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LAEC ♥s Music 002

Yay, we’re on “002”!!! Last week we were worried that no one would play, but you guys are amazing! We ended up getting over 100 comments :D! Though half of them were my replies, HAHA. If you haven’t read the first post and have no idea what I’m talking about, go here and read it, then come back and play :)

Tbh, I was quite surprised with last week’s songs. I thought most of the songs would be DBSJ ones, but I was totally taken back by the variety of songs that you guys listen to ^^ There was a bit of everything, from Russian folk music to stupid Sailormoon flute playing (yes, I can use the word “stupid” here cos Candychu chose that song and I can’t be sued for being mean to her XDDD).

There weren’t any exciting new releases this week (as far as  I know) unless you want to count the Haptic Mission OST, which (and I say this out of love) doesn’t have that much replay value XD. So from us author’s choices you’ll see that our most listened to songs were from outside the world of Kpop (Shock horror!). We’ve also changed the format a little bit this week to include the reasons of why we like our songs, cos you guys all wrote a bit and we didn’t want to look lazy XD.

But yea, please keep playing (DON’T LEAVE US DDDD;); we really did appreciate all the feedback we got for the last post :)


  • F.T Island – Meeting – Linking you guys to Wonbin’s last performance of the song (sorry), just because it makes the song all the more sadder and more meaningful. I don’t really know why, but for the past week, I’ve just been listening to this song non-stop (just before doing this post, I listened to it 6 times within the one hour – I just kept selecting it xD). For those who don’t listen much to F.TI, this is very unlike any other song they’ve done, but is definitely a favourite of mine. Wonbin ;~~;
  • Khalil Fong – Singalongsong – I linked this song from my other blog too, just because I really like the lyrics. It’s a sweet and simple song. More cheerful than “Meeting” for sure XD. Oh, and it’s in English too :).
  • A&T – Something happened to my heart – Ending song to Boys over Flowers Season 2. I only found the name of the song (and the people who sing it ^^ – Hanbyul from AST’1 and Minchul from T-Max) the other day so I’ve played it enough to make up for all the times I could’ve been listening to it if I had found the song earlier rofl.


  • 明天过后 (After Tomorrow)Jason Zhang Jie 张杰NEW CPOP LOVE *_____* I was totally blown away by his hk/tw top hits of 2008 medley performance (watch here) he sang bits from the top hits of 2008, including Leehom, JJ Lin, Jay Chou, Show, Fahrenheit, S.H.E, Mayday, Khali Fong, etc. and did a REALLY good job, imo. This song’s the title track on his album, and he even got his gf to star in the mv, haha.


  • Drew (of Varsity) – Like I Always Do – I luuurrrvvveee Varsity Fanclub. I tend to ignore the Fanclub part cuz it sounds so stupid lol. They remind me of Backstreet Boys since their songs are mostly pop/rnb. Anyways, one of the sweetest songs I’ve heard in a while. Would totally dedicate this to my boyfriend if I had one XDD
  • TAKE – butterfly grave – One of my favourite classic Kpop song ever ever ever ♥♥♥♥ Suddenly had the urge to put it on repeat cuz Teuk, Hyuk, Sungmin and Yesung sang it on Sukira the other day.
  • Li Yi Chun – Hong Chen – Main themesong for the Chinese drama, Romance of Red Dust. The only 2 things I liked about the drama was one: the themesong and two: Wallace Huo *____*


  1. ahh.. Khalil Fong can never do wrong. btw, leaving you with:

    Yuna – Deeper Conversation

    Malaysia’s own. she’s got couple of other nice songs but some are in Malay :) ppl dig her voice and straight fwd lyrics.

    8eight – 심장이 없어
    For obvious reasonn. certainly one of a kind in Korea.

    Ken Hirai – Canvas

    the man with the perfect voice for soundtracks :) the song by itself isn’t super fantastic but it gets to u when it’s played in the drama. his ‘Hitomi wo Tojite’ is also great.

    • Slightly off topic, but don’t you love how wp automatically embeds youtube videos when you leave a link XD It’s really beneficial to lazy people like myself; saves me the trouble of putting the link in the address bar and pressing “enter” XDDD.

      Ooooo, I have hardly any Japanese ballads on my iPod; thanks :D. 8Eight is seriously underrated :/

  2. Nice! Singalongsong is so great!! I don’t remember when I first heard it, but it’s good.
    Thanks for keeping this up XD
    I actually started writing down my most favorite songs because of this…that way when I’m old, they’ll know what to play in my nursing home room.

    +Xin Wo – S.H.E. – Alright, don’t make fun of me, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the drama of Romantic Princess…I own it, so I randomly make my suitemates watch random episodes with me…and since it’s finals, thats what we watch during study break. So recently, I’ve been listening to this song XD LOL, finals. lol. You can’t steal our joy.

    +My Flo So Tight – Jump Smokers – Because I feel strongly against men getting away with beating women, I heard this song and was like YES! FINALLY!! Now everyone has taken a stronger stand against the brutality and stupidity of men. You think you can get away with hitting girls?? No…not when people are willing to make songs about your idiocy XD YAY!!! Rihanna foreverrr…on the dance floor.

    +Leave Out All the Rest – Linkin Park – Yes, I know, soooo mainstream…but my roommate listens to this song (and Halo – Beyonce…omg. She actually has this song on repeat for days at a time…I think her play count is something rediculous…like 326 in like, a week. It’s crazy sick. Anyway.) For some reason, this song just hits me. It’s so good.


    Also, I youtube’d ya’lls songs, and a lot of songs from the previous post’s comments. I’m getting such a big music collection!! This is great!!

    • Omg, that’s so long I’m sorry!!! It didn’t look quite that massive in the comment box ._.”

      • I saw the Beyonce – Halo thing and just had to add my two cent in. I really liked that song when it was first released. But now I can’t really stand it lol. They play it like every 3rd song on the radio or something. Seriously, everytime I get into the car, IT’S ON THE RADIO. Then I change stations and guess what? IT’S PLAYING ON THAT STATION TOO!!! guh *headsdesk* T___________T

        • I always thought “Halo” was “Hey low” XDD.

    • Dw, we love reading long comments :DDD

      ROFL at your “nursing home” comment, HAHAHAHAHAHA. I’ve added a new playlist to iTunes to keep track of what I play during the week, hehe.

      I have that drama! I just haven’t watched it ^^;;;; BUT I LOVE WUZUN, HE IS SO HOT OMG.

      OMG THAT’S MY FAVOURITE LINKIN PARK SONG. I’m not emo, really. I just really, really like that song :) We didn’t include links with our songs last week ^^;; hope you found them okay! Go try our ones from this week. I’m glad post is useful to someone besides us authors, haha XD

  3. Whoa, I was just skimming over the 001 section, and I’m glad there are other non-Twilighters out there. My friends forced me to read all the books so we could have discourse, but God it was the longest 2 days of my life. Then they dragged me to watch the movie, and then that became the longest and most uncomfortable 2 hours of my life. And unfortunately, and friend of mine who was also dragged along became a Twilighter and now longs for a boy who can climb trees T_T

    Anyway, enough about that and onto music. Here are my top 3:

    Ikimono Gakari – The Flowers are Cherry Blossoms and You are Lovely
    I recently discovered them through nanaki244 on youtube who’s subbing their MVs. But they’re a pretty cool rock group, two guys and a girl I believe. They’ve been together for a long time. I found out they even disbanded for 4-5 years so that the guys could go to college, and reformed again when they finished. That’s cool ^-^

    Ryuichi Sakamoto – Bibo no Aozora
    He’s totally awesome, and I can see why artists like to work with him. First discovered him from Korean variety ’cause they like to play his Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence during couple selection.

    As One – White Love Story
    Totally nostalgic song. Completely fell in love with it when watching Coffee Prince. When the song started playing when Han Gyul hugged Eun Chan and he realized he was starting to like her, I just about died >o<

    This was fun. I hope you guys continue. I’ll definitely be more active on here now that the semester is coming to an end ^-^

  4. I wanted to add, I’d recommend IU for you, too (I noticed someone mention her on the last thread) But get her first mini album. I really was amazing, especially for a 15 year old. Her original concept was really soft and ballad-y and she really has some powerful vocals. But I think her company now is trying to jump on the happy, colorful bandwagon that is girly kpop now. You should also check out her version of Gee from Star Golden Bell. It was really pretty.

    • LOL you took 2 days to read all the Twilight books?!?! O___O Omg it would take me YEARS to finish it haha. Slightly off topic but YOU SHOULD TRY “SOME GIRL BITES” By chloe Neill!! It’s about vampires as well but its really good. THe author can actually WRITE!!! hahaha XDD

      Ooooh rock. I think PAS would like that. She’s more into rock than me haha. I’m an rnb lover through and throuh XD

      I know Ryuichi!!! Yeaa I kept hearing Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence being played in Korean variety shows esp Intimate note and it took me forever to find the name of the song. He plays the piano so well *____* Have you heard Utada’s version of the song? Well not really version, she just sampled it and put lyrics to it. I LOVE THAT SONG SO HARD <3333

      I approve of your taste haha. I love As One!!! Seriously, No one knows them :((( It’s so depressing cuz they have the sweetest voices. I pretty much love every single song they’ve released haha.

      I’ve heard IU’s first mini album. Was totally impressed. Pretty sure there was a album review post done for her sometime ago. And yea I’ve seen her sing Gee on SGB. Whilst playing the guitar? It was GOOD!!

      • I tried to read it as fast as possible to get over the torture -_-;;;;;
        Some Girls Bite sounds interesting. I’ll have to check it out. Have you ever read “Peeps” by Scott Westerfeld? It’s a pretty cool, kind of more modern vampire book. Actually all his books are pretty cool, I got into them after reading his Uglies series.

        And I did hear Utada’s version of Merry Christmas. It sounds so awesome, even though I’m not really sure what she’s singing about. I have no idea what half the references are, but its an awesome song so I listen to it anyway ^-^

        And I know, I can’t believe people don’t know who As One is. Even after Coffee Prince, but I love how sweet they sound together. They remind me of Star Twins for some reason. And I’m glad you like IU, too. I wish they had more info on her though. I did hear that she only recently began learning the guitar just so she could connect more when she was singing songs. How cute is that o^-^o

  5. Singalongsong is one of my most played on my playlists. I absolutely LOVE that song..For that matter, I loved most of Khalil’s Orange Moon CD.

    Well, my picks this time around are of the non-asian variety (rare, but it does happen!).

    Newton Faulkner – Dream Catch Me and Gone in the Morning

    Kings of Convenience – I’d Rather Dance With You

    Not much to say about the songs other than when I like the mellower/chill type stuff. Newton Faulker is kind of peppy and Gone in the Morning kind of puts me in an upbeat mood because of the beat. Helps me get my papers done when I am ridiculously unmotivated to do anything.

    • Lol I personally don’t hear much of Khalil’s songs but I’m sure Candychu has XD

      There hasn’t been any good asian releases lately so yea, my ipod is constantly playing english music and old songs :D

      Lol I fail cuz I haven’t heard of either artists you listed. I think I’m more of a mainstream listener. But i wouldnt mind broadening my horizon!

      • Mainstream good! =D I only heard of these artists when I went to the Grand Canyon a few months ago (SNOW=COLD!) on my friend’s “i-hate-my-ex” trip and they were on his ipod. In case you haven’t gone around to find the songs yet, here are the youtube links:

        Gone In The Morning:

        Dream Catch Me:

        I’d Rather Dance With You:


        • “I-hate-my-ex” trip?Omg, that sounds so fun! Too bad you didn’t go this time last year, otherwise you would’ve seen DBSK :(

          I’m listening to “gone in the morning” right now; I like it! It’s very upbeat; I think I should listen to this in the morning to wake me up XD.

          The second link won’t work :/ It says “not available in your country”…

          • I wish it was as fun as you imagine. The trip itself was nice…I got to ride a cute little donkey (well, mule, if one wants to be exact) down the canyon! Now I want one as a pet. Yeah, I could have gone to see DBSK except it’s getting HOT there this time of year (I’m ridiculously spoiled by LA weather).

            Hmm…how silly of YT. Well, in case you have not yet gone to look for it, here’s another link. Here’s hoping this one will cross international waters to your computer:

            • OMG, A MULE!! That’s sooooooooooooooooo cute :D

              I had a bad experience with horse-riding in one of my highschool PE classes. Remind me to tell you about it next time.

              I wonder why the youtube link before didn’t work O_O

  6. hi ladies,

    wow it’s been so long since I left a comment here :( Love this idea :D and I’ll be surely looking for some of these songs to add to my mp3 to keep me awake at work lol…

    anyways here’s a few you guys might want to try
    1. Care – Akanishi Jin usually I associate this boy with sexy image especially with his solo songs like “Haha (Amazing Kiss) and Pinky” but when I heard this and saw his performance I changed my mind. – performance – with english lyrics

    2. Jay Chou – Dandelion’s Promise from his movie The Secret

    3. Ito Yuna and Celine Dion – A World to Believe In

    sorry they’re all slow songs but they’re good :)

    • Hellooooo stranger. I was thinking about you the other day! How’s life treating you?

      Ohhh Akanishi Jin!!! PAS LOVES HIM!! I dont know him that well though but I’ve heard Pinky after she made me. IT cRACKS ME UP. Both lyrics way and the way he performs hahahahaha. Funny boy XD I think I’ve heard Haha (amazing kiss) too. Not to sure lol.

      I really really really like Jay chou. And I pretty much like most the song he releases.

      I think I have the Ito Yuna and Celine Dion song somewhere on my ipod. I will search for it later and give it a listen.

      You better come back next time and play with us again!!! Lol <333

      • Bec, YOU FAIL SO HARD, OMG. “Care” is the ballad that he wrote. I linked you to “ha ha” T______________________T


        I love Jin bb~~~

        Omg, Dandelion’s promise is one of my favourite Jay Chou songs!!!

        • EXCUSE ME I DO NOT FAIL. You linked me to ha ha. I watched Pinky too. What are u talking about loser? Why do I fail?! YOU FAILLLLL

          • YOU EDITED THE COMMENT, DIDN’T YOU. I’m sure you said something different this morning :/

            • Do I look like I have time to do such childish thing? T_T

      • Life’s been good. I just recently got back from vacation after about a year and some months of just working. How are you?

        Haha well now I know PAS and I have another thing in common :D our love for JIN! and I agree with you with liking most of Jay Chou’s song.

        Of course I’ll come back and play again. I’ve been dropping by a couple times a month to check what you guys have on here I just haven’t been commenting since I’m usually to tired from work.

        here’s a couple more you might enjoy
        Tei – Locked Up In Tears, Same Pillow and Miraculous Story
        Eru – Black Glasses
        TYKEYS – I’m Sorry and Old & Young
        The Way – Love Hurts
        MToM – Completely Black

  7. Yay!
    My picks:

    Taylor Swift- The Best Day
    Since this is kind of a slow song, I tend to skip over it, but after watching the MV and listening carefully to the lyrics, I’m in love with it. The MV made me teary.

    Cute is What We Aim For- There’s a Class for This
    I dunno, it’s just a really catchy song :D.

    BBMak- Out of My Heart
    One of my favorite songs from when I was younger. I heard it for the first time in years in a store the other day and fell in love with it again :). I get really nostalgic when I hear this.

    • Oh more Taylor Swift songs. Woot. I loved her “love story” and was trying to find what other songs from her I should try. Lucky you gave me one. Saves me from searching haha.

      BBMak sounds interesting. A band I presume?

  8. WOW, i think i just fell a bit in love w/ “singalongsong”. 8DD

    this week for me:

    1) “Silk Road” – Jasmine Leong
    Leehom & Ashin (Mayday) composed&produced/wrote this song respectively. (: it’s not HOMGAMAZING, but it’s really nice.

    2) “Fan” – Epik High
    i know this is really really old, but still good, right? the mv is so creepy in a good way. love love love this song. <3

    3) “Mirotic (Chinese)” – TVXQ
    HOMG. i seriously cannot stop laughing at this. their chinese is so bad cute. and the english rap = wtf? XDD i can’t take this seriously, but i still love them. ♥

    • Ohhh Candychu will be happy when she hears XD

      I know Silk Road! When I first fell in love with Leehom, I went hardout crazy finding all his songs and all the songs he helped composed and produced etc. Lol. I remember this song was good, but I’ll go and find it later and have a listen again :D

      Epik High’s Fan NEVER GETS OLD. NEVER. SERIOUSLY. I sometimes have sudden urges to listen to the song haha. Love it. The mv freaks me out so I never even finished watching it the first time :/


  9. 1. “Be My Escape” – Relient K
    It’s really old but recently I looked through a few back-ups and found this one again. This song brings quite a number of memories (including times when I’ve made really stupid mistakes). I don’t usually listen to Christian Pop Rock but the message of this song can be applied to few things other than God. Or something. I’m not making sense anymore, am I?

    2. “Insomnia” – Craig David
    The first time I heard this, it was at a Dunkin Donuts at the mall and I went (rather loudly), “OMG I KNOW THIS SONG” while I was at the counter. You see, I heard Wheesung’s version first…. so. um. yeah. I sounded like an idiot because I was probably the only one else in the world who haven’t heard of Craig David’s version by then –;

    3. “불면증 (Insomnia)” – Wheesung
    I might be biased but I think I kinda like Wheesung’s version better. The only reason I still listen to the English version is that it’s in English. And I understand it. XD

    • Lol I give you permission to not make sense since 3 of us don’t really make sense in 80% of our posts XDD

      ROFLLLLLMAOOO Oh honey you’re hilarious. I listened to Craig David’s version first. Like way way way first. Totally fell in love with it. Had it on repeat for ages. So when I heard Wheesung’s version, the excitement of the song kinda died by then lol. But I think Wheesung did an amazing job. Though, I still prefer Craig David more. Both because I love Craig David and that its in english so I can sing along XD

      You know what you should try? Craig David’s live performance of the acoustic version!!!It is total ear candy for reals. He sounded ammmaaazzinngggg <33333

  10. You’re introduced to things outside K-pop, and I’m introduced to more Mando-pop xDD

    Let’s see, I’ve been listening to…

    1. 為你而活 (Live For You)-Y2J
    I’ve been listening to their album (Live for You) nonstop for a while now. ^^ They’ve got a pretty great sound and it’s a nice change of pace from things like Sorry Sorry. I still find it weird that I found out about the band through listening to the Chinese music channel while on Korean Airlines. XD

    2. J Style-Lee Jun Ki
    I’m pretty sure you all know this one. If anything, I’m just amused by the lyrics. Oh Lee Jun Ki, how I love you. And your animalistic video. XD

    3. Royal Villain-Royal Pirates
    I’ve seen you guys post up some Royal Pirates covers, but I think Royal Villain is their own song. It’s got some good effects in it and I just LOVE Moonchul’s vocals in it. The chorus is fantastic, and so is the rest of the song’s buildup.

    • Lol. We’re getting introduced to worldwide stuff here and we’re loving it XD

      Lol Chinese music channel on Korean airlines. LOL. :DDD I’ve heard of Y2J but I’ve never tried any songs. I’ll give this a try and it’s your fault if I get turned off by them forever XPPP Jokes. I love this idea of sharing music because theres soemtimes artists you wanna give a try but like you don’t know what song to try and you’re scared the first song you pick will turn u off forever. But with this, we actually get recommendations :D

      Ohh you reminded me. I read about J style but I haven’t actually had a listen to it. I totally forgot!! Uni takes away my life *sighs*

      We indeed do love Royal Pirates heaps and heaps. Who wouldn’t? They’re totally amazing stuff. I don’t think I’ve listened to this though. Pretty sure it’s gonna be great XD

  11. OMG. I LOVE SINGALONGSONG *-* That song’s incredibly simple yet catchy and really cute and sweet :’D

    Um… I’d like to share what I listen to weekly, but how do I figure out the top three that I listen to? ’cause iTunes/iPod is accumulative.. ROFL Or do I just name three I noticed that I’ve been listening to for the past week? \o/

    • Lol by the sounds of it, alot of others love Singalongsong too. I like it aswell. Very simple but effective XD

      Um well everyone does it differently I guess. Just give us three of your favourite songs of the week if you want? The ones you keep coming back to to put on repeat :D

  12. I missed the last post, so I’ll do this one:

    Primavera- Ludovico Einaudi
    One of my favorite modern composers. It’s a bit hard to describe his music if you’ve never listened to it before, but it’s very evocative. There’s something both haunting and soothing about it. This song has been on replay this week due to finals stress. It’s a bit long for a quick listen at nearly 7m30s, but utterly beautiful the whole way through.

    언제까지 (Until Whenever)- Big Bang
    Maybe my favorite BB song out of all of them… I sort of wish they would release this officially, because I would pay for it several times over. And I wish they’d perform it live. It’s really different from a lot of their other stuff, and perhaps that’s why I love it so much.

    My Love (ft. Eric)- Kim Dongwan
    His voice is so gorgeous! This song is a mix of a soothing ballad and a catchy pop song and a good listen all around. I’ve been going back through some of my Dongwan songs, and have been remembering how much I like his solo albums.

    • I’m glad you’re joining in the fun :D

      I love your description of the first song. Much more sophisticated than our reviews hahaha. We just go “I LOVE THIS SONG. IT’S SO CATCHY” lol. And because your description makes me totally curious, I will give the song a try :D

      Ohhhh Until Whenever is the song they dedicated to VIPs right? I remember there was a really touching song but I’m not sure if it’s this one haha.

      OMGOMGOMGOMOGMOGOMG JSKFJWOIURWR YOU HAVE GOOD TASTE!!!!! Lol, I’m so biased but OMG I LOVE DONGWAN AND ERIC AND SHINHWA AND MORE DONGWAN AND MORE ERIC AND OH, MORE SHINHWA. Yea Ok I think you get the point now. But um Dongwan is totally my husband and Eric is seriously my lover and I NEED THEM TO COME BACK FROM THE ARMY NOWWW!!!

      Dongwan’s 1st solo album is one of my favourites ever ever. It’s one of those rare albums where I listen to and like practically all the songs on it. I could seriously put the album on repeat for ages and not need to skip any songs cuz I like them all. There was an awesome variety and he got heaps of ppl to feature in it. The only thing that hurts me is that Eric and Dongwan never got to perform this song live. I would most likely cry just watching it. Lovely song, lovely voice, lovely man. I am waiting for that concert dvd of him haha :D

      • I remember when Eric and then Dongwan left for the army, and I was sad, but sort of shrugged it off. Then I listened to his albums and watched some variety shows starring Shinhwa, and I thought NOOO!!! COME BACK!!! Because seriously, no idol group today is like Shinhwa.

        I wish (WISH WISH WISH) that they had performed this live. Something I find strange is that a lot of people overlook Dongwan’s voice when he is in Shinhwa, but listening to his solo albums, I am totally sure his voice is my favorite of the group. It’s just very mellow and lovely. And Eric’s rap in this song completely compliments his voice. Awww…. I miss them :)

        • I was really depressed when Eric left, because of the fact that it represented Shinhwa was on hiatus. That hurts me alot. I know they won’t disband or anything, they’re bond is way too strong for that, but seriously, it’s still depressing knowing there won’t be any Shinhwa performances, or Shinhwa appearing on variety shows for ages. :((

          I agree with what you say. When ppl think of the singers in Shinhwa, they mainly say Hyesung and Minwoo. Of course those two are amazing singers, but Dongwan is one too. He has improved so much! Seriously, when you compare Dongwan during the first few years of debut to now, you can hear that he has matured heaps.

          The thing I loved about the songs in their 9th album is that, it showed that there is no “main vocals” in Shinhwa anymore cuz all three of them ARE the “main vocals”. XDDD

          Rofl sorry for the looooooooong replies. Once I talk bout Shinhwa I can never shut up haha

  13. Yay! I love this.
    I agree with you about there haven’t been any new songs that are really worth replaying. Actually, I haven’t put any songs that were released this year in repeat. However, I put WG- Nobody in repeat instead. When the song first came out, I told myself that wasn’t addicted to this song, so I didn’t put it on repeat, but I finally did xD
    Anyhow, I found some songs that were pretty nice to listen. These are pretty new. I think they were just released about a few weeks ago.

    [url=]MC Mong – Simple Love (ft Navi)[/url] MC Mong’s songs are always pretty catchy and also I really like Navi’s voice =)

    [url=]조PD – Spring Spring (Feat. MayBee)[/url] The beginning with the piano, even thought it was really short but it caught my attention. I don’t know why haha.
    It’s a cute song =)

    [url=]J – Sweet Dream[/url] I never realized that J had a really nice voice until I heard this song.

    I think I listen to kpop too much. Maybe I should take a break from it.

    • oh the bbcode didn’t work. I actually clicked submit the first time and it didn’t show my comment, then I clicked the second time and it said that my comment is already showed, but I didn’t see it. Then, I clicked submit the third time and the same thing happened, so I went to some other sites and came back to this after awhile an I saw my comment. So weird. Really sorry about the code thing, I don’t know why it didn’t work.

      • Oh and dont worry lol. WordPress sometimes go spastic. I could read it fine XD

    • Lol, finally got infected by the Nobody virus ey? XP Lol You’ll be infected by Gee next hahaha.

      Did I mention I love Mc Mong? Cuz I totally do. My favourites from him would be the good old classics like Letter to you 1 and 2, Icecream, Because I’m a guy and of course, I love you oh thank you. I could rant on for ages but I think that should be enough haha.

      When I saw Sweet dream i thought you meant Jang nara’s song hahaha cuz I love that song. But I will give J a try too. Who is J btw? lol

      It’s ok to listen to kpop all the time. I just get bored of it cuz I dont exactly understand and I cant sing along either. So I crawl back to my english music once in a while. Or I switch to chinese haha. Its funny cuz I would be talking to the other girls and they’d tell me to listen to a song and i’d say “oh nah not interested, I’m going thru my english music phase atm” hahah

  14. 1) 亂 by Leo Ku
    i don’t really know what’s the translation for.亂..because it has multiple meanings in english. It can mean messy, confused, so on…but from the tracklist I saw they just named it ‘ran’ it’s got a great string orchestra and I love Leo Ku, he’s like one of the best cantopop singers out there!

    2) Where did u go 2.0(Sam Vahdat Remix) by G.E.M.
    wow i’m on a cantopop roll today…i actually prefer kpop but ANYWAY…my friend showed me her original song, without it being remixed, and i thought it was sort of typical cantopop, and bland. he’s really into it though. anyway i was browsing and came across this song. a remix. it’s great. i really like this remix, way more than the original! plus G.E.M. is really young, she’s like 17.

    3) Be With You by Akon ft Wilbur Pan
    I’m glad Wilbur Pan is featured on this song! I believe it’s going to be on Akon’s album. It’s mostly English, but Wilbur’s parts are in Mandarin ^^ Quite good! I’m pretty sure the MV came out already.

    • The reason that I get turned off chinese music sometimes is I can’t read the characters haha. So When i put it on my ipod it goes all weird and I dont know what song is what XDD

      I’ve heard of Leo Ku. Have some of his songs but I wouldn’t say I know much about him and his songs. Will give this a try though because I’m having a urge for new chinese music :DDD

      GEM Tang is awesome. I loved her album/mini album. I put all the songs on repeat cuz they were all really good. Amazing considering her age. I generally avoid remix haha but since you raved on about how good it is, I will give it a try.

      Oh I thought Be With You was actually for Will’s “007” album? Is it for Akons? :// COnfusing. I didn’t like it that much haha. It actually felt like they were having a rap battle cuz Akon would rap in english then Will raps in mandarin haha. Not my type of music but I like Wilbur Pan. <3

  15. First off, I’m just going to say that I’m not really good at giving explanations as to why I like a song. I just do, ok?!

    1) 거울을 보다가 – Gummy (featuring. Red Roc)
    I’ve heard of Gummy but I don’t really know what her music sounds like. So I tried out some of her songs and I found that I liked this one a lot. She has a strong vocals and in general, it’s pleasing to the ears.

    2) Any Love – MISIA
    I realised I hadn’t listened to any (new) Japanese music lately. Somebody recommended me to listen to MISIA, and once again, I tried out some of her songs. And this is the one I like the most even though “Everything” was good as well.

    3) 투명한 눈물 – Monday Kiz
    I really like ballads so in the beginning I was excited to see how many ballad singers there were in Korea. But now there’s just so many that I can’t really remember them all. Once again, I was trying to listen to some new music and I’ve heard of Monday Kiz but I don’t know what they sound like. This is just a really relaxing song. ^^

    • Lol, have you seen our explanations? I’m pretty sure they make nil sense whatsoever haha.

      I’ve heard of Gummy but I dont think I’ve tried any of her music. She seems a bit too hardcore for my taste. Nothing against the girl cuz she’s cool and all. Just she looks like the hip hop type :D

      Never heard of MISIA before.Cool name though :D I’m not really *that* into Japanese music hahaha. But I’ll tell PAS to try it cuz she is

      oh sweetie you should have just asked me. I love Monday Kiz. Um I’ll give you a few recommendations ok? My first Monday Kiz song was “Bye Bye bye” and it was the song that got me hooked on them. So give it at try. “SHout with your heart” feat rhymer is pretty good too. Tell me if you like those and I’ll give you more :D Its such a pity about what happened to Kim Min Soo though :(

  16. My current top 3 would be:

    1 trust you-yuna ito.
    Everything is just so beautiful, intricate, and simple about this song. Yuna’s voice is gorgeous as ever and the lyrics are simple but with full of meaning (cause it’s a anime ending lol). This song was a instant like with no difficulty.

    2 Again and again- 2 pm.
    It’s so addicting to the point I constantly listen to it. Jay’s and Taec’s hot english, Nic Khun’s cute but phaily Korean just makes me want to giggle but keep on repeating it lol. I especially like Jun Ho’s parts and the chorus…for some reason. It’s kind of like Sorry Sorry, Gee, and Nobody…listen for it for like a couple of months and then move on.

    3 My person-Hwanhee.
    Seriously, Hwanhee’s voice is just music in itself. The chorus really struck me a lot (I’m watching Beethoven Virus) so I wanted to hear the whole song and here I am…hearing it over 30 times. Every single time I listen to it, I get all emotional, sad, but peaceful lol. I really recommend this song to anyone who likes ballads.

    But I really love Beethoven Virus OST. Not only does it have some popular songs, the instrumentals are really pretty. I just keep listening to Hwanhee though cause his voice is sexyXD

    • I’ve always been meaning to try Yuna Ito. Not really try since I’ve got like 4 songs of her already but like try to get more into her cuz she’s pretty amazing.

      LOOOOL. I think I’ve listened to Again and Again a total of 10 times this whole week :/ I swear I’m not bored of them already, I just needed to get out of kpop for awhile. I STILL LOVE THEM I PROMISE <33333

      Hwanhee is amazing no doubt, but I prefer Brian’s voice more. Hwanhee hits those high notes with perfection and he sounds awesome most the time. But sometimes, just sometimes, he’s voice becomes a bit over bearing for me. I cant explain it arghh :/ Bu t its nothing against him!! haha XD

  17. OOOOHHHH VARSITYYYY, my sister listens to them but I laugh at her IDK I am in need of some good BSB right now T_T, these posts are fun and distracting.

    1. Naive – The Kooks
    I already love this song but haven’t listened to it in a while until LOL it was in the end credits of 17 Again :O

    2. 관찰 – G.O.D
    Kicking it old school 8D OH I LOVE G.O.D’s music forever, but this song is stupid. I have no idea of what is going on in the song or MV but after such a long time of not knowing it doesn’t even matter anymore, but really wth is going on, it makes no sense. And I look like such a retard dancing to this song ;___;

    3. My Man – Davichi
    fffff, why so addictive? The english makes no sense but w/e, I’m still singing along. IDK, I just really like the “Oh I guess I’m funny, funny” bit.

  18. HEYYYY ARE U LAUGHING AT ME THEN?!! *sulks* I adore Varsity!!! They have some really catchy mainstream pop/rnb songs ok.

    Omg omg speaking of BSB. Did you hear about their new 2009 album?! It’s not released yet but some songs are out for “demo” reasons (or I think they were leaked?). BSB IS TURNING RNB. That is all I have to say haha. I listened to them but none of them made me go “WOW”. It’s good to know they’re together though :D

    Ohhh 17 Again. I saw that and no I am not a Zac Efron lover and no I am not a closet Zac Efron lover haha. I just watched it cuz the ratings were pretty good. I liked the movie though. And yes, I admit Zac sorta did look hot in the jeans, white shirt and leather jacket XD

    Lol hi5. I was going thru some old school TAKE songs too XDDDD I actually prefer Shinhwa and TAKE as to GOD hahaha. The only GOD song that blew me away was “to my mother”. One of the most touching songs ever <333

    Davichi is aweseommeeeeeee. I think most their songs are pretty cool. Not repeat material for me but a listen here and again haha.

    • Maybe it’s because the varsity song my sister listens to on repeat sounds really lame, like not even the lame I can appreciate.


      I have nothing against the Zefron but I’m not one of his lovers either (…that scene where he showed up at school was quite *____* worthy) but I ended up liking the movie, except for the daughter part which scared me a lot.

      TO MY MOTHERRRR <3 I am neutral about G.O.D themselves but I love their music x100000. Searching for lyrics (or anything in general) is a pain, the bible keeps coming up.

      • HOMG ZAC EFRON *______*

        I’m not actually a fan (highschool musical makes me want to yank my arm off just so i’d have something to throw at the dancing teeny boppers on tv) but homg, he looked so good in 17 Again *___*

        My favourite scene? When he was wearing that blue checked shirt with skinny jeans. Mmmmmmmm. Ooo, and I loved his abstinence speech, rofl XD. We walked out of the cinema and my friend went “I’m going to be abstinent…cos Zac Efron told me to….then I’ll meet him one day…and we can be not abstinent together…:)” T_____T

        • I can’t resist busting out to a good “WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER”, I have seen HSM over 10 times ;_____; at school they like to show it on sport days when it’s raining.

          OH I LOVE ALL THE SPEECH SCENES, abstinence one especially!!! but the one where he explains why Stan is a bully too. I end up discussing movies and actors on this post too lol

  19. Thank u for this!! ^^ Gives me new music to listen to :P

    I have been listening to:

    Lovebug – Jonas Brothers
    It is surprisingly a really cute song, a bit like…well, it puts me in mind of Jason Mraz, but I could be wrong “^^

    Lifeline – Papa Roach
    It’s kind of emo but I like the lyrics :)

    Again and Again – 2PM
    I have developed a HUGE crush on JunHo and I like his parts in this. I also really like Taec’s english part XD Anyway, I really hope they win soon! They deserve to!!


      Hehe, I watched the MV for Love Bug. Its funny :)

      Wow, you listen to really different stuff. Jonas Brothers and Papa Roach, haha.

  20. Pelageya ft. Darya Moroz – I Don’t Know How to Love Him (song from ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ that they sang live one one TV show and I liked it much enough to rip)

    Super Junior – RESET. No link needed XDDD

    George Michael & Mary J Blige – As

    • Wow, you really listen to a diverse range of music!

      Can I ask what nationality you are?

      • Sure ^_____^
        I’m Russian.
        And I’m musical pig. I mean, I can listen to George Michael and then switch to, God forbid, Super Junior, and I will listen to them MORE (like in my playlist, lol). Know the funniest thing? I’m opera fan. I live in St. Petersburg so there are several insanely good theaters and when I have money I can watch and listen to something once or even twice a week, and if we count ballet it will be even more ^____^ So, if you do vol. 3 don’t be surprised if you see something like no. 4 from my playlist. I saw him LIVE *_____________* Imagine, no microphones, just theater hall filled by VOICE and music.

        • This is slightly off topic but still relevant, is St. Petersburg the place in Anastasia where Dimitry and the tubby guy (Forgot his name lmao) held auditions to find Anastasia? That is one of my all time favourite movies EVER.

          I’ve never been to see a ballet, though I would love to. I’ve been to an orchestra when I was really little but fell asleep half way through lmao XDD.

          • Yes, it’s St. Petersburg. I totally love the music in “Anastasia” but (as all Russians) I hate the movie itself. They raped history of my country, I swear XDDDDDDDDDD
            But for foreigner who does not know history of Russia this movie must be beautiful (like “Mulan” for me).

            You should! It’s amazing! Just, one advise – your first ballet(s) must be by Tchaikovsky. His are the easiest for amateurs, if you are not sure that you’ll be able to watch the whole performance. “Sleeping Beauty”, “Swan Lake” – these are my two favourite ballets ever. Also “Don Quixote” by Minkus. And never go to modern variants of choreografy, only to classic ones. Ballet loses his classic charm and becomes just dance when it is without tutus and decorations, imo. You can YT them and I will be surprised if you would not want to see it in real life =)
            As a child I hated my mother for taking me to theater, it was so boring, but now I’m thankful. It became such a great pleasure.

          • Duh, I’ve decided to re-watch my favourite parts in swan lake (which include Pas de Quatre Small Swans) and in a list of videos on the side was this masterpiece (it’s not from this ballet) and I lol-ed hard and decided to share

  21. i love sg wannabe’s “i love you” from their latest jib, gift from sg wannabe!

    • Oh, I really need to try their latest album out !! Thanks for the heads up :).

  22. yay another one! :D/

    I.. actually been listening to a few albums now, are they count? cause I dont really pay attention to the song titles =.=”

    1. SNSD – HaHaHa Song
    such a fun song ! there are long and short version too! but I could never differentiate their voices though, except the distinctives ones like taeyeon, jessica,and yoona ;_;

    2. Baek Ji Young Vol.7 – Sensibility
    YOU HAVE TO GIVE THIS ALBUM A TRY! NO REGRET. so many good songs, from ballads to dance, her voice fits in all genres :D
    oh and there are songs featuring by 2AM and Mighty Mouth too!

    3. Son Dam Bi Vol.1 – Type B
    ahh, this album is pure love <333
    I’m surprised that this album contains pretty nice ballads and and A FULL LENGTH ENGLISH TRACK!!!!! :)))))
    I could actually understand this song without the lyric so it means no engrish included (or maybe the words are the easy-to-pronunciate-type ^^”)

    • Lol theres lots more coming too XDD

      Um so I didn’t really try SNSD’s hahaha song XD but I love Baek Ji Young’s “Like being hit by a bullet”. It’s a few months old now I know but I still listen to it regularly cuz its so good. I will try her album out, dont you worry haha. I just haven’t got the time atm XD

      I’m so-so about Son Dam Bi’s album. I love “slowly falling”. Had it on repeat for ages. But I’m pretty neutral about all the other songs haha.Most of them were from her mini albums anyways? And yes I like Twice Too many time too but um maybe I’m a bit too picky cuz I didnt’ really like her english haha. The song is good though XD

  23. Okay, so I’m going to show my fail by saying that I really don’t know how to find out what songs I’ve been playing the most in the last week – so again, I’m just going to pick from my ‘Recently Played’ the songs I think I’ve been listening to a lot.

    Super Junior – Angela
    When I first listened to their album, this song didn’t make much of an impression on me but when the album came in the mail and I started to play it on my cd player, I found myself listening to ‘Angela’ again and realizing that it’s a really good song. I like that it’s upbeat without being too happy and it also has a slight edge of melancholy to it. In addition, it’s one of the songs where more of the members contribute vocally and that’s always good.

    SJM – AT Least I Still Have You
    They performed this song on the first show that I ever watched with them and I remember thinking that it was such a lovely song. It was the first song of theirs that I liked right away and it’s still one of my favourites. It’s really soothing.

    DBSK – You’re My Melody
    The story behind this one is the same as ‘Angela’ basically – I recently discovered how nice it is and now I listen to it almost every day. It’s a new favourite.

    • Lol, I just go to my iTunes library and look at my “recently played” playlist, then pick three that I’ve been playing heaps during the week. haha.

      I haven’t listened to Angela that much. I think I will now after you’ve talked about it, though (see, these posts are helpful :D). I loved “Let’s not” and “what if”

      I LOVE THE TWO OTHER SONGS YOU PICKED. Actually, “you’re my melody” was my favourite song on Mirotic album. As soon as I heard it from a bad fancam taken before their album release, I knew it would be my favourite song, haha.

  24. 1. Son Dambi- Saturday Night
    When I first heard this song, I couldn’t get why Sorry, Sorry kept on losing out to it and why Korea loved it so much. Now I realize why. It’s RIDICULOUSLY catchy. It’s not honestly her best song, but after a few listens…. O_O top of my playlist.

    2. Tiffany (SNSD)- By Myself
    I was kind of reluctant to hear this, because honestly, the SNSD solo songs (besides Taeyeon’s) don’t really impress me that much. But same with Saturday Night- I listened to it a few times, and I was hooked. Tiffany’s voice is… husky, I guess is the word. I never really liked it that much, but it works in this song.

    3. SNSD- HaHaHa
    I was.. feeling kind of depressed about my life this week tbh, and I needed some feel-good songs, so that’s what got me started with this song XD It actually worked with cheering me up, so… ♥

    @PAS + Candychu: I never answered you guys properly the last time, but YES, SOULMATE IS AMAZING. Go watch it.
    Oh, gosh, Candice…. I’ve had Something Happened To My Heart for ages D: If you asked, I could have sent you it.

    • I’VE NEVER LISTENED TO ANY OF YOUR SONGS XDDDDDDDDD Yet they’re all really popular atm. Omg I fail XD. I’M GETTING OLD DDDDDDDD:

      I googled Soulmate. It looks really interesting :D

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