Posted by: lovediaries | May 6, 2009

Official 2NE1 Pictures

Thought these would be useful for those who can’t yet match names to faces :). We’ve just posted the MVs HERE, and I’ve shared my opinion on the song in the comments already. But I’ll say it again here haha.

Tbh, because there was so much hype surrounding this group, I held no expectations and didn’t listen to any of the previews for “Fire” just so my opinion of their debut would be unaffected and unbiased. I just heard the song for the first time and I like it! I just hate how the rap sounds so much like G-Dragon. Nothing against him, but…I like original sounding voices, you know? Oh and the Space Version is better than the Street Version MV :D.

Anyway, onto the pictures from the official website.

L to R: Dara, Minzy, Bom, CL






I’ll be back to edit with profiles and what not :D.


  1. Didn’t listen to any previews either but I wasn’t impressed when I heard it finally. :| Maybe it’s not their best…. HOPEFULLY it isn’t their best.

    I think Bom is the only one their stylists like. XD

    Can I steal their headphones? I like. Srsly. D:

    • Bom looks different from when I first saw her O.o
      Her playboy outfit in the MV was really weird though.

      AND YES I want those headphones too *O*

      • Bom is definitely the prettiest but she’s not very charismatic if you ask me. ^^; The playboy outfit would have been cute if she knew how to project.

        Where do they get all those cool headphones anyway D:

        • Yeah, this isn’t the style I’m used to from her. But then again, I’ve only ever heard her sing two songs (which happen to be two of my fav BB songs…).

  2. i pretty much agree with everything that everyone said so far…but i’m kind of getting used to the song..meh

    btw am I the only one who thinks that CL looks like Jaebom from 2PM sometimes? like in the mv’s? :T


    • When I saw CL in the first picture, I thought JAEBEOM!!

    • Lmao now that you say it, she does sort of. Haha.

  3. They have very different..stage names. I mean it’s nice and all to have cool names, but I think Bom and Cl make like no sense. CL looks an awful lot like Jay, excluding height of course :DDD They all look pretty much alike to me.

    • Lol Bom’s full name is Park Bom Lee (I think) so it’s not that bad, that her name is Bom. I hate the WG’s English names though. What’s wrong with sticking with their krn names? Or else give them actual Eng names T_T.

  4. I’m someone that can’t match faces with names lol, so thanks for this! :D!

    • TEEHEE, no problem :D. (And do you have exams on atm? If so, good luck!!♥)

  5. they inherit GD’s fashion style, no wonder =.=”
    debut stage, please come faster~

    • Yeah I wish they’d develop their own style in dress & singing :/

  6. hey isn’t the name pronounce 21?

    • Um…I’m actually not too sure. But if this has anything to do with the name of my cut, just ignore it.

  7. MINZY is my favorite ^^
    she can dance extremely ^^

    • Yep, Minji is good at singing & dancing ^^


  9. OMG ..,,
    its so very cool ..,m.,.,,

    i hope that someday all of you can visit here in Philipines . and have a concert,..,,m

  10. its my first time to live a comment her but thes is nice and real to all the readers always try to sopprt thes things?? hahahahahah

  11. all of the 2ne1 is cute. i like the way they dress. especially dara in fire(street) she’s very cool. i like all there voice . but i like dara most. cause she have a soft and gentle voice. i like minji in dancing. go 2ne1. you have good songs! tira!

  12. all you look so verry beautiful

  13. go DARA, galing mo talaga at maganda pa,hehehe.


  14. uhmmm.. all of them.. they so talented.. just like me hahaha *jst kidding* more songsto come 2ne1and haveawonderful day ahead of you always…
    baby dee

  15. Will there be a chance that they will have a tour in my country (Philippines) ????

  16. I love all of you! More opportunities, hit songs and music videos for 2ne1!!!

  17. i love their songs…and I love them all…end of story…

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