Posted by: pinkandsparkly | May 5, 2009

SS501’s 2nd Japanese Album – “All My Love”

Gosh, that album’s cover’s just bursting with creativity, isn’t it T___T

FINALLY. A NEW ALBUM. It feels like it’s been decades since they released Deja Vu. And while I don’t really like their Japanese songs (ugh, so happy =.=) I’m glad they’re releasing something. You can listen to the title track “All My Love” here. It’s a really really pretty a capella song that shows off their voices really well *_*

This album will be released in Japan on the 13th of May. There are two versions, normal and first press limited edition that comes with, get this, SS501 TRADING CARDS XDDDD ROFLOL XDD. I know, I know, the supplier really meant “post cards” because they’re just glossy cards with their photos, but omg trading cards remind me of Pokemon XDDD. “And I’m gonna use the “vocal skills” bonus card on my Hyunjoong card to beat your Kyujong card” ROFL. I NEED TO STOP LAUGHING AT THIS XDDD.

A preview of the TRADING CARDS and tracklist after the cut.


5.Get along
6.Promise to Promise
7.Belive in Love
8.Let’s Break Away
9.Time of Destiny
13.All My Love


1.Jacket Shoot Off-Shot movie

Credit: Yawa at Soompi


  1. ROFL HAHA ILU BB, Since we’re on the topic,

    “I shall attack your Hyunjoong with my KyuJong and I’m going to power him up with the Pretty Boy card”


    • I defend your attack on my Hyunjoong card with my “CREATIVE PHOTOSHOOT” chance card (it lets you escape ANY attack) BWAHAHAHAHA

      • Then I shall swap warriors and put out Jungmin and get him to attack with his Grease (musical) attack, which will cover HJ in oil so he can’t see or do anything muahahahhaha

        • Nono, now I will use the “Jihoo crying in the rain” card on HJ which enables him to be impervious to any type of liquid >=DD

          • In that case, I will get Jungmin to do the “jump and split pants” attack so that he blinds HJ XDDDDDDDDD

            • Pft, I will shield your attack using the “Giant Idol World Umbrella They Used” card. And then use the “Jungmin waking up” attack on you. BWAHAHAHA

  2. oh daym, CAN THEY LEVEL UP?

    • Depends what CARD you have >=D

    • Btw, I AM willing to trade you my “Hyunjoong’s BOF grandpa card” for a “Hyunjoong’s shiny BOF sneakers” card

      • PAS puh lease, my “Kyujong bodyguard” card beats all yours. Mooray don’t fall for her trick, the grandpa card doesn’t do anything except make u lose points cuz of old age!!!

        • PFT, in that case I’ll use my “Baby and his racing car from ‘song for you’ mv” card to charm your “Kyujong bodyguard” and cause a mini diversion!

        • The “Jungmin as an angel in a white room possibly due to mental illness” card can heal all the points taken away by the grandpa card then

          • But my “Hyunjoong as a cute bar tender mixing who knows what into a cup” card will seduce you and take away all your health points!

            • Not if my “kyujong standing seductively in a hallway a la UR MAN” card counteracts the seduction with some… more… seduction?

              Someone got carried away, and by someone I mean everyone on this post.

              • Bec told me I’m not allowed to comment anymore on this post, cos readers will think I’m mentally unstable ;____;

                • Yeah, readers will then think what us authors already know :/.

                  • YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE SLEEPING >=(

                    What will they then think? That I’m awesome? Awww, thanks Worldling, but I think they already think that <3

      • fufufu, I will only trade my OSM deck for a “Jungmin is a horse” so I can ride to safety from any attack but based on the images above Hyungjoon is the FIERCEST!

        • Of course, Hyunjoong’s the RARE card that only a select few has. HEEEEEHEEEEEEEE >=DDDDDDDDD

  3. Omg you guys are freaks. GTHO OF HERE DDDDD:

    *brings out the SHINee cards which will outshine any of your SS501 cards*.

    • they will have trouble outshining youngsaeng’s hair!

      • Minho will burn youngsaeng’s hair with his flaming charisma.


      • How do you know? You haven’t even received your CDs with the cards inside.

        • Shhhhh, I already have Changmin and Jaejoong cards. SOULFIGHTER will beat any SHINee card xP

  4. lmao all this card talk made me laugh hardXD

    hmm I shall use Jungmin’s constant talking card. He’ll outspeak all these other guys and ko them haha.

    • And I’ll use my “Baby + Jungmin = Mega-awkward” card to block all the dialogue XD

      • Then I’ll use leader’s “4D I want to see UFO” card to block out those awkward momentsXD

  5. ROFLMAOing SO EFFING HARD. what crack are you guys on?? XDD

    share? *______*

  6. woah, youngsaeng’s hair is LOOONNGGG.

    missed double S much. <3 glad they’re back.
    but it seems old songs are in the album too.

    *all those trading card talk is making me crazy. :D
    wonder how life would be if they really release something like that.
    a fangirls’ trading cards convention?


  7. alhhfasadhj The song is beautiful! But they’re really going to use an a capella as their title track, or is that just the a capella version? And wow Youngsaeng…wow.

    (My “crazy fangirl” card pwns you ALL! mwahaha)

    • Yea, I was thinking that too. Cos that would be quite different (DBSK haven’t even used an a capella track as their title track….)

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