Posted by: lovediaries | May 3, 2009

090503 Super Junior @ SBS Inkigayo

“Sorry Sorry” Remix Performance – *FLAILING HOMG* Can’t get past the first 10 seconds because ASLKDASLJDLJASKD THIS IS SO AWESOME. Sungmin, Hyuk and Donghae are such an awesome trio. They do their own little thang at the start and then it goes into the usual “Sorry Sorry”. There’s a tiny change just before the dance interval and then Hyuk does new moves. (At least, I think they’re new because I’ve never seen them. But then I haven’t been watching the last few performances :/.)

Maybe cause this is their last performance (“SORRY SORRY” DON’T LEAVE ME), I felt it was extra energetic and powerful. Omg, I’m gonna miss this so bad. What would’ve been more awesome is if Kibum joined in even for 1 second.

Jo Sung Mo “Was Happy” feat. Heechul on the Piano – I didn’t know what to expect when I first read about Heechul playing the piano for “Jo Sung Mo” (he’s Heechul’s idol, isn’t he?) cause right now, I only ever see Qipao-wearing!Chul XD. The song is quite nice and it’s interesting seeing Heechul so serious ^^.


  1. I’m so going to miss Sorry Sorry. ;-;




        I can never take Chul seriously anymore D: But yay to seeing him on the piano :D

        • Lol, oh you ♥.

          Yes, tis hard to think this guy is the same as the weird mic holding one. I can’t believe he did it again in this one after Hyuk said he didn’t like it. But then, like Chul said, this is his “charm” XD.

          • You know you love me~ (or my username)

            It seems to me that Hyuk never likes anything Chul does XD

            • I love you and the person with the same name as your username :).

              AHAHAHA. That is…quite true.

  2. OMG! I knew they would do something amazing for their last Sorry Sorry performance!! :DDD

    • I miss them already, and it’s been not even a week T__T.

  3. I hate that choreo where they put their hands up and down instead of like sliding their feet when Shindong is like in the front. I HATE THAT! I miss the sliding feet a lot ): omggg the Remix is so awesome. I love how the trio dance (I was thinking, is that all the members?) and then BAM this awesome door slides out revealing Leeteuk! and others :) Leeteuk had like a what do you call it, like what Changmin does in Wrong Number :) I’m awesome at describing :) and I love the Sorry Sorry Sorry before Eunhyuk does his cool moves<33

    Never heard of that artist, but then again in kpop you learn a new artist like every day :) It’s a good song, never knew Heechul could play the piano lol but it seems like everyone knows how to play it (:

    • omgggg if it’s their last performance, I’m gonna cry. I don’t think I got so attached to a song before ): Gosh if DBSK wasn’t enough and SHINee wasn’t enough, THEY HAVE TO TAKE SORRY SORRY TOO? Well I’m going to miss watching their performances a lot. The one thing that sucks in kpop is that they only promote a song for like two months, whereas american music is like a year or 8 months ):

      • omgg did u notice sungmin’s “put foot on someone else’s leg” move during the dandandan :)

        • Rofl really? I love the slight shoulder shimmy that follows haha. But Korean artists produce music a lot quicker than Americans, so it’s no wonder they only have a few months to promote !

  4. :[ Last performance? I like the remix, though. I loled when I saw Heechul hold his mic in a “weird” way again. And I didn’t know he also knew how to play piano! o: Then again, I think most of SM people know how to….

    • Lmao yes, never underestimate the amount of SM artists (and trainees) who can play the piano!

  5. I like the remix performance the most :D Also love what they’re wearing my 2 fave colours well except for Eunhyuk’s pants. Why must stylist put him in those kind of pants, whoever made them needs a serious make over. Lol ok sorry.

    Heechul looked good playing the piano :D but then again it’s Heechul that boy can probably wear a paper bag and he’ll make it work somehow haha

    • Lol but if anyone should wear those pants, it’s Hyuk! I’m used to seeing him in those, actually :D.

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