Posted by: beckery | May 1, 2009

Leehom at 2009 Chinese Music Radio Awards

We haven’t really used our “Leehom” tag that much ever since that insane spam period when he released his album, so here goes a post to my talented, ever so gorgeous, most perfect human being man ever! ♥♥♥

Never heard of this award show, not exactly interested and because biasedness is totally allowed when it comes to Leehom, I’m not going to post about the other performances at the night rofl. You can go to windowwatcher for more performances though XD

Leehom performing Xin Tiao (Heartbeat):Credit: rei1mix @ youtube

Rofl at the beginning where he walks out with his guitar looking totally gorgeous and sorta dorky with the hair and starts singing to realise the mic doesnt work XDDDDDDDDDDDD But omg akjdflsjakljflasjlaj HE SOUNDS SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL. Better than cd version. His lives are always better than cd versions. Always. *beams at him* <33333333333333333


  1. haha is hair looks a bit dorky xDD
    that was an awesome live!!

    • Hahaha I think they forgot to spike his hair up XDDDD But omg, isn’t his lives ALWAYS awesome!?

  2. I. LOVE. HIM. I swear, I was watching that video like the biggest nerd in the world….if you have ever watched those funny/cheese comedy high school movies where there’s a total nerd girl with freckles, braces and big plastic glasses topped of with braided pigtails who have that over exaggerated mooning expression looking at the school hunk….yeah, that was me watching this video.

    I adore his lives and if he’s not the most perfect man (rawr!) on earth, I don’t know who is.

    • HHAHAHAHA I LOVE YOUR DESCRIPTION. I imagined ugly betty XDD But I’m sure you dont have freckles and braces and big glasses and ponytails XPP

      The exaggerated expression is given because I was like that too. It’s like: Omg. Leehom. Cant breath. Too perfect. Sighs *______________________* He’s got it all seriously. Looks, talent, the voice, the face, the body, the brains, the heart, totally perfect <333

  3. Alkfjdslkfjsd BEAUTIFUL INDEED!!! Leehom like so deserves more love!!! I mean, he’s just like perfect~

    I’m glad you are pimping this amazing performance!!!! Leehom plez sing live more often!!!! <3<3

    • Oh why hello there rofl. We’re like moving back and forth between sites and still end up commenting and spazzing on the same performance rofl. LEEHOM FTW!!!!

      After watching it and seeing how beautiful he sang, how could I NOT post it?!!? Totally blown away. He needs to perform more songs off his Heartbeat album, seriously. Or release the latest concert dvd. I still rewatch his Heroes of Earth concert about a bazillion times cuz he’s so damn amazing <3333

  4. i love wang lee hom so much

    thanx for the article

    • I love him heaps too. Who wouldnt?!

      My pleasure XD

  5. His hair looks really long now, I didn’t realise it’s been four months since he released Heartbeat ^^ Totally with you on how he should perform more songs off his album, I really liked the slow-burn feel he gave for this performance which wasn’t in the CD version.

    • I know right. Its been forever and he seriously doesn’t do enough promotion for it. He needs to perform more. I miss his awesome lives mainly cuz he always modifies it, adds more adlibs, its just like he performs a new song everytime even though he’s singing the same song haha.

  6. Just here to mention that Yoochun opened up his ice cream shop. ^^

    • I saw haha. Totally random hey.

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