Posted by: lovediaries | April 30, 2009

090428 SJ M @ Hong Kong to Pepsi Press Conference


{credit: fampar @ youtube}

Okay, so there were in Sai Kung which is pretty much China XD. It’s part of the New Territories so it’s borderline haha. I don’t feel that bad then :P (Sheng Shui was in New Territories too which was why I was so cut last time about travelling there two days in a row. Seriously, when I go back to HK, SJM had better be going to Mongkok XD.)

The voiceover is just introducing SJM and what they’re doing here in HK. Apparently, all 7 members are fans of HK xP. SUUUURE. AND *FLAILS FLAILS FLAILS* ZHOU MI SAYS HE WANTS TO BE GIVEN A CHANCE TO WORK WITH JANICE (Wai Lan) VIDAL. UM, ONLY MY FAVOURITE FEMALE HK SINGER EVERRRRRRRRRRR. Zhou Mi has good taste :D. And he also said it in Cantonese :DD. He said he really likes her voice (UM, ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) but his accent was a bit off so it sounded like he really likes her body ROFLMAOOOOOOOOOO XDDDDDDDDD. Zhou Mi ♥♥. He then goes on to say he also likes Louis Koo (actor who is really really dark and handsome.) Rofl at Zhou Mi trying to imitate his coolness. Not really working XDD.

The voiceover then mentions how Siwon was able to participate in the filming of “Battle of Wits” along with Andy Lau. (I only watched half the movie. It was too boring ^^;;) Siwon says they’ve loved HK Films long time and would love to be able to act in a HK movie. I WOULD LOVE THAT TOO :DDD.

They then talk about all the recent drug scandals. Jill Vidal (Janice’s twin sister) was recently caught trafficking drugs with her boyfriend Kelvin Kwan on her way to Japan. I won’t go into details because I don’t know that much and don’t want to get anything wrong, so I think that’s why when news came out about Joo Ji Hoon, I was less DDDDDDDDDDDD:. But yeah, they also mentioned Joo Ji Hoon’s scandal. News gets to HK fast XD. Hankyung speaks out that health is the most important (<333) and that idols should keep a clean image and act as a good model for young teens :).

I don’t like any of their clothes D: Siwon looks like he’s ready to go out to space. But then, he does look sort of sexy in his outfit :P. Arms *O*.

p.s How high do you reckon Ryeowook’s shoelifts are? XDD.


  1. You are mean to Wookie!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m guessing 3-4 pads. XD!!!!

    • LOOOOOOOOL NO but it was so funny on Intimate Note. Wook was full sticking up for … Sungmin was it? I can’t remember, and then someone (was it Kangin?) went “YOU HAVE THEM TOO” and Wook looked like he was ready to kill. Omg I have to rewatch it. I’ve already forgotten what happens XDDDD.

      (And lmao, “pads”. XD)

      • I KNOW THAT PART!!! Hahahahaha!

        I think one of the hosts actually pointed it out. But I could be wrong. *watches again* ANYWAY. Do you think Henry wears shoe lifts?

        (“pad” is a funny word, eh? lolol”)

        • Lol and I remember Gura pointing out that Heejun wears them too and he’s just like =.=” AHAHAHHAHAHA.

          Um, no I don’t think Henry needs to wear them. He’s grown like a head since debut so shoelifts aren’t necessarily :P. He’s such a man *O*.

  2. Oh and btw, major LULZ at the pic of Zhoumi (sitting down)…the way he’s sitting makes me wanna jump over him. XD! I don’t know if you know that game where you leap over people sitting down like that *points at zhoumi*….LOLOL.

    Okay that’s it. Weird comment ends here. Sorry. XD!

    • I have no idea what you’re talking about. What sort of games do you play?

      Anyway I should be studying (but it’s been a while since you commented here~)….so, I’m just gonna disappear now *zoosh*.

  3. LOLLLL. I really do not like their outfits, especially Hangeng, Siwon, and Henry’s.

    When I read that they were in Sai Kung, I was like where is that…then I realized. Yeah, if I were ever to be in HK while they’re there, I would hope that they go to the more easy-to-get-to places.

    I was also really shocked when I heard about Jill Vidal and her drugs. And to get caught in Japan…

    • (I just realised I wrote their last name as “Wai”. I must have had a mental blank XD. But there were news last night on TVB that Jill has returned home. Gosh I feel so sorry for them. Reporters were surrounding Janice when she left and then when Jill was heading home, there were so many of them that she fell to the ground. I’m not really a fan of Jill and what she did was wrong, but just leave her alone!)

      • Yeah. If it were America, no one would blink an eye. Well, most people wouldn’t care. Unless it were someone like Michael Phelps. But people got over that in a day. And he’s so rich it doesn’t even matter that he got dropped from an endorsement deal hahaha.

        Anyway, yes, drugs are bad. But this is the real world. People do drugs. The media should stop being so brutal. They’re young and will hopefully learn from their experiences.

        • Oh, and you know what sucks? I bet some of the people pointing fingers and accusing celebs of being “bad role models” once tried illegal substances themselves. If indeed so, they were just lucky they weren’t famous and weren’t caught. Hypocrites.

          Sorry for the rant xD.

          • Haha lol it’s okay, just let it out.

            This is exactly why we have a love/hate relationship with the media.

  4. AWWWW Suju…and some guys that I don’t know :) The first guy seemed nervous/out of words. I know the Suju members are korean but what about the rest? I know Hankyung is Chinese, lol he seems so talkative in his native language. :DDD Korean shows like Intimate Note shows how cool Korean is :D Chinese shows are ehhh…as long as you really really enjoy it. I never really liked Chinese, I’m like three quarters chinese. I wannna learn korean though, more than I would like to learn Chinese (seems to be weird/rude but idk)

    I was reading about these like other 3 people who were caught, one being someone very familiar, i forgot his name. Two of them were guys and the female actually commited suicide due to depression on Monday. =/ People should learn that ending their life isn’t the only choice they have.

    • adding more~ it looks like they’re trying to blend in with the soda (forgot its name too.) haha and the bulldozers were…random :DDD

      • Lol it’s Pepsi ^^;;. Pepsi always get their people to wear blue/red/white.

    • :O! Don’t you know SJM?? Lol they’re a sub group targeting the China fans so there are 3 Chinese members (including Hankyung). Oh wow you’re 3/4 Chinese? I actually love Chinese. It’s such a difficult language so being able to talk,read,write it makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something great :D.

      Yeah Joo Ji Hoon is the Goong actor.

  5. Thanks for the translation. I watched this yesterday and I got kind of confused whenever someone started talking Mandarin or Korean. I also realised my ability to read Chinese subtitles is major fail. XP But I get the gist.

    Zhou Mi’s Cantonese seemed better last time! I was totally confused when he talked about the female singer and then I got lost somewhere when he started talking about a male person (or so said the subtitles). And then they got to the bit about drug scandals and I couldn’t figure out who they were talking about. XP

    xD Aren’t you glad it was in Sheung Shui instead of Sai Kung? Sai Kung is way too far away (I remember taking a minivan there). But holding a fan meeting in Mong Kok? Sure, it’d be convenient, but imagine the congestion! There’s already like a million people crammed on the streets and then you add the fangirls flocking there… O____o

    • Haha lol it’s okay. Zhou Mi’s canto is really good when he practices it. Like at the SJM HK Concert when he sang Leo Ku’s song. T’was so good *O*.

      Lmao true. But I live so close to Mongkok, I can get there nice and early? XD

      p.s how’s HSC timetable for you?

      • It was really great last time! Maybe he’s just out of practice. The Pepsi clothes are kind of ugly though. XP

        I live very close to Mongkok when I stay in Hong Kong too. But.. like I said.. the CONGESTION!

        It’s not too bad. I finish on the 5th of November. Most of my exams are pretty spaced out except for the times when I have two exams on two consecutive days. Two maths, and Physics and Eco. I’m well off compared to other people’s time table though – where they just have a huge BLOCK of exams. XP

        • Lol they are. And I actually don’t even like Pepsi :(. I don’t think any soft drink anyway haha.

          Ooh that’s good. Don’t complain, I had 4 exams in three days XD. I think. Yeah, something like that. I can’t believe I don’t even remember any more! Just don’t slack off before your very last exam!

  6. I don’t really mind their clothes although part of me wished Henry would show off his arms for once lol. I’m getting kind of tired of Siwon’s and Geng’s arms haha

    • But like you said, Henry doesn’t show off his arms cause they’re uneven :P.

      • who cares if they’re uneven? because i certainly don’t. it’s normal. and it’s not like my feet are even too

        • lmao my boobies are uneven

          • That’s actually normal too. XD

            See, why be ashamed of uneven arms when there are uglier things to look at in the entertainment industry?

            • ROFL I’ll be sure to ask Henry if I ever bump into him.

              That reminds me. I sent him two baidu messages to his account and he never ever replied me.

              • Send him a baidu message telling him how big the difference is between his left and right arms (that sounded wrong, and if you can make it sound even more wrong than that, it’ll surely get his attention LOL). HAHA.

                • I just keep telling myself he doesn’t know how to navigate baidu which is why he can’t read my message and reply.

  7. aww I miss SJM :( especially Henry and Zhoumi. Why did Pepsi make them wear those? They look like space suits :S Lol Henry’s skin is still the whitest out of all of them. You’d think he’d get a tan now that it’s warmer. Anyways the boys it’s good to see the boys again.

    • HEY, IVE MISSED YOU! Hope work (!?) isn’t too hectic for you.

      And lol, Henry is white cause he’s always covered up. Just like a mochi :D.

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