Posted by: lovediaries | May 2, 2009

‘We Start’ LG Telecom Oz Generation CF

{credit: SJ3jib @ youtube}

THIS IS SO CUTE! It’s like the Lollipop CF but easier on the eyes ^^;;. The choreography is quite .. lame haha but it was nice to see Kibum dancing again :). And his smile *O*, oh how I missed it. Lee Yeon Hee is really gorgeous in here too, I love her! And the actress who played Yumi in BOF (I hated her character so so much but she was so pretty, especially when she was playing the harp) is also in this CF. She looks better with short hair :P.

And if that wasn’t enough, there’s a slightly longer version which is the “Making”.

(The song is really cute, I hope we get an MV length CF. But I can’t figure out if they’re singing “Believe in us” or “We live in OZ” XD. They so should’ve come to Australia to film that xPPP.)




      • I wish he danced for Sorry Sorry instead ;-;

        • I saw another clip of him learning the choreo for this and I thought “See, it’s not that hard to learn choreography…he could’ve easily done it for Sorry Sorry”.

          • well, Sorry Sorry’s choreography is rather complicated, especially since the formations are carefully planned (notice how Siwon stays at the back during the first dan dan dan part. in the mv, he wasn’t there because he ruins the triangle formation with the uneven number of members). i understand that he would have had a hard time learning it on time for the comeback but he could have done a Heechul and popped in at the end or something ):

            • Yes, I know, but it took Kibum like 2 seconds to learn this choreography so then he can take … a wk to learn Sorry Sorry. It’s coming up to 2 mths and HES STILL MISSING ;~~~;.

              But yeah, you know the part where Heechul comes in and they immediately form into groups of 3. Kibum would probably be left out. Though I think they did that part on purpose so that he’d never have to perform with them DD:.

              • He could, like, join HanKyuKang since their group has the least complicated move.

                It’s depressing to think about it. ):

                • Except since they move from the back to the front, it’d be more awkward having to move in a group of 4?

                  He could easily slide in from the other side when Heechul comes in :S.

                  • He can enter from the back? Like, since Heechul enters from the front side, he could slide in from the back or something….

                    …. if we can figure out the best way for Kibum to join the formation, Nick and Trent should worship us haha

                    • Lmao well I think all our ideas so far are pretty neat ;).

                      ITLL HAPPEN!!

  2. omo this commercial is soo good, the music is laid back cutesy pop, I think the choreo is cute, something I would do with my friends. Only Kibum can rock those pants and look dorky cute!

    • The song is really cute!! Lmao the pants are total fail but I thought his hair was cute ^_^. Like, the half up half down style haha.

  3. I love the song!!! It’s really cute and catchy. And I love Kibum with that guitar <33333. I hope he appears on music shows next week.

    • Let’s hope so! I miss seeing him with SUJU!

  4. KIBUMMMM♥ MISSED YOU LOTS :D Gosh I wish ummm his love in BOF (forgot her name) was in it :D the guy in the rainbow, isn’t he going to star in a movie/drama with her? And the other guy looks just like Lee Junki in a way :)

    • Do you mean Kimbum? Haha her name was Gaeul / Kim So Eun :). I’m mainly excited over Kibum (though Kimbum is gorgeous as usual) cause I miss seeing him so much.

      • haha yeah gosh spazzing made me spell his name wrong :)

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