Posted by: pinkandsparkly | April 29, 2009

090427 2PM @ Sukira

I love it when fandoms collliiiiiiide :DDDD

Jay and Nichkhun singing Confessions – THEY’RE SINGING AN ENGLISH SONG *____________* Jay’s from Seattle and Khun’s from LA (I think??) so naturally their English is perfect~ Besides being able to understand what they were singing, I rarely hear Khun sing, so that was nice :D. Except I’m still mourning his hair DDDD8 Jay did a nice job with the rap :)

Taec JunSu WY singing ‘인연’ – I have never heard this song before, haha. Junsu’s voice is looooooooooooove <333 And so is his hair and glasses *_* Wooyoung did a pretty good job too, but I think Taec needs to work a bit more on his singing. Or maybe the song just didn’t suit him. He should’ve rapped in Jay and Khun’s song. *misses the American Trio*

10/10 Performance – REALLY GOOD LIVE. If you’ve seen their debut performances then you’ll know how much they’ve improved after you watch this. EVERYONE WAS IN TUNE, AND THEY ALL SOUNDED REALLY GOOD *wipes away tears*. Watch it even if you haven’t seen their old performances of this; it’s a really catchy song :)

Again & Again Performance – It’s great to see that without the hardcore bboy moves, the boys sound the same, if not better, than how they sound on the CD ^^. Awww I’m so proud; they’ve come so far since their Hot Blood days *__*

I didn’t post any of the talking segments cos I didn’t think there was any point; as much as I love both groups, watching them talking for 10 minutes with no subtitles is a bit extreme XD. But I hope someone will sub this soon. I want to know what kind of SJ 2PM interactions went on :D!


  1. I think this song didn’t suit Taec either, though has improved a lot since idol army! and I LMAO’d when Khun was singing confessions, those lyrics don’t suit him, “creeping with, said she’s three months pregant and she’s keepin it” ahah the singing did suit both Jae and Khun but not the scenario. I only watched the first part of the talking and only understood the part where they were talking about Jae’s birthday, Hyuk saying “surprise, surprise” and Jae replying “Yeah, surprise, right” then I realized that out of 10 minutes I only understood 5 seconds of it so I stopped

    • Lol, I wasn’t paying much attention to the lyrics XDD

      Wow, you watched the talking?? You’re so dedicated…

  2. Hahah when you said two groups, i was like TWO GROUPS? Then I realized they’re on Suju’s show hahah. :DDD Jay and Khun’s song was a lil…weird. It was like a fast song and they skipped a few words. They sound amazing but this is Usher’s thing :) Good english though :DDD 2PM works too much on bboy stuffs, they should sing like this more often to showcase their hot voices :)

    • I can’t find this song…its title is Catching Up, l’m pretty sure it is, but idk. I can’t find it. Male artist, very familiar song too. :)

      • Oooo, you’re good. I didn’t find the song familiar at all *fails*

        Haha, you’re right, this genre is Usher’s thing XD. Have you heard Jay and Junsu sing Chris Brown’s “With You”??? GREAT performance.

  3. I thought Nick Khun was from… Thailand(?)…LOL. I obviously fail in the One Day fandom…LOL.

    • Haha, his dad is Thai and his mum is Chinese, but he was raised in America ^^

  4. I REALLY MISSED 10/10 after I heard that, Junho is so good at doing lives he almost always sounds exactly the same as the cd.

    I like it when Taec sings lol, it gives me a good laugh, but I really liked that song + performance (sans Taec’s singing waahaha I cringed, but he should still sing anyway >:D).

    And in Confessions Jay kind of censored himself with words like shit and nigga (which he turned into brother) and that made me laugh.

    • Junho does do good live, doesn’t he *_____* I think he got the most lines in Again and Again after Junsu and Jay. And he’s so young, too! Well, younger than me, anyway XD

      He censored himself??? ROFL, I didn’t notice XDD LET ME WATCH AGAIN :D

    • Omg, WOW. You paste in a YT link and WP embeds it. I LOVE WP!!

      • Excuse me if I’m wrong, but don’t you HAVE AN EXAM TOMORROW.


        And why did you embed sailormoon into a 2PM post T__T

      • HAHAHAHAHAH YOUR A BIG FAT IDIOT ROFLMAOOOOOOOOOOOO. Wth. Why’d you embed a Sailor moon clip?! HAHAHAHA.

        I hope you’re studying >:/

        And scone, where are you?! I’m on break but no one to play with. If you dont come, I shall continue assignmenting XDDDDDDDDD

        • Cause that clip was the first one in my subscriptions and I figured you guys would love to have a Sailor Moon episode to watch. No need to thank me!

          Exam is in 6 hrs ……………………………………………………………. *freaks out*.

          Dw I’ve been studying all day. Just came on for a break :).

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