’s in it but she’s not one of myf avorites), and my friend’s in the video (he’s from the group Tension).

          • I LOVE THAT SONG!! It’s so awesome, but really, how can it not be with both Leehom and David Tao working on it :D

            I especially liked the fact that I recognised 90% of those artists, haha. I don’t like Jolin :/ I just liked her “72 times” album cos Jay Chou wrote heaps of songs on it for her, haha.

            Omg, you’re friends with someone from Tension :O!!! WHICH ONE??? Lol, sorry to be such a stalker, but this is really interesting XD.

            Would you mind sending me the songs? It’d save me a LOT of time looking for them myself, cos most sites I go to only have kpop or jpop T__T So it’d be awesome if you can send some to me :D Or even just the download links~~~

            Argh, I know the feeling of having no one to spazz with. All my friends are white. So whenever I mention anything slightly asian related they think I’m weird XDDD.

            Here’s the imop email add. : I gave you the imop one cos all the authors here have access to it, so I don’t have to forward your email to them (cos I know they’ll want the songs too) yes, I have taken laziness to a whole new level :P

            My favourite KT boy is Jin :P He’s just so….dumb XD. But yip, yip, Matsujun and Yamapi are also on my jpop list 8D Especially Yamapi <3333333

            • My friend is Brian from Tension, though, it’s been so long since I last saw and talked to him, I don’t even know if i can even claim “friend” anymore. I knew him back years ago at college not long before he got into the group and debuted. I’m pretty sure I talk to his brother more at this point.

              Laziness, thy name is ME! Why I am so eager to say that, I have no clue. I’ll send some songs your gals way, spazz included.

  12. HI. :D

    i stumbled across this blog a few days ago, and homg you guys are hilarious/amazing people. XD

    and, this is a really good idea. i’ve been listening to basically the same artists for the past few months and i really need to expand my repetoire. ;____;

    so 3 songs:

    HEARTQUAKE – Suju KRY ft. 2U
    Whatever They Say (acapella) – TVXQ
    A Bit of Good – CSJH the Grace

    will check out the other songs now. :D

    • Awwww, thanks :D! *feels all warm and gooey inside* hehe

      Heartquake! I love the “a-a-a-a” bit, hahaha.

      Awwww, I love CSJH *___* They’re so underrated, it’s sad :(

  13. It’s my first time comment here, but it’s not the first time I visit. Yeah, I’ve been reading this blog for quiet a long time but too lazy to comment =P

    Oh, Twilight discussion, I read the first book over spring break. It was very interesting at the beginning but it got dragged at the end. I don’t know if I’m going to read the next one or not.
    Btw, I agreed. The movie was so sucky. It was all over the place.

    Back to music topic, I want to share 3 songs, too.

    Yozoh – Morning Star
    I just saw this song at a music site and downloaded it. It’s a really cute song.

    Freestyle – 연애 (I need to find the english translation)
    It’s from their newest album. All the songs in the album are very nice. You should check it out if you haven’t.

    Temon – Omoide wa Tooku no Hibi (I’m not really sure about the name, but I think it’s right)
    It’s in an anime movie called Byosoku 5 Centimeter, in english is 5 Centimeters per Second. It’s an instrumental song. I love this song a lot =)

    • Dw, I always lurk at other sites XD

      I tried some of New Moon. But then gave up on it after two chapters. IT WAS SO CHEESY DDD:

      I haven’t heard any of your songs! Yay, new music! Will go check it out, thanks :DDD

  14. Oh wow, so many comments on this post already! I like this though – it’s a very cool idea, you guys always have the best ones! – and of course, you’d get people to do it with you because it’s fun. Hmm, I don’t feel like plugging my iPod in to see the top 3 so I’ll just pick at random from my top 25.

    Jojo – Too Little Too Late
    I love this girl and her voice to bits – can’t believe she’s just a few months younger than me and so talented, wow…

    RBD – Salvame
    I don’t listen to too much Spanish language music but the first time I heard this song, I loved it instantly – and I didn’t even like the group before – but this song changed my mind. But o the bright side, I can actually understand this song. ^^

    Suju – Sorry, Sorry
    My current ‘song of the moment’. I always end up playing it two or three times so I can practice the dance. :D I’m a dork like that.

    • Aww, thanks :D! I was talking to Beckery about doing this post, and she was like “okay, it’s a good idea, but we don’t have that many readers, do we”, and I was all “DDDD: LET ME TRY”. But yay, the response has been really good~~

      Omg, you’re learning the Sorry, Sorry dance too!! Candychu learnt it as well, hahahahaah. I’m too unco to learn any dance, so I’ll just listen to the music and play the mv over and over again in my mind LOL

  15. EDWARD CULLEN. ♥ yes, sadly, I am one of those teenagers that enjoys poorly written love stories ><
    3. Byul- I Think I
    —-FULL HOUSE OST ♥♥ Her voice is so pretty, and I love the song. (believe it or not, the reason I started liking this song was because my friend sang it once when we went to noraebang XD)

    ……”Alan Play da Sexy Flute”… should I be asking about it?

    • I got cut off D:

      1. Lasse Lindh- C’mon Through
      —-long story short: finished drama Soulmate, wanted a song from the OST, couldn’t find that exact one and got this one instead, not the WOWest song I’ve ever heard, but nice enough that I put it on repeat for a while.
      2. Lady GaGa- Poker Face
      —-long story short: Yes, I feel like killing myself too @_@ But it’s so catchy >< especially the part where she sings/says “p-p-p-p-p-p-poker face”

      But I actually do have an unbiased view on Twilight (: Bella IS an idiot, and so is Edward for loving her. And Jacob too. But I DID actually finish Breaking Dawn, as with every other book in the series. And the teeth C-section… was… really…… er.

      • I am stalking this post to find songs to listen to and this caught my eye – SOULMATE IS LIKE MY MOST FAVOURITE DRAMA EVER. There are so many great songs in the drama.

        Okay, end stalking.

        • YOU ARE SUCH A STALKER like Taec LMAO. And woah, someone on my flist (not you) was just talking about the Soulmate drama. I should probably check it out.

          • you are one to talk, that’s a coincidence, YOU SHOULD WATCH IT! It’s only 12 episodes as well.

      • I’ve never seen Soulmate O_O Is it good????? I need a new drama to watch…

        Wow, you finished all the Twilight books! Candychu couldn’t even get through a quarter of the first one, rofl XD. But yes, Bella is SOOOOOOOOOO ANNOYING. She needs a hobby. And no, obsessing over Edward Cullen doesn’t count as a hobby.

        I didn’t get far enough to know why people are either on team edward or team jacob, cos jacob didn’t really play that big a role in the first book. But I don’t plan on reading more to find out XD.

  16. Pelageya “Marya’s Song”

    Pelageya “Valenki”
    (Pelageya is Russian folk rock singer)

    Super Junior “RESET”

    “Marya’s Song” is heartbreaking to the point that I feel myself emo listening to it that much XDDD

    • Russian folk rock???? Wow, you’re really expanding my musical horizons, haha :D. Thanks for the links, I’ll go listen after I finish replying to these comments ^^

      I’ve never listened to any Russian music. Wait, do TATU count? I don’t like them, but they used to play their music on the radio every other day T_T

      • TATU? Yeah, they count. I don’t like their songs that much but they are rare birds in Russian entertainment who sing live if they have any choice. I was at their concert and they sang well. They do not dance, though.

        Russian pop music is really talentless, especially in present generation. Girls usually are sexy and beautiful but can’t sing and dance. But Pelageya’s voice is precious. Btw, in second video the beginning is from old show where she was as a child and she begins to sing in 0:40. It’s a folk song, thus repetitive lyrics. I was at her concert, too, and she pwn-ed all. Siberian drive XD

        • I’m such a hermit, I didn’t know there was a Russian pop scene at all :/

          I listened to “Marya’s Song”; it’s beautiful *_* I liked the pairing of the guitar with the string instruments, and she has a beautiful deep voice :)

          • I’m glad you liked it. Foreigners rarely like Russian folk singing manner, it’s pretty specific. But that song she sang in universal way. The song is about girl, Marya, who’s fiancee was taken to military service in acient (well, not really, but even in XIXth century it was the same way) times. One or several unlucky guys from every village were taken to military service which was in different times from 25 to 30 years long. So when she sings “I will weave my wedding garland beforehand and I will save my maiden’s long braid – reaching floor – for my beloved even with streaks of gray” I always cry. WAIL, with red nose and all, to be honest XDDD
            … when you think about Korean two years long military service from this point of view, it seems pretty much okay, lol…

            • I couldn’t even understand it and I still thought it sounded really sad ><

              I always get teary when I hear those old, old English classics. You know, like “Wind beneath my wings” and stuff 8D

  17. Your Twilight bashing has made me happy!!!! Was never really a fan, but today I was on the bus behind two girls who are STILL swooning over Edward.

    I hated everything about the book (yes including Edward) except for the last 3-4 chapters or something. The one where Bella was being chased by that demonoid vampire that wanted to eat her :D :D :D


    My monthly picks:
    1. Namida no Mukou ~AIMI Acoustic Version~ by Stereo Pony
    The other version was nifty……but I like this one more :D

    2. Doten- … some jap band (watch it
    ^^” I actually had no idea what this song was called. I only know of it cos it was the OP for Gintama. But its the typical catchy j-rock :D

    3. Mia-IU
    You guys have heard this right? I’m still blown away that IU was only 15!!! A youtube user (Babiixj) did an english cover and she sounds SO good!!!

    4. Bicycle Race- Queen
    …….Yeah, you asked for 3, BUT THIS SONG IS RANDOM COOLNESS! xD its so old but I like listening to it when Im hyped up. The “I want to ride my bi~CY~cle” has me cracking up everytime

    • GUMMIIIIEEEEEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE NOT TALKED TO YOU IN DECADES DDDDDD: We still need to create those DBSJ plushies that will TAKE OVER THE WORLD >=DDDD

      Omg, don’t you just hate those Twilight shirts from Supre that say stuff like “I kissed a vampire and I liked it” etc? THEY’RE SO GAY. I appreciate Edward Cullen and his face, but I couldn’t stand his over protectiveness and the whole “alpha male” act T___T

      Yea, I know IU. I was gonna download her latest album, but apparently it’s really really cute sounding? Not into the whole *cute* thing that’s popular atm :/ But I’ll give that song a go cos you recommended it (it’d better be good xP)

      Hahahahaha, I haven’t listened to the Bicycle song yet, but omg it sounds like my Poets and Bananas song XD For the whole song this guy just sings “I’m a poet and I like bananas” for three minutes straight. I kid you not.

  18. I just realised that my whole “:D :D :D” after the “demon vampire that wants to eat Bella” was relatively sadistic.

    I just wanted to clarify that I wasn’t all “YYAYAYAY :D :D :D” because the vampire was going to kill Bella off (although, now that I think about it, tis a very valid reason) That last chase was uber cool in how it was so tense and action packed……the usual atmosphere of books I read =)

    • Oh that’s fine, the whole time I was reading the book I was hoping she’d be killed off or beamed up into space by aliens. She was just so sldkfjasjf ANNOYING. Especially as a narrator. I DID NOT WANT TO READ ABOUT HOW MUCH SHE PINED FOR EDWARD DDD:

      I’m reading a REAAAAAAAAAAALLY good vampire novel, atm. REALLY REALLY REALLY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. It’s like Harry Potter but with Vampires and a bit of romance :D!!

  19. 1. Dynamite by A’ST1 (korean)
    omg super catchy, totally hooked on the song XD plus Hanbyul is so cute ^^

    2. 亂 by Leo Ku (cantonese chinese)
    really nice string orchestra in the background, plus Leo Ku has a really good voice

    3. the entire Park Ji Yoon vol. 7 album. her voice is just amazing, so beautiful. but if you’re not a ballad lover, i think you might be bored XD

    i have like a billion fave songs XD i could go on forever, but those are the 3 of the many songs i’m in love with right now hehe

    • Leo Ku has the same birthday as me (well, different year haha) just thought I’d throw that out there, lol XD.

      I really like the ballad on A’ST1’s new album. Except, being the awesome person that I am, I can’t remember the title XD. Dynamite is a good song, though, very old-school kpop :D

      Haven’t listened to any Park Ji Yoon songs. But I find that, with some ballads, they end up sounding the same after a while T____T I’ll go youtube her now and see what she’s like ^^

  20. for me..

    1. Strong Baby (Aliks Disco Remix)
    HOMG, ALKIS MADE THE BEST REMIXES EVERRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!! so far this is my favorite of him :) better than the original ahaha..
    check out his facebook page, there are dl links to all of his remixes ;)

    2. Diva (After School)
    seriously, this is another song-with-infectious-beat after Sorry2, plus the choreo is pretty cute (the “Diva diva didididiva!” hand gestures)

    I really love the first and 2nd verse by OnKey ;D and I’m pretty sure that Key is the one saying “Illumination” *GUH SEXY!VOICE* XDD

    • DIVA!!!! That came THIS close to making it to my top 3 for this week. I didn’t know I’d like the song this much when I first heard the preview, but omg, IT’S SO ADDICTIVE!!! And the girls are cute. Have you seen them on Idol Army? They’re really funny, haha.

  21. wow 79 comments in 24 hours or less I’m guessing?!?1

    wonder if you’ll have time for my three, but I recommend you do your studies first before listening to everyone’s 3

    1) Leona Lewis- Run
    2)2AM- Confessions of a Friend (I’m sure you’ve already replayed this song many times)
    3)Sori- Real lips

    • Leona Lewis! Lol, I was staring at the name for ages thinking “that look so familiar…who is it..who IS it…OH!!” XD.

      Haha, I bought the Confessions of a Friend album, so yes, I’ve heard this song many times XD (there are only, like, three tracks on the whole CD =.=)


    Erm ….as I am known as a emo…(altho i am not one) I really love ballads…so yea…heres my three

    1- Let’s Not – Super Junior (K.R.Y)
    I LOVE has conquered my most played playlist for the past…..month ( my top play is dont say goodbye which is like at least 1500, then Gee…which is like 600<– I know I am a crazyyyy womann)


    3- Again & Again – 2PM < How can you NOT be addicted already? (Mollahhhhhhh ~, she’s a bad girl I know, but here i go again OH NO XD)

    I was gonna put Young girl Meets love (K.Will + Tiffany) or (insert tiffany’s solo song name here) – Again & again had the same play counts as these two..but I thought Taec deserves my vote XD

    • I LOVE “LET’S NOT” TOO!! HIGH FIVE :D. Actually, I didn’t really pay much attention to it until they performed it live. Then I started putting it on repeat XD.

      Two sad ballads and then…Gee? Haha :P

      Have you seen the Again and Again parody??? Omg, now whenever I hear “moollaaahhhh” I think of money XDDD.

      Yes, yes, give your votes to dorkface!Taec :P

  23. HI GIRLS <3! I’m sorry I haven’t commented in so long! This is such a cute idea ^^! My three:

    1. MC Mong – I Love U Oh Thank U. I have loved this song since forever, but have been listening to it on repeat since Kim Joon and Minkie performed it on a music show <3

    2. JJ Lin – Cao Cao. I can’t go a day without listening to this song, serious. D: I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I think it’s epic and it will never get old!

    3. IU – Mia. She has beautiful vocals <33333

    • HI :D

      We haven’t talked in aaaaaaaages, man~ Uni’s a freaking pain this year (which is why this is my first post in like, a month or something) DDD:

      I still need to tell you about my HK adventures! HAhahahaha, omg remind me to tell you the subway story when I next email you XDD. IT WAS SUPER EMBARRASSING DDDDD8

      Cao Cao? Everyday? Really? Haha. I really like his song “Smiling Eyes”, but I can’t find it ANYWHERE DDD: I have a one minute cut from when he performed it at a concert, but I can’t find a full version :S

      I saw the comeback post you did for IU, but I avoided getting her comeback album cos apparently it’s really *cute*. Though you’re the second person to recommend her to me, so I’ll go give her a try~

  24. My top #3 I listen to recently is:

    #1 We are – DBSK
    #2 Change the World – DBSK
    #3 I don’t have a heart – 8eight.

    8eight comes close with SHINee’s bodyguard.
    I’ve been listening to bodyguard constantly as well.

    But since DBSK released that single, I’m in the mood lol.

    • I haven’t even listened to “Change the world” yet, I’m such a great fan XD. Na, I’m waiting for my Secret Code album to come so I can go back into my DBSK phase~~

      Yea I’m weird, shhhh.

      Awww I really like “I don’t have a heart”. I think it’s cos of all those fanmade mvs; they got the song stuck in my head, hha.

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