Posted by: lovediaries | April 30, 2009

Preview DBSK’s 28th Japanese Single – “Stand By You”

SuJu needs to hurry and release their repackaged album and SHINee need to comeback like nao so I can order The Secret Code off YA. I miss buying DBSK CDs XDD!

{credit: Tyamicky @ youtube}

I expected an upbeat sort of song (maybe because SHINee’s “Stand By Me” has a similar name and is all happy :DDD) so I wasn’t exactly rushing to hear it; but then I read the translated lyrics which were so sweet that I quickly went to check out the preview. (The fan who translated the lyrics did it by ear, so I didn’t bother asking to repost^^;;)

It’s a really pretty and sweet song – one of those calming, soft ballads (sort of like “Why Did I Fall For you?”) that you can listen to a bazillion times, having it playing in the background. I love it and can’t wait for the full version! Let’s hope they film an un-cracktastic MV for this, if they do :P.


  1. HOMG Micky’s hair in that pic is just O_____O.

    I can feel the blond tufts days slowly creeping back… *pushes away nightmare images*

    • I was too busy looking at Changmin’s ^_^ face !

      • same.

  2. Micky’s hair always makes me LOL.

    • He upsets his hairstyle noonas too much :P

  3. i heard the full version for this one [LQ though..] it’s a beautiful ballad! :DD

    i really hope they wouldn’t be swimming in space with this one’s mv too, like what they did in share the world. LOL.

    • I hope not too! I was O_____________o throughout the entire “Share the World” MV. Like even at the start, when the members would walk up and then just fall out of the screen XD.

  4. Mm I liked Doushite better, but this is after one listen.
    I try not to think about Suju’s repackaged album b/c I already got mine and might cry when the repackaged hotness comes out. Oh and Shinee will make their comeback on May 19th! Noonas rejoice!<3

    • Yeah I like Doushite etc etc better too, but this single is definitely better than “Share the World”. I liked the Survivor single but it’s been a while since they released Bolero…which was awesome but also gets me really emo haha.

      Counting down the days til SHINee’s comeback!

  5. omo the song is just beautiful, I need to go find the translations but the vid def must be sweet I don’t want the mv to be crack either, this seriously has potential!

    • Yes, Avex or whoever does the MVs, please do not ruin this ;~;

  6. Eh. I like this more than Share the World, but I’m not really liking it yet. Maybe I just need a little time >.<

    • Aw, not feeling it yet? I’m sure the full version would be better :)

  7. Aw; I miss them too much. I know Japan needs DBSK but WHAT ABOUT US??? I haven’t been stalking them for like three months already. They better come back from their tour with cracktastic songs :DDDD Gosh idk how I’m gonna be able to juggle Suju, DBSK, 2PM, SHINee and all those other hot bands out there all together. But I really hope they come back soon!

    • Haha I know eh. It’s now like they work in Japan and come back to Korea for a brief visit and go back to Japan :((((.

      • I was on this forum stuff looking up SHINee again and omggg Key got a new piercing???? He used to have FIVE right? Two cartilage on his left ear (?) and then a normal piercing. then on his right ear he had that awesome inner ear piercing and then another lobe piercing totalling FIVE. I saw this pic, idk if its recent where he got another piercing (Like Jonghyun) on his right ear. so that makes it SIX right? but he doesn’t wear the lock and key earrings anymore =/ he wears like a black swirly on his left and a pink swirly on his second right ear lobe piercing :) I MAKE SO MUCH SENSE♥

        • Lmao, it’s okay, I don’t know the technical terms for Key’s piercings either. I can’t remember if he always had 6 and just didn’t wear one earring all the time or not. Do you have pictures?

          I’m not really a fan of piercings, but Key looks so hot with his. And yeah he’s had his swirly one for a while ^__^.

          • Well if you have AsianFanatics then:


            (He has an extra hole like Jonghyun. His face structure and hair looks like Rain ^^)


            • Gosh, they’re hot. And lol no he’s had those piercings for a while. You can see them really clearly in the 09 Calendar pics :).

              • ohh so wait he has 5 or 6 piercings? I thought he had like three on his left ear… O.o

                • I always see him wear 5 earrings but I can’t say whether he has a 6th piercing or not. He definitely has 2 on his left and 3 on his right :).

                  • haha lol well he had i think Another Cartilage one next to the other one on his left :) but I guess I saw wrong or he just took it out. haha why are we discussing about Key’s awesome piercings :)

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