Posted by: lovediaries | May 5, 2009

090505 Super Junior @ 27th Creative Child Song Festival

Along with Taeyeon, they perform a song called “Baby Goat”

{credit: kithkithkith @ youtube}

This is almost as cute as the bag my little sister designed rofl. And Sungmin must’ve taken out his shoelifts because he looks so much shorter than Kyuhyun here XD.

I wish Eunhyuk & Shindong were given some lines. They sang really well in that Star King ep when they were doing imitations xD. But then again, this song is too short haha.


  1. This is way too adorable *-*! And Sungmin really does look so… tiny and short compared to Kyuhyun XDD But Donghae looks slightly out of place wearing that black glove thing rofl, but otherwise, it’s all good 8D

    • LMAO YEAH! When he held up the mic, I went “Oh O.o must have just come from dancing Sorry Sorry” XD.

  2. LOL wtf is this XD It’s like they were randomly dragged from some Sorry Sorry performance. It looks weird watching SJ sing without dancing haha.

    At least there was KyuMin. :D

    • Yes, how appropriate lol.

      I know, KyuMin makes me so happy :3.

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