Posted by: beckery | May 3, 2009

020509 Navi ft. Jaebeom-Heart Damage [Music Core]

Video: CodeAnalysis @ youtube

I’m really liking this song. It’s such a pretty ballad and she has a great voice *__* Looks totally gorgeous here too. So, the official version of the song features Crown J, and she’s performed it onstage with Crown J and Untouchable before. Now its Jay’s turn XDDD

Jay apparently rewrote the rap lyrics and OMG I AM SO PROUD!!!!! *chucks cookies at him and whoever helped him write it coughTaeccoughKhuncough*. Of course, I didn’t understand a single word of the Korean rap (hahahaha), but the english one was a genius’s work. (Look under the cut for the rap lyrics.) I totally dig how he managed to incorporate 2PM related words and do some promotion for them. Awwww leadershii ♥♥♥ Favourite part? PAS and I both think it goes hands down to the “again and again” and “look at the time, I gotta go. Its 2PM”. SEE? CREATIVE!!!!

BUT OMG JLSJFLKSJLDFJLJD DOESN’T JAY SORTA LOOK LIKE TAEYANG HERE?!?!?!!?!? The white framed sunnies, shiny jacket, spiky hair, big shoes, the height, the whole attitude…

hey listen baby girl
you’re not getting it friend
why do you keep coming back to me again and again?
just let it end shawty,
you aint thinking well,
if this the game of love,
then we’re in different tales
aint looking at you,
my eyes have shifted,
you got a broken heart,
i ain’t the guy to fix it
what happen (to the) story of me and you? < i can’t make out this line but khottest says it “unhappy story of me and you,”
its the end
look at the time, i gotta go
its 2PM, peace!

Credit: vanasot @ soompi


  1. Navi is awfullly familiar, what else does she sing? She sings so well live and she’s so pretty :) JEALOUSS. Gosh my fave parts must be the rap, its so beautiful. I LOVE the English rap, very creative, I was like smiling the whole time :DDD I love the butterflies everywhere, gorgeous :D

    • He looks like Taeyang, but sounds just like G Dragon :)

      • Navi sang “I love you”. Have you heard it? It’s good. There’s also the version with Tablo rapping. Try it XD YEAH!! The stage looks really pretty with the butterflies haha.

  2. lmao, they butchered subbed Jae’s lyrics, why oh why? unless he wrote two different versions, or were they crown J’s version? Jae did so well, I’m so proud of him! He looked good too. Creative and shameless of him to self-promote, Navi has a lovely vioce as well. Now off to see where this Jail and cells lyrics came about.

    • I KNOW. Lol the lyrics they wrote at the bottom of the screen didnt make much sense hahahaha. Pretty sure it’s not Crown J’s version. I think they just did a bad job at it. But ohwell at least we could understand Jay’s english enough to not need the l yrics XDD Lol totally shameless XDDDDDDDDDD

  3. I have the mp3 rip of this performance on repeat now.

    He shamelessly advertised for his own group lol, and then he advertised another group as well (in the Korean verse there’s a part that goes “Without a heart, 5 6 7 eight”)

    • omo you’re so genius to have noticed that, or just
      a really observant person which is a good thing
      too! I love 8eight as well, yay Jaebum!

    • SAME XDDDDDDD Pas and I just had to had to get the rip. I hope they release a studio version of this!!!

      I didn’t even realise that part. Thats so flippin smart *coos at Jay*

  4. I like this version better than the Crown J one. Still learning who’s who in 2pm but at least I can now tell who Jay is haha

  5. does anyone have the rip version of this song with jaebeom & navi?
    if anyone has it, can you please send.

  6. he puts again n again n shawty!!! huhu

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