Posted by: pinkandsparkly | May 6, 2009

2NE1’s “Fire” MVs

Videos: YGladies @ Youtube

Um…yea……….after reading some of the comments on their mv, I think I’m the only one who doesn’t like it XD.

Not-so-friendly review:

Does CL’s opening annoy anyone else?

They’re gangster, I get it, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it :/ Maybe it needs a few more listens, but atm it sounds very much like the typical american hip hop I can hear on the radio every day. Before you attack me by saying that Big Bang’s not much different, let me point out that Big Bang has songs like “Haru Haru” that you definitely don’t hear on typical western radio every day.

But maybe these girls will release something next that will pleasantly surprise me. Meh. Tbh, I’m disappointed. At this time I prefer After School over them. Oh, and I think one of them offended their stylist XD

Rofl, I have this .gif on msn that looks exactly like their *arms flailing* move in the chorus XDDD.


  1. Ah don’t worry, I didn’t particularly like the song either. CL’s part of the beginning reminded me of G-Dragon (surprise surprise) but well…female. I does sound very run-of-the-mill but I guess in Korea most girl groups are being all fresh and girly so this would be different. Hopefully their next song will be less synthesized…

    • Yes, I agree with you. The way they talk/rap (and even sing) is so similar to G-Dragon. They really weren’t lying when they said they were the female Big Bang.

    • *hi5*

      Haha, yea, her part at the beginning did remind me of GD. And you’re right, they are quite “new” in terms of kpop girl groups, and I do hope they do well, cos they trained and stuff :)

      Maybe it’s cos I just don’t like the style of music…

  2. This wasn’t as bad as I expected because you told me it sounded like “How Gee”. It is nothing like that, loser =.=”.

    I’ve only seen the Street Version of the MV and at the start, they looked a tad try-hardish but it was alright from the middle onwards. The choreo is quite funky with a few exceptional moves. I…’d like to learn it? HAHA.

    Um, I’m not sure if it’s cause I’m sleepy or their clothes are way too bright & busy or the music is headache inducing, but my eyes feel really tired right now T__T.

    • Fail. I told you it sounded like “How Gee” cos I’d just heard the trailer. Which was CL’s intro T___T (and, admit it, it does make you think the song will be “How Gee” sounding).

      I’m still waiting for you to learn the Again and Again choreo and post it on Youtube :P

      You’re lucky you didn’t watch the Space version. That was TRIPPY.

      • Aw I liked the Space Version better .__. I THINK IM ONE OF A KIND.

        Lool I haven’t watched enough performances of “Again and Again”. I know like 4 moves including Nichkhun’s tummy rubbing :/. And I don’t post these things on youtube :PP.

        • I like the Space Version better, if I have to choose. The Street Version kinda makes them look like they’re trying to hard. :\

          • OMG THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT I SAID. *hi5hi5hi5hi5hi5hi5hi5hi5*

  3. You are not the only one. Those girls don’t have class, they are not stylish – just tasteless and vulgar. It’s not their fault, but still. The song did not make up to horrible style – so I definitely won’t watch neither video to the end nor their live performances >_______________<

    • I watched half of each video. The Space one hurt my head T__T

      Yea, I think their stylist/s secretly hates them. I like classy, sophisticated girl groups. Like CSJH :D I MISS THEM ;_____;

      • What are you talking about, Minzy’s top with two fists on the chest part is so stylish. For reals.


        I MISS CSJH TOO. I read they’ve been going back to Korea for “breaks”. I hope breaks = SECRETLY PREPARING FOR A KOREAN COMEBACK.

        • I watch about a half of ‘space’ video. Did not manage other.

          That top design totally reminded me about cow udder.

          I’m not a fan of CSJH but I totally support their comeback. They have class (so true!), their vocals and dancing abilities are supreme. The only reason why I don’t listen to them on regular basis is that I’m sexist, lol, meaning that I don’t like female ballads, only male ones. Even if they would not become a big hit it still will be like a rain in a desert (well, I sincerely like SNSD, so I have my own oasis in mentioned desert, but they are like SuJu for me – guilty pleasure XDDDDD)

  4. i feel the same too.

    dara’s voice was ultra synthesized. i wonder how she’ll be able to pull that off live. i mean, i don’t even know if her voice has improved from the time she was a pop act here in the philippines.

    • Hahaha, yea, I’m really looking forward to a live performance. Apparently Dara was just “ok” when she was in the Phillipines, so I’m curious to see what she’s like now.

  5. It’s not that bad, not that good either. It’s just… eh. I’m kind of disappointed because this isn’t the “female Big Bang” I was expecting. I hope this isn’t their best.

    This time I can actually say I prefer Sandara’s hair than CL’s… ^^;

    But you know what? This is actually FAAAARRRR better than the stuff Sandara was made to sing when she was in the Philippines so I have to give it a little credit.

    (I don’t like After School… I mean, I guess they’re okay? But if I have to choose between them and 2NE1, I choose neither haha XD)

    • Have you seen After School on Idol Army? They were so cute and sweet ^^

      Hmmmm, I reckon I’m disappointed cos of all the HYPE over them :/

  6. I like CL’s part in the beginning, actually I liked the first minute, but then I was like “when will this song end?!” the chorus isn’t even memorable.

    Also, Sandara’s “boom boom boom” part totally reminds me of the Black Eyed Peas song which I hate so so much.

    And I really like After School~!~!


      Erm, I can’t remember what the song sounds like now XDDD

      • I’ve listened to Fire like three times now, it didn’t really get better any of the three times :/

        YAY AFTER SCHOOL IN THE HOUSE~ (If it weren’t for Idol Army I would still be hesitant about them though)

  7. Okay, just like you I had no bias or previews coming into this. I haven’t even read comments so…
    1. At least two of the four remind me of G-Dragon in girl form…and it’s distracting right now. Especially the one w/ the mohawk.
    2. The song is repetitive style *again* but in their defense, the song was probably written during the height of the repetitive craze.
    3. At least one of them can sing(bunny girl) but I’d like to have a slower song next to hear the others.
    4. Overall I think they’ve got potential. We all know everything G-Dragon touches turns to gold so I’ll be watching out for what they do next.^_^

    P.S.-The Indian part was pretty cool.XD

    • Mohawk girl looks more like Jaebeom than GD, imo XD.

      It is repetitive, but I can’t remember what it sounds like :/ See, with Gee and Tell Me, you could remember it after 3 listens, tops. But I’ve listened to this song a few times now, and I still don’t remember what the chorus sounds like..

  8. why you give gd too much credit??

    the one who made the song is teddy..

    • Lol, I’m not giving GD any credit at all (cos I don’t actually like the song).

  9. I liked the Indian part, the song is kinda good, the chumal chumal chumal part is catchy. I’m just bummed these girls were not supposed to focus on image but dancing/singing. The dancing was nice, singing can be better, I’ll give them time. But they didn’t want it to be a girly cutesy image like all the other girl groups but clearly with the video they still picked an image which was gangsta/willy wonka pop, and what’s with the bunny outfit? seriously! shame shame, I want a female Epik High! But this is perfered over snsd/kara, don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike those two groups either. But if I had to show my little sister a girl group it would be 2NE1

    • lol, don’t get me wrong, I wrote that I like SNSD above, so I’m desperately trying to NOT sound like a insane fan (which I am not) here XDDDDD
      I would never want my little sister to see 2NE1, because I would die of shame if she was wearing even ONE randome article of their clothes or had such a make-up or hairstyle or manner of moving. If she’s old enough – it’s CSJH. If she is young – SNSD and Kara. They make good overall image, if you know what I mean, I’m not talking about music right now. Just that kids tend to work like mirror of persons that they like, so… no, definetely not 2NE1, me and mom put too much time into making my sister a little lady, lol.
      Sorry, Sonya, no 2NE1 for you as long as I’m alive XDDDDDDDDDDD
      Don’t take above rant too seriously, please =)

      • Don’t worry I won’t take your comment seriously since we all have different opinions, so I hope you don’t take my comments seriously, no I don’t know what you mean by a good overall image, since I prefer not to have an image. I don’t want my sister imulating Gyuri’s whole new level of “confidence” but I would like her listening to the music, except the song “pretty girl”, nor do I want her dancing to “Gee”, the song is okay except for being a “Babo/stupid” over a guy. Nor do I want her watching Kara dance in bunny outfits to “Pretty Girl” but prefer “Honey” eat honey dance. There’s a good and bad to everything.

        • I did not mean exactly SNSD/Kara dances or songs. I don’t want my sister be FANGIRL to the point of learning dances XDDDDDD
          I mean, if I see my not-so-little already sister imitating 2NE1 style (in clothes, in make-up – those kind of things) I would be seriously sad. I would think that she is in bad company, I would begin to check her bag for sigaretts and such, check her grades, ets.
          When I was 12, my mom told me that cute can be lethal weapon, lol, I’m not joking. Of course, nobody is cute to the point of SNSD in real life… though… I did close in school and University, tbh… And I still tend to use it (heh, I’m 26 and I work as a lawer, and all old guys in my company like how I dress, how I talk and how I’m always in good mood – because all other girls are of Serious and Cool type and old folks think they are bitchy; old folks decide of promotions and I was already promoted twice). And I know that cute image is super useful, comfortable and easy for the girl of my character. So I want my sis to be like me, lol, that’s why I wrote that I don’t want her to see 2NE1 – what would I do if she likes them? XDDDDDDDD

  10. oh girl.. you ain’t the only one.. i don’t like the song at all… there was so much hype over this group but honestly i don’t see anything at all.. they gotta bring much more to the table if they wanna make it out in the entertainment world….

    • Overrated, yea?

      Like I said, atm I like After School more in terms of the “strong female” group image. 2NE1 are different to snsd and wg, yes, but After School does it better XD

  11. I don’t think you are the only one who thinks that. I was reading over on a lot of other blogs, and they were expressing how much they love 2NE1 and such when they really just debuted and mostly those blogs group love Big Bang and Yg, so understandable. But my honest opinion, it’s (their song and mv and such) not that great. I expected more since everyone was expecting a lot from them. I find them trying so hard to live up to their “Female Big Bang” name. Like 2 wanna-be G-Dragons. I think 1 is enough.
    I agree with Sally up there. There was a lot of hype over this group, and I can’t really see anything from them as of now.

    • I love Big Bang and I like se7en. As for the rest of YG….don’t really keep up with them, haha.

      There were so much hype surrounding them ever since the rumour started about a female Big Bang, so I guess I was expecting something really WOWing. But yea….maybe I expected too much.

  12. I agree with you too, about the whole hype thing and typical American hip hop. I like how their image and style are way different but… what’s with the bunny outfit then?! ROFL I do kind of like/enjoy this song, but only if I don’t watch the MVs rofl :| The choreography distracts me the most ><” The hype overrates them a bit too much, I’m not feeling satisfied yet… but hopefully they’ll be better :D

    • Yea, some bits remind me of Lady Gaga, but brighter and more asian, LOL.

  13. This song is okay. Nothing too special for me yet and definitely not worth all the hype. After listening to it twice, I still can’t remember what it sounds like haha. I also didn’t like CL’s opening. I actually don’t like those types of openings in general. The clothes in the street version bother me. And so does their hair. I liked the Indian part in the space version, but that was about it. I hope they change their image and come out with some better songs. That was kinda harsh >.<.

    • The opening’s too gangster for my liking :/

      *hi5* I can’t remember how it goes either XD. The space version was distracting. Wayyyyy to much stuff going on in one mv…

      They’ve been getting really good feedback, though. So maybe it’s just us who don’t like it? XD

  14. I like their..shades :) It’s nice to be able to see their face now, instead of a blast of color. I agree that I don’t really like the opening. If that’s the how do i say it, image that they want, then i guess it’s ok but it won’t really make them stand out. If they’re just trying to impress people, then it’s not really working. I really don’t think there’s anything that makes me want to listen to them. Their name even confuses me. WHY ARE THERE TWO VERSIONS? makes me very confused. is there really a difference between the versions. I love After School way better than them. Everyone calls them the Korean version of Pussycat Dolls, but at least they’re different and not trying to be alike alike. :)

    • I like their sunnies, too :D

      I LIKE AFTER SCHOOL MORE, TOO :DDDDDDDDDDD At first when I watched their “ah…” mv, I was like “ewwwwww, skanks” but then I watched some shows and listened to “Diva” and now I think they’re awesome :)))

  15. I like the Space version more (: Their clothes in the street version kind of annoy me. But did you notice GD dancing in the back at 3:16 in the Street version?

    Personally, I like the song. The only thing that really annoys me is Sandara Park’s overly digitalized voice here. I think CL is cool, but….. REAAAAALLY like GD. I don’t have that much of an opinion on Minji….. and I LOVE Park Bom, but I see why YG waited so long for her to debut- she really doesn’t have that much charisma.
    Overall, I don’t think it’s TERRIBLE for their debut… just not GREAT. The hip hop/gangster image is WAY over the top, and yes, if I had to choose one I’d choose After School for now. But somehow, I get the feeling they might move on to a more.. Haru Haru-ish song later, I think they’re just trying to establish their real image with this song.

    • I DIDN’T SEE GD!!!!! Awww now I’m tempted to watch it again…

      All their voices (except for the bunny girl) were synthed too much :/ I’m really looking forward to a live performance, haha.

      Yea, I think they over-did the “gangster” image, too :S

  16. 2NE1 the best!

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