Posted by: lovediaries | May 2, 2009

090418 Super Junior on Star King

sjsubs09 is in the process of subbing this episode !! (Still haven’t finished watching Intimate Note lmao. I fail so hard.)

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8.

I wasn’t going to post it until more was up but then I already started watching the first part. (And cause I saw Donghae and thought he looked too adorable.) There are quite a few members actually: Teuk, Hyuk, Sungmin, Siwon, Kyu, Hae, Yesung, Shindong and Ryeowook. This is the ep where Kyuhyun sings “You are so Beautiful” while a challenger plays the piano and Gaeun walks up and goes links arm with his. I think I’ve watched that cut 10 times now lmao and…it still breaks my heart T_T.

Anyway, the first challenger on is a dinosaur lmao. Solbi (I’m sure it was her) asked whether it was real or not LMAO. When the man in the dinosaur suit comes out, he starts roaring at everyone and ROFL @ all their reactions XDD. Seriously, I laughed SO hard at just the first minute. But the dinosaur has saliva, which is really weird O.o

Teuk offers it some water but then gets scared when it starts breathing at him XD. Hyuk even falls to the ground lmao. He then acts all manly and goes “Everyone, please don’t be afraid” but flinches the very next second. Kyuhyun just laughs from his seat ^^. Some of them get up to pet the dinosaur (Solbi requests to touch its tongue WTH!?) and then Sungmin points out there’s the shape of Korea on the dinosaur’s face rofl.

Kang Ho Dong is very friendly to the dinosaur lmao and gets it to kiss Boom. It basically puts Boom’s head into its mouth AHAHAHHAA. The dinosaur then goes back into its little cage (knocking its head in the process, of course) and the operator comes out. He explains how hard it is to work the dinosaur (carrying 40 kgs on your body with little room to breathe D:) while Leeteuk goes and has a try.  His dinosaur is not very scary at all XD. AND THEN LMAO KHD asks Teuk!Saur to sing “Sorry Sorry”. It is the funniest thing LMAO. Especially when Teuk no longer cares and is just screaming for help. “PD wants to kill me, right?” XD.

The dinosaur maker then comes out and the dinosaur demonstrates its happy sound. ROFL @ KHD singing Son Dambi’s “Michyeosseo”…DINOSAUR DAMBI ROFL.

The next contestants are a band from the Philippines. They know 100 Korean songs and start singing right away. Ooh, the lead singer is very good :).


  1. Siwon hit the poor dinosaur when it came too close the first time lol XD His expressions are priceless– even my non-SJ fan friends love him. XD (NICK♥) Sungmin’s got a sharp eye haha. That, or he’s just a dork lol

    I like the judge’s outfit :D

    I’m not… really surprised/impressed with the guy’s voice because… well… that’s kind of usual around here? ^^; He’s really good but nothing really special except he sings in Korean. XD;;

    • Haha yes well, he’s good at imitating. I think that was the whole point of them coming on? Because later Kyu does his imitation of … Sung Si Kyung … crap, is that his name? XD.

  2. lmao can’t believe Sungmin pointed out that the dinosaur had a mole like pattern similar to Korea?!? Cause that’s what you do when a scary life-like replica of a dinosaur rawrs at you, focus on it’s skin instead of those pointy teeth! This is too funny, KHD asking the dinosaur to wink, Khun has heavey competition now!

    • ROFL Inorite. But I think he was scripted to say that since later, the maker did come out and explain why their had Han Peninsula on the dinoaur’s skin.

  3. lol it’s always better to have subs :) i watched it and i was like not understanding a single word they were saying :DDD omggg its too funny, Leeteuk is awesome♥ He was all “I DON’T CARE ANYMORE, GET ME OUT!” lol his Sorry Sorry Sorry is so cute :] what does PD mean when he said PD wants to kill me, right?

    • Hahha cause the show is scripted and I’m guessing a PD made Teuk volunteer to go into the dinosaur (like when he said “I’m 175 without my shoe lifts”) which was why Teuk accused the PD-nim of trying to kill him XD.

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