Posted by: beckery | May 7, 2009

2AM feat Jaebeom – Heart Damage (by Navi)

Video: 2am @ youtube

KJSKLFJSLKJFLKSJFLSKJSLKFJKLSFJSLK THIS IS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ *wipes happy tears* I was so happy when Jay got to rap for Navi but this is definitely better. More One Day interaction woooooooooooottttt XDDDDDDDDDDDD

They’re singing in their practice room (?) and looking very cutely casual. Jinwoon did the Korean rap and I was wondering when Jae would come in. Then I realised he was sitting behind them the whole time LOL. I didn’t even notice him, so when he stood up and walked over to do the English rap, I was like “O__O where did YOU come from?!?!” Haha. I didn’t know whether to swoon at him rapping or laugh at his HOT PINK jacket and HOT PINK shoelace though ^_____^

Btw listen to that ending harmonisation and tell me you’re not impressed!!!!!! (Loved how Jay wandered back over to harmonise with them XDD). Ok off to rip this awesome ear candy <33333333333

::EDIT:: Guys, I’m sorry but my upload link has expired and I can’t find the file to upload it again, so please don’t ask me to send you the link.


  1. omagah! if you get the rip can you send me the link?!?! I like the way Jaebum say “I ain’t the guy to fix it,” how his voice goes high, Jinwoon rapping is so adorable omg squish him now! Changmin, Seulong and Jo Kwon blew this performance away, I’m sorry Navi, but I like this better

    p.s. the pink attire reminds me of something my mom wore back in the 80s and 90s, do you remember the florescent clothing?

    • Sure I’ll send the download link to your email XD Its just that we never upload and give out music links in case of copyright issues, so I’m not gonna post the link up here haha. Better safe than sorry.

      I love Jinwoon rapping, magnaeeeee *____* And yes yes I like this more than Navi’s. IM SO SORRY!! I like her but biasedness takes over rofl…

      P.S I was talking to PAS before how our dads have the exact same pants as Jae hahahaha. XDDDDDDDd

  2. i love this song, especially this version.
    i wonder by any chance once your done ripping it could you send me the link?
    thank you.

    • I just sent it to your email. It’s ok, just sharing the love around haha. They did a great job XDDD

  3. I haven’t watched this video nor the Navi one yet.. but… JAEBUM LOOKS SO SO TINY AND SHORT ROFL (probably just the perspective.. but still XD)

    *real guys wear pink o___O*

    • HAHAHA HE IS TINY AND SHORT XDDDDDDDDDD He shouldn’t have stood next to Jinwoon who looks like a giant compared to him hahahaha….

      Real guys dont wear pink, only Jay wears pink rofl

  4. maybe my eyes were playing with me but when you mentioned where was Jay, I was like “…huh he is right there with these guys!” and I noticed it was Jo Kwon lmao.

    How could I have ever mistaken Jo Kwon with Jay.
    But my baby Jin Woon is sooo cute<3 he’s adorable even when rapping.

    • LOL. It’s ok, I forgive you cuz Jae and Jo Kwon are sorta the same height XDDDD

      Jinwoon is ADORABLE!! I LOVE MAGNAE FOREVERS <3333

  5. can you send the dl link to my email too please? ^^

    • Sorry for the late reply. Dl llink is sent XD

  6. hi could you also send me the download link.
    i can’t find it anywhere =)

    • Sure. Sorry for the late reply. It’s sent to you XD

  7. hi =)
    i seriously love this video <3333
    can you pretty please send me the download link
    or preferrably the mp3 of this if you have it?
    i love it when jo kwon's full smiling in the beginning to jae <3333333 hahahaha, so cute
    but yeah, please send it to my e-mail =)
    thanks in advanced ! =)

    • I’ve sent it to your email. Sorry for the late reply :D

  8. can you send me the download link as well please??
    thanks in advance :)

  9. ONE DAY!
    Jay’s raps are genius.. =]

    Can you kindly send me the link please??
    thanks :)

    • He’s awesome XD

      And sent to you too :D

  10. Could you please send me the ripped mp3 of this please? I’d really appreciate it

    • Yup, it’s sent to your email. :D

  11. hyee. omg, i loove this. do u hv the mp3 vers. of navi’s perf with jaebum. the first perf the both of them performed. i hope u can help me with this. im looking for it evrywhere.

  12. n can i also hv the mp3 to this vid. lol. thnx

  13. one day is TALENTED.
    can you please send me the mp3 version of both this and navi’s performance with JAEBUM?
    Thank You~~ ^^

  14. Could you please send me the ripped mp3 of this please? Thank you so much for doing this!

  15. hey~ i really love their singing! i agree, only jay is allowed pink! lol.

    oh by chance can you send me the link? i really love to hear this version of the boys singing it!

  16. Hi, thanks for posting this cover, i hope you wouldn’t mind sending me the link to the song as well. Thanks.


  18. hello, can i have the mp3 version of this too
    i am s super jay fangirl
    my email is

  19. Hey! If you still have the mp3 version, could I please have it, too? ^^; my email is Please and thank you ! :)

  20. Sorry, I just read your edit, but if you ever have it again, please let me know. ^^

  21. oh aw shucks :o
    if anyone still has the mp3 version can i have it :]
    my email is

  22. hi~ i love this song<3
    can i have the mp3 version too? :)

    my email is

  23. ^ thank u in advane!

  24. i want mp3, navi ft jaebeom..

    really really love this version, and for the first time i hear that jo kwon has the beauty voice, when he had high tune, so clear

  25. hihi! i LOVE this song!!! is it possible for you to send me the mp3 version of this??? I would appreciate it very much!!! <3

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