Posted by: beckery | May 6, 2009

Laugh of the day – EunTeuk’s English on Sukira

Credit:ccherjr @ youtube

ROFLMAOOOOO FOREVER. The title pretty much says it all.

EunTeuk speaking engRish. Yes, Eunhyuk and Eeteuk speaking engrish. Phail Engrish. Crazy phail engrish. Crazy phail jibberish engrish.

But if that’s not enough to convince you to watch this crackfest clip, then at least watch if for Teuk’s “reary?”, their “beyonce, my sista, my friend” gibberish talk, Hyuk’s “this song is title is If I were a boy. Hey listen”, more Teuk gibberish followed by their crazy HUK HUK HUUUKKKK HA HAAAA HUK HAA laughter, their “boys write girls” and “the great es gape” which is really “boys like girls, the great escape”. Lol, just watch ok!


  1. Lol.

    I noticed when korean famous people talk in english on tv/radio and they don’t know what they are talking about they add alot of “!!!!!!!!” to everything. Especially guys they say: “Yeah!, All right!, etc.”

    It’s sooo hilarious~

    • Rofl they also add a lot of “and” “yea” and “heys” randomly to the sentence.

      “So hey, yea I like her too and yea… :D:D:D:D” hahahahaha. I guess it fills in the gaps, in a way rofl.

  2. Teuk’s laugh is so funny…
    Made my day.

    • Agreed. His laugh makes u laugh along XD

  3. TBH I only decided to watch when you said boys like girls, I had to watch, there’s nothing better then your fandoms colliding especially when your fandoms are from different sides of the world! well it didn’t collide much. Teuk was about to fall off his chair from laughing lol, “good boy” lmao Hyuk

    • Lol. PAS loves Boys like Girls as well I think. I think they’re pretty cool as well. Liked their “Hero/Heroine” XDD

      HAHA yea their “good boy” was really random and crazy. Oh well the whole thing was pretty crazy lol

  4. lol the good boy part made me burst into laughterXD oh how I wish for another season of Full House…I wish any of us can volunteer for thatXD

    • I want Full House season 2 as well :(((( It would be awesome times a million. They’re such big engrish fails but I love their attempt at it anyways haha

  5. OMG thank you so much for posting this, it seriously made my day. I laughed so hard when Eeteuk said some gibberish engrish in a low voice (for him, at least) and then he laughs and it’s so high pitched! Eunhyuk’s laugh is hilarious but in the background you hear a REALLY high squeaking and I seriously think it’s Eeteuk sucking in air as he laughs. And his “Oh my God, oh God” is super hilarious too.

    Wow. Gotta love the “reary” and “row” too.

    • Lol dont thank me honey, thank the two big idiots who were in it. They provide the crack, I just share it around rofl. XDDDDD

      Yea, I totally could not understand a word of that gibberish before his laugh. I replayed it a million times and still can’t figure out what he’s on about. SUBS PLEASE LOL!!!

  6. *falls over clutching her stomach*

    I so needed this right now! Final exams are EVIL…
    But I cracked up so hard watching this! Especially the “good boy” part. I laughed so hard the moment those words came out of their mouths that I must have woken up the neighborhood!

    Oh EunTeuk, you can speak Engrish to me forever because then I’d never stop laughing.

    *sigh* Back to studying…

    • Ohhh I was wondering where you were lately XD I’m glad to see you’re at least still alive and kicking haha! Hope all your exams go well! Dont stress!!!! *chucks cookies at you*

      I pretty much cracked up every second of the clip. Seriously can’t choose a favourite part or word cuz everything was so batshit insanely gibberish hahaha. I was literally ROFLMAO-ing the whole time. Candychu wants me to rip the clip for her hahaha. I’ll cut a cool part and make it my ringtone XDDD ROFL

  7. This is pretty much amazing. I don’t think is much that can make me giggle more than SuJu speaking English. I really wish I could incorporate phrases like, “Oh yeah you are my friend!” and variations into my everyday speech lol.

    • Watching Korean stars talk engrish is pretty much one of the most entertaining things. Suju is definitely VERY high on the list. VERY VERY VERY HIGH. Lol I guess thats why we all love them so much. Despite the fail they are, they still try XDDD

  8. When I first watched this, what really made me laugh was Jungsoo’s laugh. Like always XD

    • Oh I dont know, they opened their mouth and I started laughing. Teuk’s laugh definitely made me laugh more though XDD

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