Posted by: lovediaries | May 7, 2009

Taegoon Comeback MV Teaser – As Insignificant As You


{credit: WonderfulChannel @ youtube}

…HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. I burst out laughing somewhere during the video (because Taegoon is wet and cold in a singlet D:). Everything seemed sort of messy. The music started from nowhere and there were a thousand scenes happening in this short trailer. Tbh, not very effective as a teaser BUT I’m still really pumped for his comeback because Taegoon is all sorts of awesome :D. The song sounds only okay right now. Not as upbeat as “Call Me” and probably won’t be as catchy (even though the title is repeated about 100 times, just in this teaser alone XD). Ah well, this was only a 40 second preview.

The mini album will be released on the 13th and his comeback stage on the 16th!



  1. is this the same girl from the “call me” video? can’t stop watching the teaser and I dunno why, the song sounds good, I wonder how he’ll incoporate dance into this. But it sounds easier to sing live then “call me” so I’m expecting a good live! I don’t want to add pressure though.

    • Yep yep, you’re good! Hey name is Park Shin Hye (I think?)

      Yeah I sure hope he’s improved :D. From what we’ve heard so far, the song sounds more vocally challenging than “Call Me”. Can’t wait to see the dance too :D!

  2. I saw this this morning and was going to post it but I had nothing productive to say. Lol. I too started cracking up at the random “dancing under a hose” moment XDDDDDDDDD

    • You’re just a Taegoon hater *cries*.

      Oh, was it a hose? No, I just laughed at his stipple. HOW MATURE AM I?

  3. he looks like xiah junsu to me esp the shower scene

    • Haha I didn’t really notice but someone on youtube did mention that ^^

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