Posted by: lovediaries | May 7, 2009

090503 Leeteuk & Eunhyuk Cut on Gag Night

I wasn’t going to post this (because, though it might just be me, I don’t find Korean gag shows all that funny ^^;;) but then near the end of the video, there was just something REALLY funny.

{credit: sjsubs09 @ youtube}

SERIOUSLY YOU GUYS GOTTA WATCH IT xD. They change the “Sorry Sorry” dance making it more manly (LMAO it is gold) and easier for old uncles rofl to dance along. And I tell no lies when Teuk has some of the most amazing hips I have ever seen. Or, I should say, for someone who has absolutely no hips, Teuk sure can work those … non-hips? LMAO IDK, just watch it.

You can just skip to 7.00 of the video to watch, but there’s this part earlier on where Teuk is doing an imitation and his voice cracked and it was FREAKING HILARIOUS XD.


  1. i am seriously addicted to the laughter of these 2.
    oh gawd, i wonder how life would be without those high-pitched laughs. LOL.

    and hyuk’s voice imitation, ROFL. he’s one crazy kid!

    p.s. have you seen this Sukira cut? one omonim/mother confessed that he likes teuk a lot. and as all we know the dorks can just stop laughing. it’s such an adorable clip.


      Agree, the two of them have the BEST laughs. Omg thank you for sharing that clip!

  2. Haha~ For someone who has hip problems, Jungsoo definitely knows how to move it. XD

    • I like to move it, move it

  3. Sometimes I find gag perfs a little harsh but they’re funny lol xDDDDD TEUKIE’S LAUGH IS LOVE!!! lmao =w= never fails to make me laugh as well~

    • Yeah, like it’s not that I can’t “hack” them insulting my fandoms, but sometimes it’s just mean and not funny at all ://.

  4. I don’t really find gag concert funny either…
    but Teukies laugh makes everything 10 times better =D
    For some reaseon, this reminded me of this video.
    ‘Sorry Sorry Dance’

    • LOL I remember seeing that video! No idea why Wonbin wasn’t there though :(.

  5. i agree with korean gag. it’s more like insults than being just funny. HAHA. the new dance moves are sooo cute. :DDD

    and oh, have you seen the new it’s you teaser photos?? it’s ♥♥♥♥♥♥ i spot kibum! :DDDD

    • YES I HAVE! I just shoved it into the music bank post :D

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