Posted by: beckery | May 1, 2009

Laugh of the day – Jo Kwon’s prank call

Credits: time2sub @ youtube

This clip totally confirms why Jo Kwon is Imop’s bff and why I love the boy so damn much.♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

So the 2AM boys are on Idol Army (Season 4, with Kara as the hosts, I assume?) and they decide to prank call Wooyoung. Hara pretends to be a fangirl who just got Wooyoung’s number and she goes pretty much ballistic and squeaks out a million “what to do”. HAHAHA. She’s soooo cute. XD

Then of course Jo Kwon has to take over and omg stomach cramp. HE SOUNDS LIKE A VERY, VERY HIGH PITCHED FANGIRL ROFLMAO XDDD The others are in the background cracking up like crazy and seriously, who wouldn’t?!?! I think Wooyoung got freaked out cuz he then passes the phone to Taec and Kwon realises this and goes “I really dont like Ok Taecyeon. REALLY”. He then promptly got a “good night” and got hung up on LMAO ^_______^ More One Day interaction pleassssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!





    Except I’m in French lab. damn.

    • You do indeed. I’m bored. Come play with me.

  3. LOLLLLL omgggg i love how wooyoung’s phone/idk whats it called has Again and Again on it :) haha that was so cute, isnt he from 2AM? (:

    • Haha yea the ringtone thingy. Thats cute. Trying to promote their song haha XD Wooyoung? He’s from 2PM? Or are you talking about Jo Kwon? Kwon’s in 2AM <333

  4. Thanks to this site and Again & Again (love the song!), I have slowly made the turn into a 2PM fan (and Nick Khun is way too cute for his own good). Kwon is hilarious, as always.

    I, too, hope for more One Day action. Too cute.

    • XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD YOU HAVE MADE MY DAY A LIL BRIGHTER!!! PAS and I are trying to convert more 2pm and 2am fans cuz these boys are seriously awesome. They’ve been through so much it hurts my heart to see them not get as much recognition as they should. So *throws cookies at you* Hopefully you’ll like them more and more XDDDDDDDDD

      • Yay, cookies!!! =D ::munches::

        I am already liking them more. Other than Nick being way too adorable looking, I don’t know which would be my next – Chansung or Junho? I held back for so long just trying not to get into them because then I felt like I was betraying SJ…but I can’t hold back any longer.

  5. 090430 MCοuηtdοωn Digital Album Ranking 2PM

    090430 MCοuηtdοωn Total Ranking 2PM

    090430 MCοuηtdοωn Album Ranking 2PM

    I <33333333333 ONE DAYYYYYY!!! ;)

  6. ahhh,, another vids!!

    • LOL. Thanks bb. I dont have time to watch them all yet, but I shall when I have time. I did watch their performance and the waiting room clip though. THEY SMASHED THE CAKE INTO CHANGMIN’S FACE ROFLMAO. SOOOO EVIL BOYS. I APPROVE THOUGH XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  7. lmao “helluu”

    I heard this was Kara’s last episode, if it is then I want 2PM to come back as hosts, or maybe 2AM

    • Thats what I heard as well. Kara didnt last very long :/ hahaha ONE DAY PLEASE. I think 2pm lasted the longest?! OMG imagine the crack if One Day hosted *_____* Unlikely I know, but um I’d be happy with either 2pm or 2am hahah XD

  8. this is the first time I ever watched kara’s part and its becoming their last episode? oh wow lol.

    2pm made the best hosts! They’re so hilarious…I looved it when they were with SHINee and After School. Ga Hee gave Woo Young a death glareXD

    Anyway, Jo Kwon makea a great friend lol. It’s amazing he can instantly tell it’s Taec XD Woo Young seemed all calm and emo lol.

    • Lol I think they did a total of 5/6 episodes or something?! I think that the show is better when they get male hosts since its about hooking up and stuff haha XDDD

      I liked all of 2pm’s episodes actually. Every single one cracked me up hardcore.

      Taec and Wooyoung exhibited a lot of patience, which I totally wouldn’t have rofl. Seriously, Taec was even nice enough to say goodnight even though Kwon was being so mean to him hahahhaa.

      • lol yeah, I think cause 2 pm has a crazy image, it just works well with these kinds of shows than girly, princess like KARA. I love it when they have to pair up with guysXD They work so hard lol.

        Yeah especially Jay being a phailure in every episode makes it enjoyableXD
        And Jay’s posse (Taec and Woo Young) complete the madness.

        lol I would have been like, “…Who the hell are you?”XD Taec was indeed nice enough to say that and not yell back haha. I guess they’re so used to it?

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