Posted by: pinkandsparkly | May 7, 2009

TSC Concert Pamphlet Scans

A big thanks to everyone who scanned these and also wasurenaide @ LJ for putting them into a zip :D


Some lovely people out there have scanned the pamphlet given out (sold?) at DBSK’s Secret Code Tour that’s going on right now in Japan. The quality is REALLY REALLY NICE and the pictures are gorgeous *__*

There are 26 pictures all up and they took me ages to upload, so I’d really appreciate it if you don’t hotlink ^^

The following images are HUGE, so make sure your internet can hack it before you click on thumbnails ^^

For those who don’t know how imageshack works: click on the thumbnail, then click on the picture again when you’re on the imageshack site, then put your mouse over the picture till you see the “zoom” button, and click on it again to see the pictures in all their HQ glory *__*


  1. Chun by the piano reminds me of Sho *O* It is proof that sometimes he’s actually nice to the stylist noona. /o/

  2. lol omgg they’re so gorgeous. if i was there, i’d be buying all of them :) grr did you hear about junsu injuring his leg? ): it sucked but he continued the show in a wheelchair.

    • Awwww, yea I saw a picture of him in his wheelchair ;___; And he even stood up for the Bolero performance DDD: POOR BABY

  3. they look soooo good. i’m still doubtful about micky’s hair. :S

    and junsu better get well soon.

    • Haha, I odn’t like his long hair either XD

      I hope they’ll let Junsu have lots of rest time to take care of himself :S

  4. THANKS =)!!!!!

  5. They look amazing! When Changmin’s hair is covering his face he looks younger. It looks so good though, Jae looks fab as always, and Yunho manboobs lol but I love him! he’s so manly. I like that thinking pose Junsu has in one of the pics, Yoochun and piano are destined to be together!

    • HAHA, I DIDN’T SEE YUNHO’S MOOBS XDDD Omg I must go look now XD

  6. YUMMY <333333

    (I miss you ;__;.)

    • I HOPE YOUR EXAMS ARE GOING WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Lol, I’ve written three sentences in your email reply and it’s been sitting in my “drafts” folder for weeks XDD. THAT’S OKAY THOUGH, COS NOW I’VE FOUND MORE GOOD MUSIC WE CAN USE :DDDDDDDD

  7. Yummy, they just…ooze of sexiness *is dead*

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